Terrible writing

This is a google translation of the actual chapter. The actual chapter is linked at the very bottom. The author writes so badly. Google translation is actually 75-80% accurate (aside from wrong names)

Le Yaoyao didn’t know if she was dead or what happened. When she slowly opened her eyes, she only felt that the whole person seemed to fall into the ice cave. The cold blood of her whole body should be condensed.

It’s hard to be done, she’s really dead, here is hell, so it’s so cold! ?

Le Yaoyao slowly opened his eyes and thought about it.

The pair of doubtful beauty, after opening, immediately looked at the place where he was.

This does not look okay, at first glance, Le Yaoyao did not have a cold breath.

Oh, no wonder she felt so cold. It turned out that she really fell into an ice cave!

I saw that the place where she was lying was a bed of ice, and around her, it should be an ice cave, because in a dozen square meters, whether it was on the wall or on the ground, it was covered with a thick layer of ice. ! To all.

However, this is not the most shocking to Yao Yaoyao.

What surprised her most was that she was lying on her side, depending on the man who slept.

If the peach blossoms, the skin is like gelatin, the eyebrows are like bamboo, the nose is like white porcelain, and the lips are like cherry, the eyelashes that are tightly closed, long and thick, like a black fan, casts in his eyes. Two clusters of shadows, like his facial features look more feminine!

This is a stunning face that is enough for the people of the world to turn upside down. Although the man is only gently sleeping at this moment, he has already played the word of the country.

Looking at it again, Le Yao Yao discovered that the man’s hair is very long.

I saw that the man fell asleep on the ice face, and his three thousand hairs without any tie were scattered behind him and extended to the ground.

The beautiful face that lining up has a feeling that is both male and female.

If Feile Yaoyao did not see a throat in his throat, he thought that there was a woman beside her!

A very beautiful woman!

Le Yaoyao thought in his heart, and his eyes went down to the man’s face.

I saw a man wearing a big red dress.

Such a bright red color is like being soaked in blood. The red is so glamorous and dazzling.

This red dress, Le Yaoyao came to this dynasty, really did not see a man through.

Plus the bright red like a man wearing.

After all, such a bright red and fascinating color is not something that everyone can control.

However, this man is different.

This is like a bright red blood, as if born to be tailored for him.

Lined with his beautiful and glamorous, like a poppy flower that blooms in the night, the beauty is thrilling!

For a moment, Le Yaoyao was shocked by the beauty of his eyes, and he never returned to God.

Until, the man in his sleep, as if to notice the gaze of Le Yaoyao, the thick and dark disc fan slightly fanned, opened his eyes.

During the time, Le Yaoyao only felt that all the brilliance in the world was instantly gathered in the eyes of men.

I saw that the man was still awkward when he woke up, and there was a mourning in the eyebrows.

However, when he was on her eyes, the eyes that had been eclipsed in the blink of an eye seemed to gather all the brilliance in an instant, and the beauty was like a fireworks bloom, so beautiful!

And Le Yaoyao also saw the man’s strangeness, wrongness, unbelief, the last ecstasy, excitement from the man’s eyes.

This kind of complicated look was passed from the man’s shackles, and Le Yaoyao was really surprised.

However, it is not yet waiting for Le Yaoyao to return to her, her whole person has been included in a generous chest, accompanied by the ear is full of joy and unbelievable exclamation.

“Xiner, you are alive!? God, I know, I know, you are reluctant to leave me!”


Xiner? !

Who is that! ?

Why did this stunning man see her wake up and hold her with a sweetheart! ?

No, she is dead! ? So, now she has crossed into the body of others! ?

Le Yaoyao’s bold speculation, after all, through this kind of thing, she is not the first time.

When I think of this, Le Yao’s time is so shocked by the thoughts that it’s like a blue sky. I can’t return to it for a long time.

The man still did not relax her, but holding her strength, as if to break her into his body, holding Le Yaoyao feel that his bones must be broken.

In the ear, it was the voice of the man who lost his ecstasy.

“Scorpio, thank goodness, Xiner, is this true?! You really woke up!? Xiner, I really miss you, you know? I look at you quietly lying here every day, I am not angry, I thought that you would really leave me alone. Originally, I also wanted to go with you. Fortunately, you have come alive, it’s good…”

The man said very excited, and, Le Yaoyao also felt that the man holding his body, at this moment is more trembling, endless, for his excitement, people can not be ruthless.

