The Eunuch is Pregnant: Chapter 171

To my dear readers,

This chapter is so boring. lol.. it’s the chapter where Dongfang Bai plays the guqin and Le Yao Yao wants to learn. The original raws had over 6000 characters describing it. I’ve cut down a lot of the boring stuff and tried to get straight to the point.

Please understand that in China, the authors of web novels get paid based on the number of characters they write. So, most of the time, there’s a lot of repetition and useless information. If I could, I would skip this chapter but I have to translate it since Leng Jun Yu is going to see them together after…*dun dun dun*.

Anyhow, I will release the full chapter in a few hours. In the meantime, I’ll start translating the next chapter so you guys don’t have to wait as long for 172. (Sorry, I went out yesterday so I took a break from translating.)

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It is REALLY REALLY REALLY hard to get views and loyal fans. There are hundreds of novels out there and so much competition. I’m fortunate that “The Eunuch is Pregnant” has a very niche and loyal audience. You guys are so nice to me and no one has threatened to make me quit as of yet. (Actually, if anyone threatened to make me quit, I would just quit lol… and only translate on my patrons and those who I feel like I have a financial obligation to do so since they have supported me when they didn’t have to).

Okay, this post is so long now. It should be enough to be mistaken as a chapter lol.  I’ll link the chapter later at the end so just come back and check here. <3  you guys! Thanks for being patient. Check out my other translations if you’re dying from the wait. Wow, this post has over 900 words. Damn, I am good.

Here is Chapter 171

The Eunuch is Pregnant: Chapter 170

To my dear readers,

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The chapter will be released in a few hours. I feel so bad for Dongfang Bai…*sigh*. Anyhow, the bots can steal this post today. I just wrote it for volare last night. It’s one of those “Dear Grace” posts. Dear Grace, how can I get my ex back?

The novel is moving so slow, I feel like my brain is going to rot. lol. I know you guys are really impatient. But think of me! I’m the one translating it! It only takes you 5 minutes to read!! >_<”

I’m trying to cut down more bs but there are some stuff I can’t cut out because it leads to one thing and then another. I always try to limit the description of the weather/bodies/environment.

Come back in a few hours for the chapter. And please disable adblock for me! (Just like youtube, they only pay you when you reach $100)

Here is Chapter 170

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The Eunuch is Pregnant: Chapter 169

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Next, this chapter is 129 of the raws. I’ve already tried to get rid of a lot of unnecessary information. It will be released later tonight. People keep asking me when Leng Jun Yu will find out Le Yao Yao is female. I’ve answered that question at least 50 times lol. Please check the FAQ. He finds out at 155 of the raws. I don’t know how long it will take me to get there because the length of each chapter varies. I’m working on it, guys. In between, a lot of stuff will happen. Both Leng Jun Yu and Nangong Jun Xi will confess to Le Yao Yao (before knowing “he” is a “she”). We also have the jealous Nian Sulan trying to get rid of Le Yao Yao and etc…Dongfang Bai finds out she is pregnant before Le Yao Yao realizes it. He finds out on Chapter 139 of the raws or something.

Anyhow, this is the post that the bots can steal today. I bash social media so much but I still use it. Haha. Check out here

I know I’m really slow but I promise you I’m really not trying to torture you guys on purpose. My slow brain cannot convert Chinese to English so fast. This is going to be the 3rd chapter of the week. If you guys like my work, please turn off adblock and tell people about the novel. It makes a huge difference. You would think I should be making more money now that I have more readers and viewers. But my ad revenue has been dropping every month lol…it is getting harder and harder to compete with other sites. I need all the views I can get & aggregator sites are just making it worse. *Sigh* Come back in a few hours for the actual chapter.

Here is Chapter 169

The Eunuch is Pregnant: Chapter 168

To my dear readers,

I’m still on Chapter 128 of the raws! I know you guys are impatient but I can’t help it if the author makes it so long. The original has 12000+ Chinese characters. I’ve already cut down a lot…

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Here is Chapter 168

The Eunuch is Pregnant: Chapter 167

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Sometimes, you guys complain you can’t see the updated chapters. You just have to scroll down in the announcement. I usually post the link at the end of my post.

I’ll update with the full chapter before heading to bed. Translating is really hard so please understand it takes a lot from me. Come back in a few hours.

Chapter 167

The Eunuch is Pregnant: Chapter 166

To my dear readers,

Thank you for being patient and not rushing me to translate. I feel like I really need a break from translating, but I don’t want to disappoint you guys (And I have to keep my promises of 4x chapters for the next 4 weeks lol. This will be the 4th chapter of this week *The chapter is already posted. Just scroll down to the bottom of this post*).

In addition, I would like to thank Kolap S, Corine T, and Samia P for their generous donations to me. Furthermore, I would also like to thank Roselyn M for becoming my patron. You guys must have loved chapter 165. I’ve never received so many donations in one day before. :P. Thank you so much for choosing to support me. It means a lot because I know you guys could’ve spent the money on yourselves instead. Yet, you chose to support me. *cries*.

Translating is really tough and from time to time, I always feel like rage quitting because it is so easy to quit. I think it’s because no one hired me to do it (so I have to constantly push myself and keep myself accountable). Don’t get me wrong; there are days where I feel like I’m unstoppable. But there are also days when I feel like, “Why am I doing this? What am I getting out of it?” (You know, my own self interest -_-“).

I am honestly grateful for all the love and support you guys give me. Thanks for being patient as I cannot translate so fast. I’m also the translator of Supernatural Girlfriend on volare (Please give it a try if you haven’t already. Over 110 chapters have been released so far.) So, I have to balance my time between these two novels. Eventually, when I’m done with SG, I can spend more time translating this.

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Here is Chapter 166

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