The Eunuch is Pregnant: Chapter 181

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I just got back not too long ago. I’m working on 181 right now. I’ll finish it before I go to bed. Come back in a few hours. *I know you guys are waiting so I’m not going to sleep until I finish*

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Chapter 181

P.S. Chapter 182 will be delayed as well. I’m so sorry, guys. I have been very very busy these past few days. I have been away so I haven’t been able to translate. I will still release my regular 3 chapters this week (plus 1 extra for my patrons) though. However, I don’t have time to translate until tomorrow night (late at night).

So you’re going to have to wait probably 24 hours before you see another chapter. Please consider reading Supernatural Girlfriend in the meantime if you’re impatient. I’m the translator!!!! Don’t judge the novel by the title or the cover! Give it a try!! It’s on

The Eunuch is Pregnant: Chapter 180

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Firstly, I would like to thank Skie M for his/her pledge to me! I haven’t received any pledges for a very long time. So it was rather nice. Thank you for choosing to support me.

Secondly, this chapter was really boring for me to translate. I tried to make it as interesting as possible though. The original is even more boring. But don’t worry, it will be more exciting soon. Remember the novel moves like a snail. The Dowager Empress’s birthday was 2 days ago (vomiting happened two nights ago). Yesterday, Le Yao Yao went to confront Dongfang Bai and listened to him play the guqin. Yesterday night was the boat ride.

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Chapter 180

Chapter 181 will be delayed. I won’t be home until around midnight today and I don’t have time to translate. It will be released on the weekend but please keep in mind that I live in Toronto so if you’re in Asia, you might be 12 hours ahead of me. Please consider reading Supernatural Girlfriend on volare in the meantime. IT IS SO GOOD.


The Eunuch is Pregnant: Chapter 179

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This is a sweet chapter. I liked it! I hope you guys will like it too. Please keep in mind that it takes me a long time to translate and that I have limited brain cells. I know you guys are impatient but please consider reading Supernatural Girlfriend in the meantime while waiting. I know the cover looks very unappealing but trust me, the story is good!!!! The cover has nothing to do with the story or the character. Just like “The Eunuch is Pregnant”, there is A LOT of romantic comedy moments once you get further in the novel. You can also play detective and see whether you could figure out the mysteries on your own. Read it here

Also, the end of this chapter marks end of 136 of the raws. We’re still a long way from Leng Jun Yu discovering her female identity. But, Dongfang Bai will find out she’s pregnant next week!!?

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Come back later for the actual chapter. Chapter 179

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P.P.S. I’m also slow because I don’t want to give you guys terrible translations. I have to think over every single line that I translate. Converting it into readable English while maintaining the Chinese meaning is very hard. I also want to make sure you guys are able to picture the setting in your head.

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The Eunuch is Pregnant: Chapter 178

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This is the 4th chapter of the week. It’s the chapter that you guys earned from the art contest from last month! This chapter is ok but honestly there’s so much bs in the novel. lol.. I go through it to cut cut cut cut cutttttt.

Come back in a few hours for the chapter.

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P.S. I didn’t get the riddle either (the donkey and the pig one). I think Le Yao Yao was just playing around with the words??

Chapter 178

The Eunuch is Pregnant: Chapter 177

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Today, I found out my Korean student is flying back to Korea next week and I am so sad. I cried so much. I wasn’t prepared because I didn’t think it would be our last session together (He didn’t want me to cry twice so he told me today). It may be the last time I’ll ever see him again. T_T”

Anyhow, I will release this chapter in a few hours. This chapter is very good/funny. I have to translate another chapter tomorrow because this is the 3rd chapter of the week and I still owe you guys another one from the art contest.

