Number one manor house

They had finally arrived at the number one manor house. When Le Yao Yao held onto Leng Yi Xuan and got off the carriage, they were completely baffled by the scene that awaited them.

At the gate, there were no less than a thousand people. All their eyes gathered in their direction.

Although Le Yao Yao had prepared herself ahead of time, her scalp couldn’t help but feel numb.

Leng Yi Xuan was so intimidated by the gazes that he instantly hid behind his mommy.

Several figures excitedly ran towards them. One of which had hair white as snow. She was supported by two older maidservants.

The old lady was the monarch of this place. Although she was already 90 years of age, she still appeared to be very dignified and respectable.

Currently, this old lady monarch’s crinkly face was covered in tears and smiles. She looked very emotional.

“Let me see my granddaughter and my great grandson! Hurry!!!” she energetically exclaimed.

The old maidservants supporting here were out of breath, but the old monarch wasn’t the slightest bit tired.

Seeing this, Le Yao Yao couldn’t help but smile. She walked to greet them while holding Leng Yi Xuan’s hand.

In addition to the monarch, there were another good looking middle-aged couple following from behind and a bunch of other people.

Even though Le Yao Yao hadn’t been formally introduced, she had a rough idea of who they were.

The energetic monarch must be her grandma. Along the way, Dongfang Bai had spoken about her. Although their grandma was physically old, she behaved very child-like.

As for the middle-aged couple, they must be the previous body owner’s biological parents. Even without Dongfang Bai’s introduction, she had heard many rumours about them.

Sources say that Dongfang Bai’s father, Dongfang Jing, was a righteous and chivalrous man. He was loved and respected by the common people.

As for Dongfang Bai’s mother, Fang Ru Xin, she was once the number one female hero. She specialized in getting rid of evil

As a result, they were a couple that were envied by many.

Because, after Dongfang Jing married Fang Ru Xin, there hadn’t been a single gossip story. Fang Ru Xin was his only wife.

At this moment, Le Yao Yao’s eyes swept across her parents.

Although they were both already in their 40s, they were still incredibly good looking.

Dongfang Jing was dressed in brown, making him look more mature but charismatic. His face looked 70-80% like Dongfang Bai’s. He was smiling but his eyes were glistened with tears.

As for Fang Ru Xin, her tears were streaming down her face. She kept wiping her eyes with her handkerchief. She appeared very emotional but hesitant. She hadn’t seen her daughter for the past 21 years! But right now, she wasn’t sure of what to say either.

Seeing this, Le Yao Yao smiled at the crowd and pushed the hiding Leng Yi Xuan to the front.

She bent down and gently reminded him. “Xuan’er, mommy has taught you. What do you say when you see grandpa, grandma, and the old lady monarch?”

Hearing this, Leng Yi Xuan opened his eyes wide and chirped. “Old lady monarch, grandpa, grandma, and all the uncles, aunties, brothers and sisters, hello! My name is Leng Yi Xuan!”

When Leng Yi Xuan’s baby crisp voice spread to every corner, the entire entrance became dead silent.

Everyone was mesmerized by the angelic child. He looked like a fine piece of carved jade!

“Ahhhh! My great grandson! Let old lady monarch have a look. Oh my goodness! So cute!!!!! Old lady monarch is in love…” the old monarch bent down and picked up Leng Yi Xuan from the ground. She held onto him like he was the world’s greatest treasure. Her tears were still pouring.

Seeing this, Leng Yi Xuan was smart enough to take out his handkerchief and wipe the monarch’s tears.

“Old lady monarch, don’t cry! Be good…” he consoled.

He was clearly a child, yet he sounded like he was soothing a baby. As a result, the entire crowd began to laugh. The monarch was even more in love with Leng Yi Xuan.

“Grandma, dad, mom, daughter is finally back.”

“Haha! My wonderful daughter is back! Wuwu. Mother misses you so much. It has been so many years. Mother thought she wouldn’t be able to see you again during this lifetime. Luckily, God has eyes and gave you back to us. I’m so happy! This is amazing…”

Fang Ru Xin hugged Le Yao Yao tightly.

Although Fang Ru Xin wasn’t her actual mother, Le Yao Yao felt very touched and warm. “Mother, please don’t cry. Daughter has returned!”

“Yes, Ru Xin, our daughter and grandson are back. You should be smiling instead!” Dongfang Jing wrapped his arms around Fang Ru Xin to comfort her.

“Haha..yes, my daughter and grandson are back! We should be happy! Haha….”

“Yes, today is a great day that needs to be celebrated. Housekeeper, send our servants out to go hand out congee for the poor. We must praise God for returning my precious granddaughter and great grandson to me!”


Since Le Yao Yao took half a month to arrive, she was very exhausted. So, the old monarch quickly excused them so that they could rest and wash up. Later on, they will have dinner together.

Le Yao Yao thanked the monarch and held onto Leng Yi Xuan’s hand as they followed the maidservant into the courtyard that had been prepared for them.

As for Dongfang Bai, his courtyard was adjacent to Le Yao Yao’s. So, they walked in the same direction.

The number one manor house was situated halfway up the mountain. They were surrounded by trees that were hundreds of years old.

Le Yao Yao couldn’t help but imagine castles from France. What a feeling of nobility!

The Dongfang Clan had all sorts of herbs planted around their home. There was a purpose for each plant.

The courtyard Le Yao Yao and her son were staying in was called, “The Plum Flower Court”.

The reason for its name was because there were many plum flowers planted inside.

The moment they walked in, a strong plum flower scent entered their noses.

A sea of purple and white plum flowers were swaying gently with the breeze. It was a stunning sight.

“Wah! Mommy, it’s so pretty!” Leng Yi Xuan shouted. He released Le Yao Yao’s hand and ran into the sea of flowers.

Leng Yi Xuan’s laughter sounded like bells.

The corner of Le Yao Yao’s mouth curved into a smile. She watched as her son ran all over the place.

A breeze came by and the petals gently fell.

Yu, do you know how much I wish you were here right now?

Thinking of this, Le Yao Yao’s eyes couldn’t help but turn hot. Tears began to well up inside.

At this moment, a sharp feminine scream could be heard and it brought Le Yao Yao back to reality. She could tell the scream came from Dongfang Bai’s courtyard.

Le Yao Yao instantly flew in midair towards Dongfang Bai’s location.

Le Yao Yao had no idea what happened. But when she entered the Bamboo Gardens, Dongfang Bai was standing outside his room, drenched.

From the inside, the woman was throwing out a wooden ladle, soap, comb, stool, and so on.

Following was her sharp voice, “You pervert! How dare you peek while I’m taking a bath! This lady will show you!”

“Excuse me, woman, can you be more reasonable?! How was I peeking at you? You need to learn how to distinguish between right and wrong.” Dongfang Bai yelled.

“You went into my room while I was bathing. How dare you say I’m unreasonable?” she rebutted.

“What? This is not your room! This is where I live. You went to take a bath in my room and you’re blaming me? What the heck!??!” Dongfang Bai was furious.

“Brother, what happened?” Le Yao Yao walked up to the distraught Dongfang Bai.

Suddenly, the wooden door was pushed open and a sweet graceful figure appeared in front of them.

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