Celebrating 4 million views!

To my dear readers,

How have you been? I hope you guys are reading Unruly Phoenix Xiaoyao on volare!!

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My site (theeunuch dot com) has recently surpassed 4 million views! To celebrate, I’ll be posting 5 surprise steamy scenes chapters of the sequel by the end of May.

The sequel tells the story of Xuan’er and Xin’er.

Although I won’t be translating the sequel, steamy scenes are still good, right? I know you guys are thirsty. 😛

Here’s the first surprise Click here

Surprise 2

Surprise 3

Surprise 4

Surprise 5

Furthermore, all the old volare links are dead. If you guys want to read my Grace Time posts, please check them out here!

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Unruly Phoenix Xiaoyao (first 269 chapters translated by Ruyi, but the rest will be me!)

If you guys don’t know how to use the new site, here’s the tutorial link


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