The Royal Wedding

Everyone was relieved when they found out Yu had gotten rid of the love parasite. Dongfang Bai quickly sent someone to notify the Imperial family, the Palace, and all the members involved with Yu.

Since everyone assumed the King of Hell had died, this news caught the two kingdoms by surprised. Now, this was the latest topic people gossiped about.

Before this news could die down, there was another one!

Prince Rui was going to marry Princess Lulu!!! There were eight full days of banquet celebrations. The whole event was luxurious and majestic. So many people were envious!!

Today was finally the day that Le Yao Yao had longed for. She was finally going to marry her lover and become his princess consort.

Le Yao Yao had to get up really early to prepare for the day. Xue Ping and Xue Li bathe her and did her make up.

Le Yao Yao changed into the gorgeous red bridal outfit. With the help of Xue Ping and Xue Li, they led her to sit on the bridal sedan chair. She was holding on an apple for good luck.

When the trumpet blasted, Le Yao Yao could feel her seat being lifted. It was kind of wobbly since it was carried by four men.

Bit by bit, Le Yao Yao’s mind was filled with all her moments with Leng Jun Yu.

She recalled the first time she met him. He was so scary. He was cruel but devastatingly handsome. He looked like a hot man that came from 18 levels of Hell.

When she served him as a eunuch, she didn’t even dare to breathe a bit louder. She was always on guard and scared that she would be ‘ka cha’ accidentally.

But gradually, she learned more about this man. He wasn’t actually a monster.

In fact, he cared about those who were important to him. Although it was a rare sight, he could smile. He may be cold, but he had the ability to warm her heart.

Shortly after, she fell for this man.

After going through so many life changing moments with him, Le Yao Yao felt like nothing could tear them apart anymore. Hopefully God will let them live the rest of their days in peace.

Soon, the marriage sedan came to a stop.

Since this was a Royal Wedding, the ceremony was extremely detailed and complicated. Le Yao Yao felt as if she was a puppet being led around by the older maidservants.

Although she was exhausted, she was so happy. Finally, after all the ceremony rituals were completed, she was brought into the room.

However, she still couldn’t take off the red veil over her head. She still had to wait for her husband to come in and take it off.

So, Le Yao Yao patiently sat on the bed and waited.

She may appear to be calm on the outside, but she was a mess on the inside.

Oh God! She’s finally going to marry Yu! 

Last time, she was so close to getting married, but Yu left her. 

Five years have gone by. Now, it almost feels like a dream. 

If this is a dream, she hopes she’ll never wake up! 

Next to her, Xue Ping, Xue Li and the matron of honour were taking turns congratulating Le Yao Yao. Le Yao Yao gave them all red packets.

Soon, she dismissed the matron of honour and only the twins were left in the room with her.

Le Yao Yao could hear the noises and laughter from outside the room. She knew Yu was outside, but she really wanted him to come in as soon as possible.

Due to their customs, it had been almost a month since she last saw him. Each day felt a year long. She wished time would fly by.

Perhaps the twins could sense Le Yao Yao’s anxiety, Xue Li began to tease.

“Oh, my dear Princess Consort, are you missing the Prince? Prince Rui will come soon. Be patient, dear!”

“If you dare to tease me, I’ll peel your skin off.”

Le Yao Yao’s threat was useless because Xue Li knew her personality. So, Xue Li giggled even louder. Le Yao Yao was very embarrassed. If she could, she would take off her red veil and teach her maid a lesson.

Soon, Le Yao Yao could hear the laughter and sounds approaching the room.

Her man is coming!!! 

Although they already have a child together, she was even more nervous than those who were forced into arranged marriages. Her hands were tightly clutching her sleeves.

Le Yao Yao could see a pair of black shoes that were sewn with golden threads in front of her.

Currently, her heart was beating irregularly. In fact, she felt as if it was going to pop out from her throat.

