The Eunuch is Pregnant FAQ

1. How many chapters does this novel have?

There is a total of 220 raw chapters. However, each chapter varies in length. If the chapter has around 10-12k words, I split them into three. If the chapter has around 3k words, I keep it as one. If the chapter has around 6k words, I split them in two. My version has 300 chapters.

2. When will Leng Jun Yu find out Le Yao Yao is female?

He will find out in Chapter 155 of the raws.

3. Is Le Yao Yao already pregnant?

Yes she is. But she is unaware because she doesn’t process the memories of the previous owner of this body. Leng Jun Yu r**** the original owner of Le Yao Yao’s current body while he was drunk during the night of his mother’s death anniversary. That is why the painting was brought up so many times (the one in his Study). He was trying to paint the picture of the woman but he couldn’t remember what she looked like.

4. Are you going to translate the sequel of this novel?

There is a sequel but I won’t be translating it. I’ve taken a look at it but the writing is terrible and it’s not worth the time/effort. You guys will have to ask another translator.

5. How long does it take you to translate?

It used to take me 3 hours per chapter. Now, I’m a bit faster because I have done it for so long. However, before translating, I edit through the Chinese raws (since the original is too draggy and the writing is awful). In addition, I am both the translator and editor. Chinese syntax is very different from English. As a result, it takes me very long to turn the sentence into something readable. I have estimated that it will take approximately 800-1000 hours for me to complete this project.

6. Can you translate _________________ after you’re done?

Currently, it is probably going to take me at least another year before I can finish this project. We shall see after I’m done. Most likely, I’ll be putting my focus on volare since volarenovels has the authorizations to the novels. I don’t want to get in trouble in the future. The reason why I translated this project is because I thought it was hilarious and wanted to share with the rest of the world.

7. Do you have permission to translate this novel?

I don’t. However, I do want to find the author so I could discuss with her and give her 50% of ebook revenue if she would be okay with it. I cannot sell anything unless I can find her and get permission. But I can’t find her because there are so many fake sites that I can’t figure out which one is the original. China is too good at bootlegging.

NOTE: If you guys want spoilers, there is a spoilers thread on Novelupdate forums. Just go to the site and search for it.

31 thoughts on “FAQ”

    1. She’s the girl that Leng Jun Yu tried to paint but couldn’t remember the face. He slept with her while he was drunk. This happened before Le Yao Yao transmigrated so she doesn’t know.

      It was mentioned many times. Remember how she found a painting from the the Study?? And Nangong Jun Xi asked about it too.

    1. Thanks for reading my work, Deron! It’s going to take me at least another year and possibly more before I finish this. Are you a recruiter? I am willing to consider other options after I have completed this novel.

    1. Dongfang Bai finds out first in Chapter 139 of the raws. Le Yao Yao finds out in between 140-155? I don’t remember the exact chapter. I’m only on 113 at the moment. So it’s going to take a really long time.

  1. He forced himself on her when he was drunk, he practically r**** her. Will she forgive him in future?
    When she findout she is pregnant, she will be panic but will she accept baby?
    How the mystry will solve, how prince Rui findout she is the girl he slept with? There is no DNA test in that era.. so?
    Is she long lost sister of brother Bai?
    Will she have happy ending with baby and prince Rui?
    I have lots of questions. But i wanna know these really!!

    1. Yes, it’s a happy ending and Dongfang Bai is her brother.

      She panics because she thinks Prince Rui will not accept her with a child. The rest, you’ll have to wait to find out!

    1. For people who are copying your work, why don’t you do one thing whoever subscribes to your website send them update and on website just post the teaser. I think it can be partly solution.

      people who really reads from your website, won’t mind.

  2. Hey ,
    I really like your work and hope you don´t quit, because people like myself that can´t read the original work need translatators. So thank you for your time and work on this project.

  3. Hi, I’m Thai fan
    I VERY Like this novel, and I’m want to share for other Thai fans. So may I translate to Thai language please?
    I definitely give your credit and links post!
    Thanks so much

    1. I think he finds out in Chapter 139 of the raws. It’s going to take a long long time… but in 129 of the raws, Le Yao Yao will go confront him and he will tell her he already knows she’s female. (She remembered someone dressing her while she was drunk). I’m currently around 126?? I don’t even remember.

  4. This novel is super great! And if you don’t mind asking if it was fine to publish this on Wattpad for everyone to look at in offline? Wattpad already updated to let the writer earn money by ads, letting the readers show the ads and then download each of the chapter.
    Is it fine to publish it on Wattpad? Or you should or nope?

    1. No. I already have to pay to self host. This site cost me money. I need all the views I can get. Everyone else stole my translations. People already put my work on wattpad. One guy already took over 6 figures of views from me.

      P.S. I am not the writer. I am the translator.

  5. You are amazing! Thank you so much for translating… I don’t even know how you can understand how the sentences are supposed to go based off of what you post when people steal your stuff. This has been very entertaining to read… though frustrating too haha

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