The realistic dream

Seeing how Dongfang Bai stormed away, Fang Ru Xin felt a bit hopeless as she gazed at Qi Ying Ying. Then, she kindly turned to her daughter.

“Yao Yao, you must be exhausted! Go and wash up. We’ll have dinner afterwards. What do you like to eat? Tell mother so she can get the servants to prepare it.”

Le Yao Yao felt all warm and fuzzy from her mother’s love. The corner of her mouth curved into a smile. She shook her head and said, “Mother, there’s no need to make specific preparations for me. I love to eat everything.”

“Haha! That’s great! Go take a bath to relax first. The journey here must have been extremely exhausting. Mother’s heart aches just thinking about it.”

“Alright, I’ll go take a bath now.”

Then, Le Yao Yao nodded at Qi Ying Ying as a way of saying goodbye and returned back to the plum blossom court.

When she had returned, the maidservant had already prepared the hot water. Leng Yi Xuan was taken away by other servants for his own bath.

Le Yao Yao gazed at the large tub of steaming water. Inside the tub were fresh flower petals. The moment she walked in, she was welcomed by the lovely scent. It instantly made her feel better.

Le Yao Yao excused the maidservant and took off her clothes to submerge her body into the steamy tub.

Gradually, Le Yao Yao fell asleep. She had no idea how long it had been. To her, it was only a brief moment.

A martial artist’s hearing was always much better than a regular person. Suddenly, Le Yao Yao could sense another person’s presence in the room.

Initially, she thought it was the maidservant who was responsible for the hot water. But, Le Yao Yao recognized the familiar ambergris scent. Her eyes instantly popped open.

Her eyes grew wide and her mouth was opened like a “o”. There were words in her throat but they were kind of stuck. She couldn’t utter a single word.

However, her tears were streaming down nonstop. “Yu, it really you!?! Is it you!?!”

The man slowly reached out his slender hand and touched her face and caught her tears.

Le Yao Yao’s heart began to pound like mad. The feeling felt very realistic. Her heart had never beaten so fast before.

But even if she were to die, she didn’t care. Because right now, she was so happy. Her Yu had finally returned!

“Ahhhhh. Yu! It’s really you! You’re back! Hahaha!!!!” Le Yao Yao began to laugh and sob at the same time.

After all, it had been five years, 1800+ days since she had last seen him.

“Yu, where have you been all these years? Why did it take you so long to return?” Le Yao Yao hugged the man and began to inhale his familiar scent. She felt as if she had came back to life.

The heartbeat she could hear was an indication that Yu was real. He was real…

The man wrapped his powerful arms around Le Yao Yao and placed his chin around her neck region. He slowly sniffed in her scent. “No matter where I had been, I’m back now.”

Hearing his low and raspy voice, Le Yao Yao’s heart began to tremble. “Yes, it’s fine. As long as you’re back, I don’t care. Yu, promise me you won’t ever leave me again! I want you by my side forever!!! Forever, can you promise me?”

Le Yao Yao was so afraid he would disappear again. So, she really wanted Yu to make a pledge. Without him in her life, life was too painful…

But the man didn’t say a word. Soon, Le Yao Yao felt something slowly dripping down on her hand.

Originally, she thought it was Yu’s tears, so she wiped it away. But when she saw the fresh blood on her palm, Le Yao Yao felt as if her heart was going to leap out of her body.

She violently swung her head back and looked up. Yu had blood coming out of his ears, eyes, noses, and mouth. It was extremely frightening.

“Ahhhh!!!! Yu, what’s going on? What’s happening!?” Le Yao Yao screamed.

Now, he was covered in blood.

“Yao Yao, Yao Yao!!!!” The man kept calling her. But it sounded so weak; like it would disappear in the very next second.

Seeing this, Le Yao Yao tried to grab onto the man’s bloody hand. But all she felt was air.

“No! Why is it like this? Yu, Yu…don’t go! Don’t leave me!!!!!” she cried.

Le Yao Yao wanted to chase after him, but she felt as if her legs were locked down. She couldn’t take a single step.

No matter how hard she cried, Yu vanished from her sight.

“No! Yu, you promised you won’t leave me. Yu….!” she shrieked.

