UPX Fan fic #1

“Windy! I’m hungry, help me catch some meat for dinner!” Xiaoyao demanded while clutching at her rumbling stomach. Second Young Master Pei glared from across the tent. How can someone eat 3 separate meals for dinner and still be hungry? Xiaoyao, ignorant of his gaze, grabbed Windy’s hand and dashed towards the exit. “I saw a stream closeby, come on! We’ll catch enough fish to feed everyone. Hehe what a dashing and handsome Big Sister I am~”.

Windy stumbled along, barely keeping up with Xiaoyao’s speed. As they were nearing the edge of the campsite, someone was blocking their path. “Aren’t you the Young Master’s wife? Where are you going?”, a guard was stationed at the exit and he was staring at the close proximity between Xiaoyao and Windy. Shaking away the scandalous thoughts, he continued with his questioning, “I’m sorry, but you are not allowed to leave right now”.

Xiaoyao didn’t expect leaving to be such a hindrance, especially not since she married into their Boss’ family. Puffed out cheeks and puffed out chest, she tried to make her voice as authoritative as possible. “I need food! What are you going to do if my Xiaoqiu goes hungry, ah~”. Xiaoyao watched as the guard looked at her in confusion, looked off into the distance, sighed, then let them pass.

Hehehe who knew marrying into privilege could be so useful! Xiaoyao grabbed Windy again and dashed towards the sound of a stream. Kicking off her shoes and tugging up her pants, she waded into the water. “Here! This is exactly what we were looking for!”, she exclaimed as she spotted some delicious looking fish in the water. Using her superhuman reflexes, she grabbed the fattest fish and held it above her head in triumph. “GOT IT! HAHAHAHA”, the second she screamed this, a loud Thud! was heard from the direction of the trees. Windy put a hand on his sword and jumped in front of His Majesty.

Xiaoyao clutched the fish to her chest. That way, no matter what happened, at least they’d have a proper meal. As the dust cloud cleared, they saw him standing among the leaves.

Earlier that day

Ever since Xiang Tiange realized that Dayao had joined the rebel forces, he had kept a very close eye on their group. He noticed the two of them dash out of the tent and felt his heart freeze. Eventually seeing the guard stop the duo, he got the guard’s attention and nodded to let them pass. Isn’t Dayao supposed to be my “wife”, and yet she’s casually touching another man?! With clenched fists, he stealthily followed them out. The further they got from the campsite, the more his heart seemed to drop to his stomach. He didn’t know why he felt this way, but he explained it away as distrust. From the beginning, Dayao and her group had been a suspicious bunch. Maybe following them can shed some light as to where their true loyalties lie.

Finally, they had stopped by a stream. Is this the rendezvous point? Are they waiting for a message to float downstream? Tiange had climbed into a tree to observe them from a better vantage point. Part of him didn’t want Dayao and that man to be enemy spies, but another part of him didn’t want them to be having some romantic outing either! As he clenched his fists around a nearby tree branch, he saw as Dayao jumped into the stream. Tiange leaned forward, hoping to see what kind of message that she would be able to receive from inside a stream.

Body tensed, he watched as she pulled out a fish and screamed in delight. Suddenly, he was falling. He crashed into the ground and scrambled to get back on his feet. Upright again, Tiange faced the two of them with his back straight and his face red. Windy glared at him, one hand ready to draw the sword handle. He recognized that man as the Young Master of the rebel forces. Has he found out our identities? Maybe he regrets helping His Majesty and wants to kill us without anyone knowing! Windy tensed at the thought.

As the two men glared at each other, Xiaoyao dashed forward and stepped between them. “Ah you came to get some food too, Young Lord? This one is mine but I’m sure you can find a decent sized fish nearby”, Xiaoyao looked embarrassed to have taken the fattest fish from her “husband”.

Tiange’s gaze melted a bit as he met Dayao’s big brown eyes. He sighed, “I just wanted to know whether you needed help cooking it”. Xiaoyao’s eyes lit up as she reevaluated her opinion on the rebel’s Young Lord. There might be hope for him yet! Once the country is okay and there’s a new emperor, I’ll find him a real wife hehehe.

Tiange was unaware that he was added to Xiaoyao’s list of eligible bachelors looking for love. Windy relaxed his grip on his sword and also reevaluated his opinion on the Young Lord. Someone that can feed His Majesty is a good person (Windy’s way of thinking has been warped by Xiaoyao).

4 whole servings of fish later

Windy, Xiaoyao, and Tiange walked back to the campsite together. Tiange’s face was still a bit red and his clothes were stained with dirt. Windy looked tired, stressed, and a bit haggard from catching so much fish. Xiaoyao had a face full of smiles, a healthy complexion, and a satisfied expression on her face. The same guard that had stopped them previously, watched as they approached his post. Shaking away the scandalous thoughts, he let the trio enter the campsite.

As long as the Young Master’s happy~ he thought. None of them knew that this epic
misunderstanding would later become the staple of rebel gossip and would fuel their
imaginations for weeks.

This wonderful fan fic was written by Amanda! Amanda is the first submission I received! <3   Thank you for your awesome work! It is so cute!! The guard has so many scandalous thoughts 😛

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