Although Leng Jun Yu thought his son was a little demon who specialized in stealing his woman, he was devastated when he found out Xuan’er was missing.

“What did you say? Xuan’er is missing?” he exclaimed.

Last night, he had seven rounds but he could never get enough of his sweet beauty. He wanted more!

So, in order to prevent the little demon from messing with his plans, Leng Jun Yu ordered Xue Li to take the little demon out.

Who would’ve thought that Xue Li would lose the child?

Le Yao Yao nearly lost consciousness. Leng Jun Yu held onto his weak sweetheart’s body and turned to the anxious Xue Li. “What happened? How could Xuan’er end up missing?” he roared.

Xue Li shrank her body timidly. “Earlier, I was out with young master. Since there were a lot of people on the streets, I placed him in front of me. Later on, young master said he wanted a snack, so I went to buy it for him.Yet, in a blink of an eye, young master had vanished next to me. I searched multiple times but I couldn’t find him. Wuwu. I’m sorry, Prince Rui. This servant deserves to be punished!” Xue Li broke down in tears.

She wasn’t afraid to be punished. Rather, she was truly concerned for her young master. After all, she had taken care of him since he was born. Although she was a servant, she treated her young master as if he was her biological child.

“This is not the time to self blame. Hurry and gather all the servants to find Xuan’er!” Leng Jun Yu commanded. The whole residence took action.


The whole residence was going nuts over the missing Xuan’er. Yet, the little guy had no idea. Instead, he felt as free as a bird. He was roaming down the streets with pride.

After all, since he had grown up in the imperial household, he was always followed by a bunch of people wherever he went.

He thought it was super annoying. Now that he could get rid of everyone behind him, Leng Yi Xuan felt very satisfied. He had no idea that the world was a dangerous place and that his nobility aura was very apparent. Cute children like him were the ideal types that kidnappers wanted.

Currently, all Leng Yi Xuan wanted to do was play. He figured his family will find him soon. So, he must have as much fun as possible now!

The Capital had countless of stores and restaurants he had never seen before. Although this wasn’t the first time he had been on the streets of the Capital, everything was still fascinating to him.

Since he was so tiny, the servants missed him in the crowd.

By the time Xuan’er was done having fun, it was already sunset. Suddenly, he was afraid. Why hasn’t his family found him yet? After walking around for a day, he was starving. His stomach continuously made *gu lu lu* sounds.

Leng Yi Xuan held onto his flat tummy and nervously gazed around his surroundings. He wasn’t familiar with the streets. He didn’t recognize anyone here.

“Wuwu, mommy, Auntie Ping, Auntie Li, where are you?” cried Leng Yi Xuan. By now, he was too exhausted to walk anymore.

So, he crouched down in front of a house and wrapped his arms around his knees and started to sob.

Currently, Leng Yi Xuan felt very abandoned.

After crying for a long time, he suddenly heard a baby voice. “Older brother, why are you crying?”

The baby voice caused Leng Yi Xuan to stop crying and look up. He noticed a little girl standing next to him. The little girl was clearly younger than him. In addition, she was very cute.

In the past, his mother, Auntie Ping and Auntie Li had always said he was the cutest child in the whole wide world. At the time, he believed them. But when Xuan’er saw this little girl, he realized that there was actually a child that was cuter than him!

The little girl was wearing a pink dress. The material appeared to be very rough, but the pink colour was very suitable on her.

It made her skin look like a smooth peeled hard-boiled egg. Leng Yi Xuan was tempted to touch it.

The little girl had long hair that was neatly tied in two pigtails. It made her face appear round like a dumpling. It was so adorable.

But what attracted him the most were her big, oval eyes. When Leng Yi Xuan looked into her eyes, he felt as if he could see autumn in them. They were so clear, and bright. It was as if they were a gleaming reflection of a lake.

While Leng Yi Xuan was observing the little girl, the little girl was also observing him. Then, the little girl took out a handkerchief and began to gently wipe his tears away.

At the same time, she tried to comfort him with her marshmallow voice. “Big brother, please don’t cry. Here, Xin’er will give you a candy!”

