The secret passageway 

The name Mu Xin Ge combined Si Mu Han and Xin’er name together. It was where they lived together.

There were many rooms in Mu Xin Ge. Although Si Mu Han was upset because Le Yao Yao insisted on sleeping alone, he couldn’t refuse her request.

So after gazing at Le Yao Yao like a love-struck fool for a long duration, he finally left the room.

Le Yao Yao then took a relaxing bath before heading to bed. After her bath, she laid on the big red soft bed and stared at all the redness around her. The bed curtains were red, the decorations were red, even her bed sheets were red!

Against the wall were paintings of the person who looked like her. But despite that, the environment felt very uncomfortable and unfamiliar to her.

Le Yao Yao really wanted to escape as soon as possible. But she knew she had to wait for the perfect moment. Ideally, her first and only attempt would be successful.

Thinking of this, Le Yao Yao’s eyelids began to grow heavy. In no time, she fell asleep.

Le Yao Yao had no idea that while she was in dreamland, a red figure silently appeared by her bedside.

Si Mu Han reached out his long, jade-like hand and lightly drew the curtains back. He intensely gazed at the sleeping beauty.

Le Yao Yao must be having a sweet dream, because the corners of her mouth was curved upwards. Her smile was gorgeous beyond words.

“Xin’er…” Si Mu Han whispered. He reached out to touch her face.

But halfway there, he suddenly stopped and shut his lovesick eyes. He tightly concealed all the pain and hurt. Then, he turned around and left as if he had never came…

Le Yao Yao had no idea that this took place.


The next day-

After Le Yao Yao woke up, she obediently ate breakfast with Si Mu Han and then excitedly suggested taking a walk outside. She wanted to get familiar with the area as quickly as possible.

Obviously, Si Mu Han was very happy to fulfill her request. So, after breakfast, a maidservant helped her arranged her hair and put on a warm, white fox skin overcoat.

She looked almost like a fox fairy!

Even the maidservant on the side couldn’t help but beam in delight.

However, the maidservant didn’t talk much. Aside from telling Le Yao Yao her name and saying ‘yes’ when she accepted orders, she did not say anything else.

Le Yao Yao was well aware that she was no regular maidservant. After all, if you had a position in the evil cult, you must be pretty damn good in martial arts.

Although the maidservant was quiet, Le Yao Yao kept talking and asking about Sheng Nu Mountain. She needed to gather as much information as possible.

After approximately half an hour later, Le Yao Yao was finally ready to leave. So, with the help of the maidservant, Le Yao Yao exited the room.

At this moment, another servant reported that the leader was waiting for her at Ning Xiang Ge.

Le Yao Yao nodded to show she understood and headed towards Ning Xiang Ge.

Ning Xiang Ge was quite close to Mu Xin Ge. So, Le Yao Yao quickly arrived at the entrance of Ning Xiang Ge.

Although Le Yao Yao was kidnapped here yesterday, it was already late when she woke up from the icy bed. So, right now, her surroundings looked quite different under broad daylight.

Currently, in front of her were a sea of wintersweet. Le Yao Yao loved flowers, so she slowly walked through the snowy ground and admired the lovely scenery around her.

When she entered Ning Xiang Ge, the maidservant following her naturally excused herself.

At this moment, Le Yao Yao stopped underneath a plum flower tree as she reached out her smooth little hand. She brought the flower close towards her nose and inhaled.

Le Yao Yao’s eyes were curved happily like moons. While she was sniffing the plum flower, suddenly, Si Mu Han’s voice entered behind her. “Xin’er, you’re finally here!”

Le Yao Yao turned and realized Si Mu Han was standing behind her. Today, his long hair was tied up with a red band. So, he had a long ponytail. It made him appear more confident and at ease.


“Let’s take a walk.” Si Mu Han reached out his hand to hold onto Le Yao Yao, but she clearly backed away. Seeing her reaction, Si Mu Han’s smile froze. His hand stopped in midair and he pulled it back. “Forget it, let’s go!”

Le Yao Yao was a bit astonished but she didn’t say or do anything aside from nodding her head. Then, she cautiously followed Si Mu Han.

Si Mu Han seemed to have forgotten the emotional pain as he began to act as a tour guide once again. He reminded Le Yao Yao of all those pleasant memories.

This man still lives in his memories. He won’t face reality. 

Le Yao Yao felt sorry for him. But even more so, she was concerned for Leng Jun Yu and her future.

After all, no one knew that the headquarters for the evil cult was in Sheng Nu Mountain. Since Sheng Nu Mountain was at the highest peak of the Heaven Yuan dynasty, regular people could not get here. This area only had one season (winter) and it was extremely cold.

Thinking of this, Le Yao Yao asked out of curiosity. “Since Sheng Nu Mountain is located at the highest peak, everyone says it’s impossible to get up here. But why is it that you guys can?”

Le Yao Yao was asking a crucial question. If she wanted to escape, she really needed to know what she was dealing with!

