The snake

Le Yao Yao could hear the trees coming down behind her. She knew the big bear was after her. Fortunately, her flying skills were pretty decent. In no time, she had managed to widen the gap between them.

Leng Jun Yu wanted to run after Le Yao Yao. But at this moment, Sai Qi tugged on his arm. “Brother Leng, the big bear is barbarous! I only wanted to save the baby bear, but the big bear wanted to murder me. So please, don’t go after it!”

“No! Yao Yao is in danger right now! How could I leave her?” Leng Jun Yu flung Sai Qi’s hand away and was about to leave her.

Sai Qi frowned. Suddenly, she fell into Leng Jun Yu’s arms. She looked very pitiful. “Yu, I-I’m…injured. I am in so much pain.”

“What? You’re injured?”

Leng Jun Yu picked up Sai Qi’s frail body. Concern could be heard in his voice.

Sai Qi was touched that Yu cared about her. But she looked like she was in massive pain. She held onto her tummy. “The big bear struck my stomach. Brother Leng, I’m in so much pain….” Then, Sai Qi fainted.

Leng Jun Yu was anxious. He was very worried about Le Yao Yao but if he left Sai Qi alone, she will be devoured by the beasts.

What should he do? 

Leng Jun Yu looked up and found that Le Yao Yao’s figure had already vanished from his sight…

“Yao Yao….”

The moment Yu imagined Yao Yao getting injured by the bear, he freaked out. But he had an unconscious person next to him. He was conflicted.

At this moment, Leng Jun Yu suddenly heard the sounds of horse hooves. He turned around and saw Dongfang Bai and Qi Ying Ying.

So, he instantly picked up the unconscious Sai Qi and shoved her into Dongfang Bai’s arm. “She was injured by the black bear. Take a look at her injuries. I’m going after Yao Yao.”

Then, Leng Jun Yu hastily got onto his horse and disappeared in the same direction as Le Yao Yao.

Please be ok, Yao Yao! 


At the same time, on the other side of the forest was a drenched Yao Yao soaked with sweat.

Who would’ve thought that the black bear’s endurance would be so good? The bear hasn’t stopped to take a rest at all! 

Fortunately, now, they were very far from where Yu was. Yu and Sai Qi will longer be in danger. Le Yao Yao decided to put down the baby bear.

After all, the black bear was probably after her because she had kidnapped her child. So, if she released the baby, she should be fine.

Le Yao Yao gently placed the baby bear down and flew in midair. The black bear was still furious and angrily growled at Yao Yao several times. However, she stopped pursuing her.

Le Yao Yao felt a breath of relief. But when she looked up, she realized she was lost.

All around her were black forest. In addition, there were glowing eyes that seemed to be watching her from the bushes. Le Yao Yao’s scalp turned numb.

F***!! It’s a pack of wolves! 

She had such bad luck. It took her ages to get rid of the black bear, and now she had encountered a pack of wolves!

The longer Le Yao Yao stared, the more yellow eyes she saw. So, once again, Le Yao Yao flew and tried to escape.

Although she could fight, she wasn’t going to risk her life when she could just run.

Plus, these wolves were hunting in a pack. She wasn’t made of metal. She didn’t want to fight head on. So, the best strategy was to run for her life!

But she wasn’t the only fast one. The wolves were fast too!

After all, they were starving. Obviously they weren’t going to let their prey go so easily!

“F*** my life! I barely have any meat on me. Why don’t you chase something else!? Ughhh!!!” Le Yao Yao was irked. She stared at the sky and blamed God.

But Le Yao Yao knew this wasn’t the time to linger. So, she continued to fly and run, fly and run.

After an hour later, she finally outran her opponents.

“Wuwu, oh God! I’m exhausted!” Le Yao Yao collapsed on the ground and laid down in a 大 shape. She looked like a sorry figure, but she didn’t care because no one was here to witness anyway.

While Le Yao Yao was resting and restoring her energy, she put out a secret signal for Yu and them to locate her.

Right now, she was so worn out that she barely had the strength to move her fingers. But, she couldn’t stay here. After all, there were other snakes and beasts in the forest.

While she was thinking, Le Yao Yao heard a “si si si…” sound. It sounded like something was slithering towards her.

Wait. Only snakes would slither, right? 

Oh God! Please let me go! I don’t have any more strength for this! 

And everyone knows she is most afraid of snakes! 

So now, Le Yao Yao’s entire body froze. She didn’t dare to get up because she was scared she’ll be bitten!

Le Yao Yao lifted her torch and turned her head robotically while laying down. She could see a black snake gradually approaching her feet.

F***!!!! It’s really a snake!!!! 

In addition, it was all black and a metre long! It kept revealing its red, forked tongue. Even a three year old child would be able to tell it was a poisonous snake!

Le Yao Yao wanted to cry but had no tears. How could she be so unlucky?

She managed not to get smashed by the black bear, teared apart by the wolves, but now she will end up dying from a snake bite? 

Le Yao Yao’s heartbeat became irregular. She could hear her heart thumping loud and clear on this quiet night.

She knew snakes were afraid of fire. So, she wanted to shove the torch in front of the snake to scare it off. But, the moment she shifted a little, it was as if the snake could read her mind. The snake straighten its body and glared at her with its bloodshot eyes.

Le Yao Yao was so spooked that she didn’t even dare to breathe.

How could this snake be so smart? What type of breed is it? Is it a snake demon or something? 

Le Yao Yao decided to lay flat and pray. Hopefully this snake brother will go elsewhere and not bite her.

This time, her prayers were heard. The poisonous snake decided to turn around and slithered elsewhere after Le Yao Yao stopped moving.

So, Le Yao Yao felt relieved. Her face was covered in cold sweat but she didn’t even dare to wipe it off!

After the snake brother was a metre away, Le Yao Yao lowered her guard. At this moment, horse hooves and an anxious voice could be heard. “Yao Yao, where are you!?! Yao Yao!”

It was Yu!! 

Without thinking, Le Yao Yao shouted in response. “Yu, I’m here!”

Le Yao Yao scrambled to get up and began to wave her torch. But not only did her action catch Yu’s attention, it also caught the snake’s attention.

Before Le Yao Yao could react, the snake charged at Le Yao Yao at super speed.

Le Yao Yao tried to move away, but the snake was faster than her!

Le Yao Yao could feel pain on her lower leg and knew she had been bitten. She also learned that a tragedy could turn into a greater tragedy.

She had backed away too quickly and failed to notice a slope behind her. The numbing sensation from the bite caused her entire body to tremble and Le Yao Yao lost her balance. She slipped and rolled off the slope.

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  1. Oh my , bears, wolves and snakes.She’s having a busy night of it. Now she has fallen down a hill.When we this bad dream end? I hope soon.

    Thank you for this chapter

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