Leng Yi Xuan thought it was kind of funny how the little girl sounded like an adult when she was clearly younger than him. Gradually, he stopped crying. He felt like a loser when he cried in front of someone younger.

So, Leng Yi Xuan crinkled his nose and tried to suppress his sadness. But regardless, his stomach was still rumbling. The little girl could hear it and started to giggle. She handed the candy to him and smiled. “Big brother, eat this! You are hungry, aren’t you?”

Leng Yi Xuan didn’t think too much of it. Because, he was truly starving.

In the past, whenever he was hungry, he only had to tell the servants and everything would be delivered to him. He could eat whatever he wanted.

Back then, he thought that was normal. But after going out with his mommy, he realized that food required money. Sadly, he didn’t have any money on him. Usually, his mommy, Auntie Ping or Auntie Li would pay for all his treats.

Now that he was broke and starving, Leng Yi Xuan couldn’t resist the lure of the candy. He gulped down his saliva and nearly drooled over the candy. However, he still hesitated. “If I eat it, you won’t have it anymore.”

Ever since he was little, his mother told him to be generous to younger children. The little girl was definitely younger than him, so he should treat her like a little sister.

The little girl took out another candy from her pocket. “Hehe, I have another one! We can both have one candy each!”

Hearing this, Leng Yi Xuan finally reach out his hand to take the candy. When he put the candy in his mouth, he didn’t think it was that good. But, it was still sweet. However, the sweetness was coming from his heart. Leng Yi Xuan beamed and smiled. “So sweet!”

(TL: They have no blood relationship. In Chinese, we always address people like they’re family even if we don’t know them.)

The little girl also smiled and revealed a toothy grin. Then, she devoured her candy.

The two of them sat down next to each other and began to chat. Leng Yi Xuan was still waiting for his family to find him. But after a long time, no one familiar could be seen.

Leng Yi Xuan couldn’t help but worry. But because he had the little girl with him, he didn’t feel lonely.

Eventually, Leng Yi Xuan also asked Xin’er out of curiosity. “Xin’er, it’s getting late. How come your parents still haven’t searched for you?”

“My daddy went out to do business. He only comes back once every few months. My mommy goes out to help other people on a daily basis. She comes back very late at night. By the time she’s back, I’m usually asleep.”

“Ohhhh, your parents are really busy!? So do you always play alone?”


Hearing this, Leng Yi Xuan felt like he was very lucky. Although his daddy tries to steal his mommy, at least he was never lonely. He was always surrounded with people to play with him.

Suddenly, Xin’er lit up. “Older brother, can you come visit and play with Xin’er regularly? Xin’er is very lonely and has no friends.” Xin’er looked so pitiful. Her eyes were watery and Leng Yi Xuan thought she looked like a puppy.

So, without thinking, Leng Yi Xuan immediately nodded and agreed.

“Alright, when I have time, I’ll come play with you! So, Xin’er, you have a friend now!”

“You’re so awesome, older brother!” Xin’er smiled.

By now, the sky was all dark. The lanterns were up and there were very few people left on the streets. The temperature had dropped drastically since the afternoon.

Suddenly, there was a flash of lightning and a terrifying sound of thunder. Xin’er scrunched her brows and fearfully gazed at Leng Yi Xuan.

“Older brother, it’s about to rain! Where is your family?”

“Ummm, I don’t know!?”

“Do you know where you live? Tell me and maybe I can take you home.”

“Umm….uhhh….” Leng Yi Xuan didn’t know where he lived. He just knew he had moved from the ancient kingdom of Khotan to this place. However, the interior was relatively the same.

So, Leng Yi Xuan explained, “I live in a beautiful place with lots of rooms and many servants….”

Hearing this, Xin’er shook her head and apologized. “Sorry, big brother! I don’t know where you live. But it sounds like a place that you would only see in Heaven?”

“Big brother, why don’t you come to my house first? It’s getting late. Perhaps your family will come pick you up tomorrow!?”

“I guess…” Leng Yi Xuan nodded and followed Xin’er to the direction of her house.

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