Si Mu Han didn’t seem to sense Le Yao Yao’s plan to escape, so he explained. “There’s actually a secret passageway to get up here. If you’re a martial artist, you’d be able to get up here in four hours. However, for those who are unaware of the secret passageway, they’ll never be able to reach the top. Because, Sheng Mu Mountain covers a vast area. Also, there are ferocious beasts everywhere on the mountain; black bears, wolves, tigers are countless. Those who wants to climb up the mountain are usually eaten by the beasts. Even if they’re strong martial artists who could overcome the beasts, they wouldn’t be able to get through the poisonous mist at the lower waist of the mountain.”

“Poisonous mist? What poisonous mist?”

“The poisonous mist is a natural element that just happens to circulate around the bottom area of the mountain. Once a person inhales in the mist, his/her body will be paralyzed.”

“That’s nuts!? I never knew something like this existed!”

“Yes, but don’t think you’re only going to be paralyzed.. You’ll also be eaten. That’s why there are piles of bones all over the bottom of the mountain. Most of them are victims who had been poisoned by the mist and devoured by the beasts.”

“Then how come the beasts are unaffected by the mist? Logically, shouldn’t they also be poisoned?”

“The beasts originate from this mountain. They were born with the immunity.”

“Oh, I see.”

Le Yao Yao mumbled and crinkled her brows. That means she’s doomed if she directly tries to run down the mountain. 

She doesn’t want to die yet! So, her only way to escape is to locate the secret passageway! 

Thinking of this, Le Yao Yao immediately asked, “Can you take me to see the secret passageway?”

“Xin’er, why do you seem so interested in the secret passageway?” Si Mu Han asked. His eyes narrowed a bit.

Oh no! She must’ve seemed too eager! Le Yao Yao’s scalp turned numb.

“Umm..uh…” Her heart rate began to accelerate. She felt guilty.

“Umm.. I’m simply curious to know what it looks like…hehe…” Le Yao Yao awkwardly laughed. She hoped Si Mu Han wouldn’t be able to see through her.

“Is that so? Alright then, I’ll take you there to show you.”

“Really?” Le Yao Yao beamed. She smiled like she had won the lottery.

“Of course! I would never lie to you.”

Then, Si Mu Han reached over and grabbed onto Le Yao Yao’s hand. This time, Le Yao Yao was way too excited about finding the secret passageway, so she didn’t see through Si Mu Han’s plan.

When she realized what was happening, he was already holding onto her hand.

She’s leaving soon anyway, he can do as he please for now! 

So, Le Yao Yao didn’t fight him and allowed Si Mu Han to lead the way.

Si Mu Han was pleased to see that Le Yao Yao wasn’t resisting him. The corners of his mouth curved upwards. His smile was so beautiful that even the scenery paled in comparison.

Le Yao Yao allowed Si Mu Han to lead her through the crooked path. She was trying her best to memorize her way so she knew where to go later on. If she got lost during her escape, it would be game over.

Finally, after around half an hour later, they stopped in front of a courtyard.

Inside the courtyard was a simple house. Aside from a stone table and several stone seats outside, there was nothing else.

Le Yao Yao blinked her confused pupils and turned to Si Mu Han. “It’s in here?”

“Mm.” Si Mu Han nodded slightly. Then, he led Le Yao Yao into the house.

When Si Mu Han pushed open the door, Le Yao Yao instantly looked around the room. It was just like an ordinary house that commoners would live in.

There was a wooden table and a few wooden seats inside. On top of the table was a teapot and several teacups.

There was also a wooden bed on the side with the blanket neatly tucked in.

So now, Le Yao Yao was even more confused. “Where’s the secret passageway?” This is just a house!?” 

Hearing this, Si Mu Han had a crafty smile on his face. Then, he pulled Le Yao Yao towards a wall. He reached his other hand and twisted the oil lamp that was against the wall slightly to the left.

Suddenly, the ground began to shake. “Huh?!” The entrance where they had entered from suddenly split in the middle and revealed a row of stone steps.

Le Yao Yao couldn’t believe her eyes. “Woah! This is the secret passageway!”

Although they were staring from above, there was still light shining from below. Le Yao Yao knew it must be the light from the night pearl. Yu had something like this in his room before too.

“This is the secret passageway that will bypass the poisonous mist and lots of wild beasts.”

“Ohhhh. I see.”

“When you’re healthy and well, I’ll take you down the mountain. I know you are bored up here.”

“You’ll take me down? Really? When!?!?”

Hearing this, Le Yao Yao was almost hysterical. If Si Mu Han takes her down, she wouldn’t have to sneak around and try to escape herself! 

But Si Mu Han’s next line almost caused her to spit blood. “After you give birth to our child, I’ll take you down.”

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  1. So, he knows she isn’t his wife, but is going to pretend she is so he doesn’t need to face it? That’s it sounded like anyway XD
    I’m not sure him taking you down the mountain is a good way to escape though Le Yao Yao!

  2. This evil cult guy is giving me a headache.what does he mean by after u give birth.that is a whole lot of bull.he will give the child there at the mountain when he sends her down the mountain.lee yao yao will never be able to escape if she waits that long.
    Our prince charming,come save our damsel in distress

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