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Chapter 177

The Eunuch is Pregnant: Chapter 176

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My thoughts on self hosting

I will be releasing the chapter tonight. I’m going to wait a bit longer than usual (I usually post within 2-3 hours). So if you cannot handle the wait, check out my other translations!! If you cannot handle the cliffs, we also have quite a number of finished novels on volare. stole everything but I guess they don’t read through the whole chapter because they didn’t delete the “Readlightnovel is a piece of shit” comment I threw in the middle of Chapter 172. lolol

Chapter 176

The Eunuch is Pregnant: Chapter 175

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Firstly, I would like to thank Corine and Misty for their donations to me. Corine has donated to me a few times previously. Thank you so much for choosing to support me! I am truly grateful you think I am worthy of your money. As for Misty, I love your name. It reminds me of a character from Pokemon.

Secondly, we’re going to be on the boat for awhile. My mom keeps complaining how I’m taking forever (she reads my translations using google translate on a tablet *and all your comments too!* LOL)

Sorry it’s taking so long, guys. I am honestly trying my best. If you can’t handle it, read the raws –> here

Take a look. Chapter 130 has 6000 characters. Chapter 131 has 8000, and chapter 132 has 6000. That’s a total of 20000 Chinese characters! 130 is when Dongfang Bai promised Le Yao Yao he will keep her identity a secret. Please remember that the Dowager Empress’s birthday was yesterday. The vomiting happened last night. The novel moves like a snail and it’s because the author is so detailed and keeps describing everything a hundred times. I already took out of a lot of the explanation but there’s also a lot of dialogue and things happening in between that I must translate because one thing leads to another… *As of right now, we’re around 132-133 of the raws

Since the length of the chapter varies so much, I honestly can’t tell you when you guys will get the chapter that you want because I don’t even know how long it will take me to get there. I can’t just jump right into whatever scene you guys want to read because you will be confused.

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Here is Chapter 175

The Eunuch is Pregnant: Chapter 174

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You can read it here (I’m the translator and I hope you trust my taste. I wouldn’t spend hundreds of hours translating something that I do not find worthy of being read)

I will release 174 later! This is the bonus chapter that you guys earned from the art contest. <3   . If you want to see the submissions, check out my instagram here (I commented on each and every submission. Thank you for taking the time to draw me such lovely pictures, guys!!)

Here is Chapter 174

The Eunuch is Pregnant: Chapter 173

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I’m not sure whether readlightnovel’s bots are confused or what… but they haven’t stolen 172 yet. I’m wondering if someone will manually go and edit that chapter or they will steal it as it is… hm..I guess we’ll find out later on. Haha, if I didn’t want to drive you guys insane, I would keep writing comments in between the chapter lol.. but that might ruin your reading experience so I only called them a piece of shit once.

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The Eunuch is Pregnant: Chapter 172

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Next, this chapter is also really boring. I’m so sorry. I cut a lot from the original but it’s still super draggy. (You should be glad I’m not translating word for word. Or else the previous chapter would’ve been twice as long…but the thing is, they would just be playing the guqin. HOW BORING IS THAT? Imagine 2000 English words of playing an instrument. Omg. I don’t want to spend 300 words describing a mountain either. =_=) Chapter 173 will be better though. 7th Prince makes things really lively because he is so funny. Haha.

172 will be released later. This is a Real chapter but still testing <– I need to see if it’ll work on readlightnovel because their bots are too advanced. I think they’re stealing based on the link itself now. It’s no longer whatever I linked. The chapter is already released but I’m trying to see if readlightnovel will steal.. so the beginning part is still there. I wonder if it’s someone manually stealing.

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Doomed to be Cannon Fodder is also completed on volare (295 chapters).
Your Highness, I know my wrongs is also completed on volare (translated by me, 95 chapters)

There are also a bunch of female transmigration novels on volare. Go read the completed novel section if you cannot wait.
Timebun has released over 230 chapters of TMR. Ruyi has released over 440 of PGC. Grenn has released over 160 of BPC. I’ve also translated 115 chapters of Supernatural Girlfriend. So, this should be able to keep you busy for a while.

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