After all, this man really likes her body!

Le Yaoyao thought about it, but now, she still doesn’t know what the situation is now. It’s hard to be done. She is really dead, and it has passed through other people’s bodies! ?

Thinking of this, Le Yao Yao was in a tight heart, and his brow suddenly wrinkled.

However, at this time, the faint man who had always published an excitement and sensation also noticed that the Yaoyao Yao was not right, and slowly released some of Yaoyao Yao, looking towards Le Yaoyao’s face, full of worries. Road.

“Xinger, what’s wrong with you?! Why don’t you talk?”

With the words of the man, Le Yao Yao Mei was lifted and looked at the man’s eyes, only to find that the man actually cried.

The man grows up to be a type that is difficult to distinguish between male and female. Now crying, the slender and beautiful phoenix is ​​covered with crystal clear tears, and the long and thick eyelashes are also hung with a lot of drops of water.

Look at his cheeks, and I was already contaminated by tears.

That tears, really is the autumn leaves, the endlessly beautiful!

I have to say that when I saw this stunning color in front of my eyes, Le Yaoyao’s heart didn’t know what was hit by something, and the heartbeat could not be skipped.


This man, really has the potential to be a disaster!

She grew so big that she discovered for the first time that the man can grow so beautifully! And this beautiful tears, oh, there is an impulse to make people become wolves!

Of course, Le Yaoyao is dedicated!

For the thoughts in my heart, it is only a temporary thought.

After all, what she wants to know most now is what happened to her, this man, who is it! ?

Thinking of this, Le Yaoyao asked softly to the man’s tearful tears.

“You, who is it?? Also, me, who am I!?”


When I heard Le Yao Yao’s words, the whole man’s portrait was hit, and the beautiful face suddenly stunned and forgot to cry. He just looked straight at Le Yaoyao.

After the shackles, the man opened his lips and asked in disbelief.

“Xiner, you, you, you lost your memory!? How could this be?!”


Amnesia! ?

If she really crosses into other people’s bodies, it is not bad to use amnesia. After all, she does not remember this physical memory, and she forgets who this man is.

However, looking at the man’s affectionate appearance, it should be related to her current physical relationship! ?

Is it a lover relationship! ?

Le Yaoyao thought about it. In the end, she was not sure, so she said to the excited man.

“That, can you give me a mirror first??”


If the face is hibiscus, if the skin is fat, the eyebrows are like a crescent moon, if the autumn water, the cherry lips and the nose…

This is a very pink face and very familiar face!

After a moment of pause in the mirror, Le Yaoyao couldn’t help but scream, and the middle of it was full of doubts.

After all, this face in the mirror is the one she used to traverse in this dynasty, and even a little black scorpion in her ear is there, but why is this man calling her a sweetheart! ?

The heart was full of doubts. After Yao Yaoyao slowly put down his hand in the mirror, he turned to look at the man beside him.

I saw that the man was about twenty-five years old. It looked like a real country, and that body. He looked at him when he took the mirror and visually measured the height of one meter nine.

Wide shoulders with narrow waist, hips and straight legs. Matching the big red clothes, gorgeous and unparalleled! The wind is perfect!

Such a stunning man is rare in the world.

Moreover, the beauty of this man is different from that of some of them.

After she came to this dynasty, there were three great men around him.

For example, Jun Junyu!

Collecting the rights and wealth in one, the martial arts are strong, the arrogance is cold and the cold is extremely cool.

It’s like a cold moon, so people can only look at it from afar.

Then come the oriental white.

That is a beautiful man with a graceful appearance. Yushu is a windy and sultry, like a warm jade, which makes people happy.

Finally, it is Nangong Junxi.

Although he often biceps with him, but have to say, Nangong Junxi looks good.

It belongs to the kind of sunny and cheerful, and the facial features are exquisite, just like a sunflower full of strength.

And the man in front of him, the beautiful face is the kind of beauty that is difficult to distinguish between male and female.

If it weren’t for his chest, he had a throat, and at first glance, he really thought he was a woman!

Just as Le Yao Yao looked at the man in front of him, the man’s beautiful Phoenix has never been removed from her.

