The mysterious savior

Chapter 270: The mysterious savior

Leng Yi Xuan immediately wrapped his arms around Le Yao Yao’s neck and his legs around Le Yao Yao’s waist. His posture was like a monkey climbing a tree. It was hilarious and super cute.

Leng Yi Xuan was already used to this. It was very common for his mother to encounter hooligans. Each time, his mommy would tell him to hold on while she teaches them a lesson.

So, he wasn’t the slightest bit afraid. Instead, he was cheering her on.

Le Yao Yao definitely didn’t disappoint her son. Even without any weapons, she was able to beat the evil men up. In a matter of seconds, they were all on the ground, moaning in pain.

Seeing this, Leng Yi Xuan cheered. “Daddy is amazing! Daddy is the best!”

Le Yao Yao loved compliments. Her mouth curved into a smile when she saw how impressed her son was. In fact, her smile made the moonlight pale in comparison.

However, the smile only lasted for a moment. All of a sudden, one of the men that had fallen got up and ran towards her.

Le Yao Yao’s brows raised and she was about to give him another kick.

But who would’ve thought that the man would throw some type of white powder in her face?

Le Yao Yao instantly tried to cover her nose, but it was too late.

Since she hadn’t expected this attack, she had inhaled some of the harmful powder.

Right away, Le Yao Yao felt weak all over. She was extremely dizzy.

In addition, she could feel her son’s body softening. Fortunately, she managed to catch the unconscious Leng Yi Xuan just in time.

But she could barely save herself.

However, she couldn’t lose consciousness now. If she did, both her son and her would be in great danger.

So, Le Yao Yao tried her best to stay alert. She harshly bit her tongue to stay conscious.

Despite this, her body was already falling over.

She could see the hooligans slowly getting up and coming towards her.

Le Yao Yao felt like all hope was lost.

Will she really be a victim of these men?

She could endure it but her sweet, innocent son

Le Yao Yao tightly hugged her son and just as she was about to lose consciousness, she thought she hallucinated.

Because, she saw a familiar figure.

“Yu….” she whispered.



When Le Yao Yao opened her eyes again, she sat upright. Her eyes were bulging and her face was covered in fear.

Le Yao Yao quickly scanned her eyes around the room, but was confused.

She was in the tavern room that she rented? 

But how could she be here? She was surrounded by those hooligans. She even lost consciousness…

Then, Le Yao Yao’s heart thumped.


Then, Le Yao Yao noticed her her son sleeping soundly next to her. She relaxed her heart.

But, Le Yao Yao was still concerned and began to inspect both Xuan’er and her body.

When she realized everything was fine, she truly felt relieved.

However, it didn’t make sense. How the heck did they get away from those hooligans and end up back here? 

Did someone save her afterwards? 

But even so, how would the person know where she was staying?

At this moment, Xuan’er woke up and rubbed his eyes. He pouted his pink lips and sat upright. Leng Yi Xuan’s cuteness made Le Yao Yao forget everything.

“Mommy, Xuan’er is hungry.”

“Alright, then mommy will tell the waiter to go prepare some dishes.”

That was a good idea. She could ask the waiter how they ended back here as well. The waiter must know something.

But –

“Who brought you guys back? This lowly servant has no idea. After young master left yesterday, this lowly one hadn’t seen you since. So, this lowly one has no idea how you returned.”

Le Yao Yao’s brows crinkled. She could tell the waiter was telling the truth. So, she excused him and asked him to prepare a few dishes and hot water for them.

In this tavern, there were always people on shift 24 hours a day. If the waiter had no idea, could her savior have secretly brought them back here through the window?

But they were staying on the third floor? Her savior must be very capable if he/she could carry an adult and a child to the third floor without being detected!?

Also, just before she lost consciousness, she felt like she saw Yu..

Was it Yu??

But if it was Yu, why would he hide from her? 

At this moment, gossips from outside her room entered her ears.

Initially, Le Yao Yao wasn’t going to listen, but the topic caused her footsteps to halt.

“Have you guys heard what happened last evening? Apparently, Landlord Li and the chief landlord’s sons had their arms and legs snapped by the hillside! Not only that, their tongues and xx were chopped off!!!!”

“What?! That’s so scary! Who have they offended?”

“Who knows? But those guys have a tendency to abuse their fathers’ power and authority. Not to mention, sources say they’re gay! Who knows how many young males they have ruined? Sigh. I already knew one day they would suffer the consequences!”

“True. I’ve heard that they r@ped many young men in the past. Poor men….they must be scarred for life!”

“Yeah! I heard that if men tried to refuse them, they would beat them up. Some guys even committed suicide because they couldn’t handle the humiliation and the repercussion. Their loved ones tried to claim justice, but the families just send them away with money or beat them up if they won’t go away. So sad…”

“I know! I’m glad those boys finally got what they deserved!”

“Yes, they’ll never be able to commit another evil deed again!”

Hearing this, Le Yao Yao was quite sure the ladies were talking about the hooligans she had encountered yesterday. She didn’t feel bad for them at all.

Who would’ve thought her saviour would help her get revenge too? The method was a bit cruel, but at least he/she got rid of evil!

At this moment, the waiter came in with hot water. Le Yao Yao told the waiter that they will be eating in the main lobby after taking a bath.

After Le Yao Yao and Leng Yi Xuan freshened up, they went downstairs for their meal.

Currently, it was around noon. The tavern was full. Luckily, the waiter saved them a table by the window.

Le Yao Yao was very pleased by this. She tipped the waiter a silver tael.

The waiter smiled and enthusiastically delivered the hot dishes for Le Yao Yao and her son.

After the fight from yesterday, Le Yao Yao had been unconscious for the entire night. When she woke up, she was still feeling the after effects of the drug. The bath helped a lot though. But now, they were starving.

So, Le Yao Yao and her son quickly began to devour the dishes in front of them.

But after taking a few bites, an unexpected slam could be heard. Someone had slammed their palm on the table.

Le Yao Yao placed down her chopsticks and turned to the source of the sound.

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    1. Killing them would’ve been too light of a punishment, no it’d be like giving them mercy. When someone suffers so much that they wish to die but can’t, death is like a relief from all the torture.
      King of Hell surely knows that. >.>

  1. Yao Yao was lucky to be saved last night. I hope it was Yu. But, now this hand slammed on the table could be someone associated with the 2ndary victims. Will they accuse Yao Yao of mutilating the unhappy crew of rapist?

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