Three more demons

Leng Yi Xuan immediately took off his pants and pointed to his little bird. He had a pitiful expression on his face. “I have a weird object.”


Le Yao Yao wanted to burst out into laughter. Leng Yi Xuan was pointing at his little brother. AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

“That is not a weird object! All boys have it. Also, Xuan’er, please do not show other people your bird. *cough cough* Only your future wife can see it.”

“What? It’s not a weird object? All boys have it?”

Leng Yi Xuan felt a breath of relief.

Whew. Fortunately he wasn’t a weirdo. But –

“How come I can’t let others see it? You, Auntie Ping, Auntie Li have all seen it! Also, you guys have touched it too!!!”

“….” Le Yao Yao didn’t know how to respond to Leng Yi Xuan’s innocent question. After a long pause, she thought of an explanation.

“Aside from mommy, Auntie Ping and Auntie Li, other women are not allowed to see it! When Xuan’er grows up and gets married, Xuan’er can show his wife.”

Le Yao Yao continued, “So please do not randomly take off your pants and let others see your xx!”

“W-What if another woman saw it and touched it too? Does that mean Xuan’er has to marry her?”

“Yes.” Le Yao Yao nodded. She didn’t overthink the question.

However, Leng Yi Xuan was recalling how Xin’er poked his little bird yesterday. She saw it too! Does that mean he will marry her in the future?

Although Xuan’er wasn’t sure what marriage and wife meant, he figured it was like his mommy and daddy. They lived and spent time together.

If he could live with Xin’er, he would be so happy! They could play together everyday!!

So, Leng Yi Xuan made up his mind that he will marry Xin’er when he grows up. Tomorrow, he will go find her and they will play together again.

However, that night, Leng Yi Xuan suddenly had a fever and freaked out his mom. Fortunately, Dongfang Bai’s medical skills were top notched and Leng Yi Xuan was fine by the next day.

But, Le Yao Yao was too worried so she didn’t let her son go out to play. Hence, Leng Yi Xuan obediently stayed in the Palace. He waited until the day after to find Xin’er.

Unfortunately, by the time he went to see Xin’er again, Xin’er’s family had already moved. Sources say that Xin’er’s dad had returned and took his family with him. No one knew where they went.

This was devastating news to Xuan’er. It wasn’t easy for him to find someone he bonded so well with. He never even got to say goodbye.

So, Leng Yi Xuan was depressed for a few days. Le Yao Yao felt very bad and tried to cheer her son up in all sorts of ways.

Eventually, Leng Yi Xuan smiled again. But deep down, he thought to himself:

Xin’er, where are you? Will we meet again? 

I have to find you because you’re going to be my wife! 


Five years later-

The whole residence was going nuts again. Everyone was running around anxiously. That’s because, the Princess Consort was giving birth again!

“Again” was no exaggeration. Their Princess Consort was very fertile. Within five years, the Princess Consort already had given birth to three children! If we include the one coming out today, their Princess Consort will have five kids!

Currently, the common people were making bets on whether it will be a boy or a girl. So far, Le Yao Yao had already given birth to four kids, including Xuan’er. Surprisingly, they were all boys!

Le Yao Yao was very unsatisfied about this.

If it’s another son, she’ll keep giving birth until she gets a daughter! 

Leng Jun Yu felt very hopeless in regards to this issue. His wife is too determined

After all, each son is like a demon. He already has to deal with four demons. Nowadays, he has to make an appointment if he wants to simply touch his wife’s finger. 

So, Leng Jun Yu would often run to find Dongfang Bai. Qi Ying Ying and Dongfang Bai already had three daughters together! Life was so unfair. He wanted a daughter too!

As for Dongfang Bai, he wanted a son!

So, the two men were both sad souls.

At this moment, Leng Jun Yu was frantically pacing back and forth outside the room. It has already been a day, but Le Yao Yao was still in labour! Isn’t the first child supposed to be the most difficult? The rest should be easier, no? 

Before, when Le Yao Yao gave birth to the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th son, she came out within four hours. So why’s this one taking so long? Could it be a miscarriage? 

Thinking of this, Leng Jun Yu felt cold sweat running down his body.

The little demons didn’t seem to realize their father was already very stressed. They kept yelling behind the closed doors.

“Mommy, Hao’er wants a little sister!”

“Mommy, Long’er wants a little sister!”

“Mommy, Bei’er wants a little sister!”

Leng Yi Xuan was the only one who remained calm. He was on the abacus calculating the expenses for the residence.

Leng Jun Yu’s head hurt. The three little demons were too much. He didn’t want another one.

In the past, Xuan’er was always hogging his woman. When Xuan’er grew up, he became interested in business and left his woman alone.

Leng Jun Yu was glad to see this change, especially because Xuan’er was very talented in this field. Now, Leng Yi Xuan was only ten years old, but Leng Jun Yu was confident enough in his abilities to leave the accounting book with him.

But Xuan’er was becoming more and more silent and aloof. Nowadays, he always seemed to prefer being alone. His son was becoming like his old self.

Leng Jun Yu didn’t mind it, because he believed men ought to be more manly and cold. But Le Yao Yao was upset her oldest son had matured so much at such a young age. It pained her heart.

Anyhow, currently Leng Jun Yu was feeling hopeless because Le Yao Yao kept giving birth to sons. In addition, each time she was pregnant, he wouldn’t be able to touch her for at least nine months.

To Leng Jun Yu, this was torture. He had the love of his life by his side, but he could only look.

See see no touch. T_T 

They had to use other methods for him to calm his raging hormones.

But, Leng Jun Yu was truly afraid. The three demons surrounded his woman on a daily basis and cried all the time. He was always tempted to beat them up, but Yao Yao would kill him.

Sigh. He has to compete with the demons for his wife. He is such a pitiful man! 

Honestly, he didn’t want so many kids. But Yao Yao was determined not to stop until they had a daughter.

Does she think she’s a mother pig? 

Leng Jun Yu prayed to Heaven. Please let it be a daughter! Please let it be a daughter! No more demons, please!!!! 

Suddenly, in the midst of Le Yao Yao’s screams was the sound of a baby’s cries.

All the shouting and noises came to a halt. The little demons, Leng Yi Xuan and everyone else looked up and faced the door.

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  1. Yu should really not be considered the king of hell if he can’t even control his own children. He is so much of a pushover he should instead be call the cute puppy .

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