The weird object

When Leng Yi Xuan arrived in front of Xin’er’s house, he couldn’t help but stare at it in shock.

It was a very small house. There was a wooden fence surrounding it and in the little courtyard was an area that some vegetables grew.

Leng Yi Xuan only ever had to eat. He never had to cook, so he had no idea what type of vegetables they were.

Xin’er skillfully lit up the oil lamp and Leng Yi Xuan was able to view his surroundings.

Inside the house was a small room, a small living room. Outside, there was a tiny kitchen and a place to take a shower at the corner.

Since Leng Yi Xuan had grew up in a palace, he had never seen such a shabby place before.

The little wooden bed was big enough to fit both of them, but when Leng Yi Xuan sat down, his bottom hurt.

The bed was rock hard.

Xin’er had no idea these thoughts were running through Xuan’er’s mind. “Older brother, are you hungry?”

“Mm. I’m really hungry.” Xuan’er admitted.

Xin’er quickly went to the table, climbed on on chair and took out a steamed bun from the plate. “Here, older brother! You can eat this!”

“Umm.. isn’t that your dinner?”

Although Leng Yi Xuan was a child, he could kind of tell Xin’er wasn’t from a well off family. Her family wasn’t around to take care of her.

Xin’er smiled. “Yes, mommy comes home really late at night. But usually, mommy would leave Xin’er two steamed buns. Xin’er doesn’t eat a lot, so Xin’er only eats one now. But if older brother is hungry, you can have it!”

Xin’er handed the steamed bun to Leng Yi Xuan.

Leng Yi Xuan shook his head. Xin’er thought he didn’t want it because it was too hard.

“Older brother, do you want me to warm it up?”

Although Xin’er was a child, she could tell that Leng Yi Xuan was from a much more wealthier background than she was. He probably wasn’t used to the food that she eats.

But actually, Leng Yi Xuan was worried if he ate it, Xin’er would have nothing to eat. Seeing her sorry expression made him feel bad though. So, Xuan’er took the steamed bun and teared it in half. He gave half to Xin’er and kept the smaller half for himself. “Now, we can eat.”

Xin’er smiled and started to munch on the steamed bun. She was actually hungry too! So, she really savoured the taste.

However, to Xuan’er, the steamed bun was disgusting. It was cold and hard and it tasted weird. But since he was starving, he didn’t care. After taking the first bite, he wanted to spit it out. But when he saw Xin’er’s heavenly expression, he decided to take another bite.

Watching Xin’er eat made the bun taste better.

By his third bite, he thought the bun was sweet!

By now, it was nighttime. Xin’er took Leng Yi Xuan to the courtyard outside. There were a few buckets of water waiting for them. Xin’er’s mother must have left it for her daughter.

Xin’er took off her dress and began to take a shower.

Leng Yi Xuan stared at Xin’er’s smooth white skin and felt like it was jade.

Although his skin was quite good, he felt like Xin’er’s skin was even better.

She looked so pretty and cute too.

All of a sudden, Leng Yi Xuan was just staring in astonishment.

Xin’er was confused and stared back at Leng Yi Xuan. “Older brother, what are you doing? Come and shower with me! It’s going to rain soon! We have to hurry. We’ll look for your family in the morning!”

“Ohhhh. Ok..ok…”

So, Leng Yi Xuan tried to take off his clothes. However, ever since he was a baby, he had never taken off his clothes on his own. So, Leng Yi Xuan was struggling tremendously. After a long time, he still couldn’t take off his clothes.

In the end, Xin’er personally helped him.

Leng Yi Xuan felt ashamed that a little girl had to help him remove his clothes. He was such a stupid child!

So, Leng Yi Xuan decided right then and there that he will be the one to remove his own clothing from now on. He didn’t want to be served anymore!

Xin’er placed Xuan’er’s clothes on a seat to keep them clean. She really liked the material of older brother’s clothes. The material was so smooth and soft.

She had never seen such lovely clothes before.

Anyhow, the naked Leng Yi Xuan imitated Xin’er and picked up a ladle to pour water on himself.

Since it was summer, the cold water felt very refreshing. This was the first time Xuan’er had ever taken a shower like this.

In the past, Auntie Ping would prepare warm water for him and fill it up with lots of fresh flower petals. After his bath, he would smell so nice.

Auntie Ping would wipe him clean and put a refreshing powder on him that prevented itchiness.

However, Leng Yi Xuan knew he wouldn’t get treatment like this here. But he found the new showering experience very interesting and Leng Yi Xuan liked it too.

Suddenly, Leng Yi Xuan felt something strange. He lowered his head.

Xin’er had bent down and started poking his little bird out of curiosity.

“Oh God! Older brother, you have a weird object growing on your body! It looks so scary!” she yelled.


Leng Yi Xuan wasn’t shy at all. After all, he was only a child and had no idea that they shouldn’t be showering naked together.

Xin’er continued to poke his little bird with her tiny finger. Leng Yi Xuan exclaimed, “That’s not a weird object!”

“Not a weird object? Then how come you have one but I don’t? Look at me!”

Leng Yi Xuan stared and realized Xin’er had no birdy.

Suddenly, he freaked out.

Oh God! Why does he have a little bird but Xin’er doesn’t? Could it really be a weird object?

If other people know about this, will they still play with him? Or will they think he’s a monster?

The more Leng Yi Xuan thought about it, the more scared he became. Perhaps Xin’er could sense this, so she patted her chest and reassured Xuan’er. “Don’t worry, big brother! Xin’er won’t tell anyone about your weird object! Xin’er will continue to play with big brother!”

“Wuwu, Xin’er, you’re so kind!”

Wow, she didn’t mind his weird object! 

Leng Yi Xuan was very grateful and was determined to treat Xin’er well forever.

After all, he didn’t have any younger siblings. Plus, if anything, he can always cut it off in the future. It might hurt though!

If the older Leng Yi Xuan recalled what his younger self had said, he would have freaked out. Fortunately, he didn’t do it at the time! 

After taking their showers, the children changed back into clothing. Since Leng Yi Xuan had nothing else to wear, he wore the same outfit.

As for Xin’er, she changed into another pink dress that looked very similar to the previous one.

Soon, it started to rain heavily outside. Leng Yi Xuan and Xin’er were laying on the little bed together.

The flashing lightning was causing the room to light up from time to time. The two children shivered together from fright.

Ever since Leng Yi Xuan was a child, he was scared of lightning. However, he always had an adult to cuddle with.

Right now, he only had Xin’er.

Although he was the older one, he was too scared to protect Xin’er. Instead, he started trembling underneath the blanket.

Little Xin’er hugged him and comforted him. “Don’t be afraid, big brother! Xin’er is next to you! Mommy says the Thunder God will only punish those who has done bad things. We haven’t done anything wrong, so we won’t be punished!”


“Of course! My mommy won’t lie to me.”

“Okay then.”

Eventually, the two of them fell asleep in each other’s arms.

The next day, Xin’er was shaken awake by her mother.

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