The Miao people

Chapter 278: The Miao people

When they returned to the tavern, Le Yao Yao asked the waiter to prepare hot water for her. After taking a bath, Le Yao Yao and Xuan’er got ready for bed.

However, the moment Le Yao Yao recalled tomorrow was her last day with Du Gu, she felt uneasy and fidgety. She tossed and turned for a very long time before she eventually fell asleep.

She had no idea that a tall figure slipped in shortly after she fell into her slumber. He had been waiting for her to sleep before leaping in through the open window.

Leng Jun Yu slowly approached the bed and gazed warmly below him. His eyes landed on a beauty that was wearing a thin, white undergarment. Her long silky hair spread behind her and her face was as beautiful as jade.

Leng Jun Yu’s heart couldn’t help but stir.

She hasn’t changed in these past five years. If anything, she had become more stunning and strong. 

But, why were her brows showing such sadness? Was it because of him? 

Leng Jun Yu frowned and slowly reached his fingers to spread out the crinkled brows.

Perhaps, Le Yao Yao could sense someone next to her. Her eyes began to flutter a little. She looked like she was about to wake up.

Leng Jun Yu immediately put two of his fingers together and struck her acupoint.

Le Yao Yao fell into a deep sleep. Now, Leng Jun Yu could bravely trace her face without any concerns. He opened his mouth and cracked in his raspy voice, “What are you so upset about? You can’t loosen up even when you’re asleep? In the future, I won’t be by your side. Please take good of yourself and our son. It will all depend on you.”

At this moment, Leng Jun Yu slowly brought his finger over her nose and onto her pink lips.

He really wanted to kiss those lips and feel the tenderness and warmth again. But…

“I’m sorry! I am useless and powerless. I have caused you to suffer immensely. I am reluctant to part, but I have no choice. Yao Yao, do you have any idea how much I love you?”

A drop of tear silently landed on the floor. The drop of tear contained hopelessness and despair.

Who says men don’t cry? It’s only because they haven’t gotten to their breaking point! 

“Yao Yao, please forget me. Find another man and give our child a good father. Even if I’m not by your side, at least you’ll have someone who’ll love and cherish you. That way, I’ll be able to feel relieved…”

He was a thousand, ten thousand times unwilling, but what he cannot do, he hoped another man can.


Today happened to be the Miao ethnic group’s monthly gathering. In this gathering, the Miao people would sing and dance around the fire while eating delicious sheepmeat.

Le Yao Yao and her group came at the right time.

Staring at the vast grassland, being surrounded by countless mountains, and looking up at the clear blue sky made her forget all about her problems. Le Yao Yao inhaled in the fresh air. She no longer wanted to dwell on her sadness. She will cherish her last day with Du Gu and create some long-lasting memories.

At this moment, Leng Yi Xuan tugged Le Yao Yao’s hand. “Daddy, this place is so pretty!!!” he exclaimed.

When Leng Yi Xuan saw the fluffy white sheep, he practically leaped into air. “Oh God! Daddy! The sheep are so cute!!!!”

The corners of Le Yao Yao’s mouth curved into a smile. “Yes, the sheep are adorable.”

“Then, Daddy, could Xuan’er go play with the sheep?”

Le Yao Yao felt stuck. She didn’t want to disappoint her son, but the sheep didn’t belong to them. They couldn’t just play with other people’s animals?!

At this moment, a clear voice rang. “Haha. Little brother, if you want, you may play with the sheep.”

The group turned towards the voice. Standing close to them was a maiden roughly 13-14 years of age. She wasn’t an exceptional beauty, but still better than average.

While Le Yao Yao was observing her, the maiden was also observing them. Her gaze lingered on Le Yao Yao’s face. When she noticed Le Yao Yao’s watchful gaze, the maiden blushed and lowered her head.

Le Yao Yao was a bit speechless. But, she politely asked, “Little maiden, do these sheep belong to your family?”

“Yes.” the maiden nodded. Then, she placed her fingers in her mouth and blew a whistle.

Suddenly, all the sheep came running back and stood by the maiden. They were very obedient to their master. Now, the sheep began rubbing their noses and foreheads against the maiden’s hand.

Seeing this, Leng Yi Xuan’s eyes lit up. “Woah! So cute!! They’re so cuteeeeee!!!”

“Haha, would you like to touch one?”

“Yeah!” Leng Yi Xuan nodded.

Then, the little maiden took Leng Yi Xuan’s hand and placed it on top of a sheep.

The moment Leng Yi Xuan touched the softness, he began to laugh like bells.

Later on, Le Yao Yao found out that the little maiden’s name was Sai Ya. She also lived with her older sister and parents. This place was their home.

When Sai Ya found out that Le Yao Yao was a tourist, she warmly welcomed them to their gathering tonight.

The monthly gathering was where families and friends get together. However, many tourists were also welcome to join. Since Sai Ya invited them, Le Yao Yao definitely wouldn’t say no!

Wow, Sai Ya seems to like her a lot. Who would’ve thought she would attract a lady here? Luckily they’re only staying for a day. Or else, she really wouldn’t know how to face her. 

Sai Ya took Le Yao Yao and her group home to meet her parents. The Miao people were very hospitable. After Sai Ya introduced them, Sai Ya’s parents took out some goat milk and desserts for them to try.

Then, Sai Ya became their tour guide as she took them around her homeland.

The view was so stunning that it almost seemed unreal. Currently, Leng Yi Xuan was running around with the herd of sheep. If one didn’t pay close attention, they might accidentally assume his white figure was also a cute little sheep!

Le Yao Yao sighed. “If only I could live here with my family…”

“Brother Le, is that what you really want?”

Sai Ya suddenly lowered her eyes and blushed. She thought to herself.

If brother Le stays, then maybe they can

Now, Sai Ya felt as if her heart had been drenched with honey.

But then, Sai Ya looked at Leng Yi Xuan. Her eyes flickered. “Brother Le, where is your wife? How come I don’t see her with you?”

Although Sai Ya liked Le Yao Yao, the Miao people were only allowed to be in monogamous relationships. If Le Yao Yao was already married, she would have no choice but to give up on him.

Le Yao Yao didn’t know how to respond. She was a woman, why would she have a wife? 

So, she remained silent. But Sai Ya interpreted the silence differently.

Could brother Le’s wife be….dead?

Sai Ya gazed at Le Yao Yao with pity. At the same time, she was a bit excited. If Le Yao Yao was single, then she could be with him! She didn’t mind her cute son. Xuan’er was so cute!!!

Sai Ya was definitely overthinking this…

Obviously, Le Yao Yao had no idea. So, she stayed silent the whole time.

Leng Jun Yu heard her and shook on the inside.

Raise a family here? True. This was a lovely place. It was suitable for a family. 

Have several kids with his lover and raise a herd of sheep. There wouldn’t be any internal dramas or bitter fights here. Their days would be calm and stable

Honestly, he didn’t need a wild and crazy love life. He preferred something long-lasting and calm…

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