Ying Ying’s wish

Qi Ying Ying’s wish

Although what happened was unpleasant, it didn’t affect the rest of the itinerary.

After dinner, Le Yao Yao and the group bought a few sky lanterns and headed to the public square to join the rest of the common people.

By the time they had arrived, there was a huge crowd. Everyone was standing shoulder to shoulder.

At this moment, it was around 8pm. The moon was out with the shining stars, and people had just begun lighting the lanterns and letting them off into the sky. The view was fascinating.

Although the night breeze was slightly chilly, it didn’t affect the atmosphere at all.

People were writing down their wishes onto their lanterns. In no time, the sky was filled with countless of dazzling sky lanterns. It looked like a scene one would see in a fairytale.

People watched as the yellow glows slowly ascended. From where they were, it looked as if the lanterns were really going to fly into Heaven.

People were extremely superstitious. They actually believe the Gods would see and grant their wishes.

But they have no idea that the sky lanterns will begin to drop half way there.

Nonetheless, their optimistic faces touched Le Yao Yao.

So what if she was a fool again? 

Thinking of this, Le Yao Yao picked up a brush and dabbed it into ink. Then, she wrote down her greatest wish.

Yu, I really miss you. I really want to see you again. Please

When Le Yao Yao wrote down her last stroke, a drop of tear landed on top.

“Mommy! Why are you crying? Please don’t cry!” Leng Yi Xuan’s baby voice entered Le Yao Yao’s ears. It was then she realized she was actually crying.

Snapping out of it, Le Yao Yao immediately inhaled and wiped her tears away with her handkerchief. She bent down and hugged her son.

“Mommy isn’t crying. It’s just too smokey here. That’s why my eyes are misty.”

“Ohhh. I see.” Leng Yi Xuan relaxed and nodded. “Mommy, let’s go release our lanterns now then! Everyone is already doing it!”

Le Yao Yao nodded and grabbed Leng Yi Xuan’s hand and took him to his lantern.

Leng Yi Xuan had already written his wish on his lantern.

Since Leng Yi Xuan had recently learned to write, his writing was quite crooked. But Le Yao Yao felt very warm after seeing his wish.

I want mommy to be happy forever and be with Xuan’er for the rest of his life. 

“Awwww, Xuan’er, you’re so sweet.” Le Yao Yao couldn’t help but bend down her waist and give her son a huge smooch on his silky cheek. Xuan’er began to chuckle.

At this moment, Qi Ying Ying came over. Le Yao Yao briefly glanced at her lantern and saw that she had written,

Hoping to seize one person’s heart. Grow old and never part. 

Le Yao Yao grinned. Who would’ve thought this silly girl actually had a crush?! 

“Hoho! Hoping to seize one person’s heart. Grow old and never part!?!? Who is this for, ehhhh?” she teased.

Qi Ying Ying instantly blushed and glared at Le Yao Yao. “Noone in particular.”

“Oh? Is that so? Then why would you write such a wish? Be honest with sister Yao! Do you have a crush on someone?”

Qi Ying Ying turned even more red. But she wouldn’t admit it.

Seeing this, Le Yao Yao paused and came to a realization. She deliberately stretched her words. “Ohhhhhhh. I know who it is…. No wonder you treat him so differently. Sooooo, it turns out you like….mmm!”

Before Le Yao Yao could finish, Qi Ying Ying anxiously covered her mouth.

“Sister Yao! You can’t tell anyone I like uncle! I’m begging you!” Qi Ying Ying desperately pleaded.

Hearing this, Le Yao Yao was flabbergasted. She quickly pulled Ying Ying’s hand off her mouth and exclaimed. “What? You like my brother?!”

“Huh? You didn’t know!?!”

It was only then that Qi Ying Ying figured out she had been played. She was mad but couldn’t do anything about it.

Le Yao Yao was proud of herself. Qi Ying Ying was too innocent. And her acting was too pro.

