UPX Fan fic #2

Ning Xiaoyao being lovey-dovey with Lou Zigui

Ning Xiaoyao turned her head around just in the right time to see Lou Zigui lying on the bench. She walked slowly towards him and silently stood next to the bench. She took out her phone and tried to take his sleeping picture. At the sound of the ‘click’, Lou Zigui opened his eyes and grabbed Ning Xiaoyao’s hand. “What are you doing?”

“Nothing,” Ning Xiaoyao blushed as she was caught red handed. Lou Zigui grabbed her and put her on his lap. “I miss you,” Lou Zigui said as he hugged Ning Xiaoyao. “Do you miss me?” Ning Xiaoyao turned her head and gave a peck on his lips, “Guess whether I miss you or not.” Lou Zigui pretended to think and then kissed her deep.

“I don’t think that you miss me enough.” Lou Zigui released her and then asked her, “Are you not tired?” Ning Xiaoyao felt weird, “Why should I be tired?” Lou Zigui smiled, “Because you’ve been running through my mind always.” Two deep red blush can be seen on Ning Xiaoyao’s cheek. “Enough with that. I have something for you,” Ning Xiaoyao took Luo Zigui’s hand and brought him into the house.

They went into the living room and Ning Xiaoyao took out a box from the drawer, “Open it.” Lou Zigui took it, “What is this?” He opened the box and saw a card written, HELLO DADDY and two small footprints next to it. He was shocked, “Is this true?” Ning Xiaoyao smiled, “It has been two months since my last period and then–” Before she could finished her sentence, Lou Zigui kissed her and hugged her tightly.

“Thank you so much, baby. I love you and our family forever and ever,” Lou Zigui kissed Ning Xiaoyao’s forehead. “I love you too.”

This cute fan fic is written by Xiaoxi! It is in the modern setting! Do you like it? Please comment if you do! Hehe. (Sorry I am really bad with technology so I had no idea the comments were locked for the first fan fic -_-. I have fixed it!). It is so cute! Haha.

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