At this moment, people around were cheering on the groom to lift the veil (tl: I’m a bit confused. Usually, no one else but the groom should be inside the wedding room? Uh..)

Le Yao Yao was turning so red that her ears were burning. Without looking at the mirror, she could tell her face must be as red as a monkey’s butt.

Fortunately, at this moment, Leng Jun Yu’s sexy raspy voice entered her ears.

“Yao Yao, I’m going to lift the red veil.”

Through his voice, Le Yao Yao could tell Leng Jun Yu was slightly intoxicated. However, he was also in a great mood. She slightly nodded, “Mm.”

Aside from the glorious man in front of her, she couldn’t see anyone else.

Leng Jun Yu was wearing a very well fitted red wedding robe. It made him look very awake. His eyes were filled with love and tenderness for her.

Both of them were drowning in each other’s love.

“Yao Yao, you’re so beautiful…”

When he had lifted the veil, the entire room held their breaths. Leng Jun Yu was a bit mad.

Le Yao Yao belongs to him! No one else may lust after her! 

However, seeing other people’s envious looks made him feel proud as well. After all, from now on, Le Yao Yao was his woman; his princess consort.

Qi Ying Ying teased, “Ohhhhh! The groom is drunk from his bride’s love. We’re all so jealous. Hurry and kiss the bride! We’ve been waiting for too long!”

“Yeahhh! Senior brother, kiss the bride!” Tong Ya chirped in.

Everyone else began to snicker.

Hearing this, Le Yao Yao couldn’t help but blush again. She gave Leng Jun Yu an eye signal. You better not mess around! 

But who would’ve thought that Leng Jun Yu would see it as a seductive challenge instead?

Leng Jun Yu’s eyes were filled with desire and lust. Furthermore, since he was slightly intoxicated, he was no match for Le Yao Yao’s lures.

So, Leng Jun Yu became possessive and lifted Le Yao Yao’s chin and underneath the eyes of everyone in the room, he gave her a passionate kiss.

Le Yao Yao wanted to shove Leng Jun Yu away, but obviously failed. Leng Jun Yu was already prepared as he seized her hand and deepened their kiss.

The kiss was wild like a tornado. Le Yao Yao couldn’t help but melt in his skillful technique.

By the time she snapped out of it, she realized she was already lying on the bed.

Everyone else had left the room. Now, there were only the two of them left.

Le Yao Yao shoved Yu and filed a complaint. “Yu, you’re so bad! How could you behave like this in front of others? I have no face left to see them tomorrow!”

“Haha, then don’t see them. I just want to hide you and keep you all to myself!” stated Leng Jun Yu shamelessly.

“Yu, are you jealous?”

“Yes! I’m so jealous! You’re mine!!! I don’t want any other man to look at you or lust after you!”

Then, Leng Jun Yu covered Le Yao Yao’s lips with his dominant, fiery kiss. He tugged with his two hands and ripped Le Yao Yao’s clothes off…

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  1. Yu feeling jealous cos Yao Yao took the people’s away was so funny. Come on yu,ain’t nobody stealing your wife Mrs princess consort,so take a chill pill

  2. its a tradition thing. basically the close friends of the groom go with him to remove the veil and congratulate him on his marriage.

    its not seen in a lot of novels to keep it as a private moment for the married couple but it pops in sometimes.

    after removing the veil the groom will either send the friends/family off or join them for more drinking and parting. this keeps the wife from eating/removing the super heavy head dress till he returns.

    *as i understand it, thats how it works. may not be 100% accurate*

  3. Even if it ended here I would be a happy reader.. can’t wait for all the rest of goodies that come till the end.. thank you for this spectacular chapter

  4. Ahahaha~ I know exactly what it is that will pop up from where. And no, I’m not speaking of the bird. Even if that is there too XD

    Thank you for the chapter, Grace!
    Oh, and a small question. As far as I have gathered, there is a sequel to the enouch. Is there a chance of you continuing with that one after this?

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