“Ying Ying, if you like my brother, why do you always try to make him mad?” Le Yao Yao was confused.

After all, don’t people usually treat their crushes well? Qi Ying Ying is really one of a kind!

Since Dongfang Bai was playing with Leng Yi Xuan at the moment, he wasn’t paying attention to them. Hence, Qi Ying Ying could tell the truth.

“I know what you’re thinking, sister Yao. But actually, I already met uncle years ago.”

Qi Ying Ying seemed to be reminiscing the past. She stared into the distance space and the corner of her mouth curved into a sweet smile.

“That year, I had just turned ten. My father had rescued uncle and developed a friendship with the Dongfang clan. Eventually, he became sworn brothers with uncle’s dad. There was one time that my father brought me over to the Dongfang family’s home. At the time, I was super curious and active. So, I ran around and the maidservant lost me. That was the day I first encountered uncle.”

“At the time, he was sitting on a chair reading a book outside of Bamboo Gardens. I still remember it was a sunny spring afternoon. I felt very warm. He was dressed in white and looked like an immortal God! The moment I saw him, I actually thought he was an immortal that had secretly snuck down to the mortal world!”

“So, I decided at that very moment I had to be his future wife! The only issue was that I was too young back then. I was afraid he wouldn’t like me. So, I waited and waited to grow up. Now, I’m finally of marriageable age! Knowing he’s still unmarried was perfect. Since my dad had to leave for a business trip, I begged him to let me come here. He could’ve just made me stay home alone, but he knew my intentions and decided to let me attempt my dream.”

Damn. Love at first sight at 10 years old? Wow

“Then why do you always bicker with my brother? You should tell him if you like him! It’s better than keeping everything in.”

“Haha. Sister Yao, I actually don’t want to argue with him. But there are way too many maidens who are in love with uncle. Yet, he had never shown any signs of interest! If I directly confessed to uncle, I’d just be the same as all the other women. What’s the difference between me and those women who gift him their handkerchiefs? I need to stand out from the crowd. That’s why I bicker with him daily and drive him insane. It makes me feel great! At least, to him, I’m different from the mass!”

Le Yao Yao was speechless. But, everyone has their own way of showing love. She wasn’t going to put her down.

“Haha, alright. I’m not going to say anything else. I just hope your dream will come true!”

If Ying Ying becomes her future sister-in-law, that would be awesome! 

“I also hope you’ll be happy, sister Yao!”

Le Yao Yao and Qi Ying Ying smiled at each other.

At this moment, Dongfang Bai carried Leng Yi Xuan over. He curiously asked, “What are you two talking about? You look so happy!”

“Haha, that’s a secret between us!” Le Yao Yao grinned.

Ultimately, all of them released their lanterns into the sky. They watched as their wish-filled lanterns gradually ascended into the air.

Le Yao Yao had a peaceful smile on her face. But deep down, she was praying hard.

Please, please, please…let me see Yu again

While Le Yao Yao was praying, she failed to sense a tall figure standing not too far behind her. His eyes had never left her.

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  1. She used the same trick she did on her maid XD
    Leng Jun Yu has engaged super secret stalker mode! 😛 Just hurry up and reunite!
    PS, i think your son will very much be fighting you for Le Yao Yao’s attention! LOL!

  2. I don’t like girls like Ying Ying. Just because you want a man does he have to want you. Brother Bai does need to find someone else to occupy his heart I’m just not happy with this calculation to start a relationship.

    Thanks for this chapter

    1. I agree with you, I dislike characters like her. And it seems author is just tying up a loose end, like they did with Tong Ya. Suddenly there’s a girl and she’s like “I’ve always wanted him”. But this case with Bai and Qi Ying seems even more forced.

  3. Can’t wait for Jun Yun to meet Yao Yao and his child. This is geting more and more interesting. Posesive husband meet with posesive child ^^

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