To my dear readers,

I would like to thank Alina and Shirley for their donations to me! It means a lot. Thank you so much for supporting me.

Next, the audio version of this novel has been removed. Unfortunately, my reader’s wife is not ok with it and I must respect their decision. I’m sorry to the readers who have been following his readings. I think iamthefunny did up to chapter 60, but I can no longer view the content on his site.

Last but not least, my new novel that is supposed to debut in January has been postponed. I am now continuing the translations of “Unruly Phoenix Xiaoyao”. This is a hilarious novel that was translated by Ruyi (one of our volarenovel translators). Ruyi has been going through some personal issues of her own so I was assigned to finish it for her. There are still over a hundred chapters left to go so it’s going to take me a while.

However, I think you guys will love this novel. The MC is very shameless. This novel is hilarious and the MC is actually a female pretending to be a male emperor. She has the powers to communicate with animals, so no one can hide secrets from her.

You can read this hereeee. 271 chapters have already been released.

Thank you all for the continual support! Love you! <3

Note: All old volare links are now dead because they have moved to a new site. However, the new site is still using the same domain

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