“Yao Yao, Yao Yao…wake up! You’re having a nightmare!”

Le Yao Yao slowly fluttered her eyes open. She was currently lying in a room with a yellow glow from the candlelight. The bedroom curtains were opened, and it was pitch black outside. She realized it was all a dream.

Why did the dream feel so real?

Her heart was still beating very quickly. But, Yu wasn’t next to her. And she didn’t have blood on her.

So, it must’ve been a dream?

“Yao Yao, are you alright? Don’t keep everything inside. Tell me! Brother will help you get through this!”

“Brother, I-I’m fine.”

Le Yao Yao knew Dongfang Bai was very concerned about her. But she didn’t want to worry him, so she tried to lie and smile.

However, she had no idea how pale she looked right now. In addition, her forceful smile made her look even worse.

Dongfang Bai didn’t say a word for a long time. After some silence between them, he sighed, “Yao Yao, why must you always have to act so tough? You hide all your pain in your heart. This time, you lost consciousness in the tub because you were too depressed! If the maidservant hadn’t discovered you, would you have drowned inside? Yao Yao, I’m so worried about you…”

Hearing Dongfang Bai’s caring voice, Le Yao Yao’s nose began to tingle and her eyes turned misty. She was semi choking on her words.

“Brother, so what if I tell you? Yu…. Yu will never come back…”

At this point, strings of tears rolled down her pale white cheeks and dripped onto the bed sheet.

“Brother, do you know I just had a dream? I dreamt that Yu returned. His body was warm. He smelled the same. It felt so real. I thought he really came back. But then, afterwards, he was covered in blood. He was in a lot of pain. He kept crying out to me. He sounded so he would disappear the very next second…” Le Yao Yao sobbed.

Suddenly, Le Yao Yao seized Dongfang Bai’s hand. “Do you think that Yu’s still alive? He must be in danger or something? Perhaps that’s why he hasn’t returned!?! Why don’t we go look for him!?”

Then, Le Yao Yao flipped away her blanket and wanted to get out of bed to search for Yu.

But, the moment she tried to get up, she lost control of her body and fell against Dongfang Bai.

Dongfang Bai tightly supported her and was leaning against her. They made eye contact. Le Yao Yao appeared lost and confused. Her eyes were filled with pain.

“Yao Yao! Wake up! Yu is already dead! He died five years ago! Why won’t you accept this? He can’t come back to life. Please face reality!” Dongfang Bai roared.

His every word stabbed Le Yao Yao in the heart. She felt as if all her scars were reopening.

“No! I won’t let you say that! Yu will return! He had already returned!” Le Yao Yao was practically bawling her eyes out. She balled her hands into fits and repeatedly punched Dongfang Bai’s chest.

Dongfang Bai allowed Le Yao Yao to vent and took all her hits. Seeing her like this pained him.

“Brother, I miss Yu. I miss him so much!!”

“I know…” Dongfang Bai’s voice softened.

“I know it was a dream but the dream felt so real!”

“But you know, it was only a dream.” After you wake up, you will have to face reality

“Yao Yao, let out all your tears. Don’t suppress your emotions anymore. It’ll get better. Even without Yu, you still have us. We’ll always be by your side.” Dongfang Bai whispered as he gently patted Le Yao Yao’s back.

Le Yao Yao finally released all her suppressed emotions.

That night, Le Yao Yao cried and cried. On this silent night, her cries had the ability to make others emotional.

This is a very sad chapter but don’t worry, the novel will have a good ending!

Le Yao Yao said to Dongfang Bai, “I am so glad that Grace has decided to make this novel available to everyone. The eunuch dot com is the best place to read this. I can’t believe the evil cult has come back under the disguise of readlightnovel and steals other people’s works. Leng Jun Yu should have wiped them all out!” *wink wink*

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  1. This degree of grief has to come out or she will go crazy. This grief is dangerous for everyone close to her, especially Brother Bai.

    Thank you for this chapter and thank you for toughing it out against the pirates.

  2. ‘ “But you know, it was only a dream” after you wake up, you will have to face reality…’
    ToT i’m bawling my eyes out huhu. i feel a stabbing pain in my heart. i just lost someone too and i relate so much T.T

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