Perhaps, I also saw the doubts in the Yaoyao Yaoxuan, the man’s phoenix flickering, and then, as if thinking of something, his hands immediately pulled the hands of Le Yaoyao, said the deep feelings.

“Xin Er, you don’t remember our past things, it doesn’t matter, as long as you live.”

I saw that the man said that he was deeply affectionate and not false. It was enough to see that he was sincere to her.


“Sorry, I said, did you admit the wrong person!? I don’t know you!”

Although I feel that this is a very cruel thing for men.

Because according to this man since she woke up, she was ecstatic, and she continued to say that she ‘lived’.

Le Yaoyao guessed that this man’s lover would have died, so it was his lover who admits her mistake.

However, the woman in the mirror is obviously the appearance of her coming to this dynasty, and it has not changed at all. Moreover, she has never seen this man, this is what is going on! ?

Also, why did she appear in this place! ?

Thinking of this, Le Yaoyao looked at the surrounding environment, all of them were ice cubes, enough to kill a person.

Just as Le Yaoyao was puzzled, after the man heard her words, his face was even more excited. When his hands stretched out, he quickly caught Le Yaoyao’s shoulders and said.

“No, I didn’t admit the wrong person, how can I admit the wrong person! You are my sweetheart, my lady, no matter if you turn into gray, I will recognize you!”

The man said in a word and sentence.

Moreover, he seems to be very afraid of losing her like, catching the strength of her shoulders, but also hurts Yao Yaoyao.

Emei, a lot of painful Yao Yaoya said to the man.

“Pain, let go.”

“Oh, sorry, sorry, sweet, I hurt you, sorry…”

After hearing the words of Le Yaoyao, the man was so scared that he loosened his hand and continued to apologize to Le Yaoyao.

Then, I was afraid that I would hurt Le Yao Yao, and I would like to take off the clothes of Le Yao Yao and say.

“Is it hurting, let me see.”

When the man finished, he wanted to slap Le Yao Yao’s clothes. Le Yao Yao glanced at him with a scream, and screamed and stepped back.

“No, I didn’t hurt where you are, don’t mess around!”

Le Yaoyao exclaimed, his hands were subconsciously guarding his chest, looking at the man’s gaze, but also full of deep vigilance.

However, she was alert to the look, obviously hurt the man.

I saw that the man was listening to Le Yaoyao’s words, and his face immediately showed a look of injury and sadness.

“Xiner, you are my lady, I am your husband…”

“No! I am not your lady, you admit the wrong person! I don’t remember why I am here, but you have to believe that I am not your lady!”

Although seeing a man with a sad look, Le Yaoyao looked a little worried.

After all, this man looks like a decent country. Now that the frown is sad, the heart of the person seems to be coming out.

Seeing this, Le Yaoyao could not help but sigh.

This man, really has the potential to be a disaster!

How a man can actually grow so beautiful!

If other women see it, they will feel inferior!

Just as Le Yao Yao’s heart sighed, the man’s words were obviously more sad, and the tears that had been difficult to stop were once again in his phoenix.

Looking at the pair of overly slender and beautiful phoenixes, they quickly rushed into a layer of water mist, and the crystal clear tears were constantly turning around in his shackles, a look of despair, Le Yaoyao’s look. The scalp is not numb.


This man is made of water! ?

How to cry when you can’t move! ? Moreover, he cried, tears like a broken pearl, rolling down, the pear flower with the rain, seeing people are more pitiful from the bottom of my heart.

Moreover, looking at the pitiful tears in front of me, I saw the mourning of the man’s eyebrows, the water mist, the sparkling, the tears on his cheeks, and the whiteness of his skin. Porcelain, so beautiful!

The man in front of him is like a puppy abandoned by his master, so beautiful and pitiful.

Seeing this, Le Yaoyao’s heart is not soft, but also helpless.

“You don’t want to cry.”

Le Yao Yao’s tone was soft. After all, what she was most afraid of was that others cried.

Moreover, it is still such a beautiful man crying in front of him.

If it is seen by others, the heart will be broken.

The man heard the words, but he was crying and heartbroken.

“Xinger, how can you do this!? How can you forget me, how can you…”

*This is actually the end of Chapter 179 of the raws. But I added more in my translations and edited a lot of useless stuff. If you read through this, you know why I have no brain cells left.

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