Teasing Dongfang Bai

Hearing this, Le Yao Yao didn’t object. After all, it seemed like common sense for her to meet the family.

They have been searching for her for 21 years! Of course she must go see them! 

For the past five years, she had been living with the Emperor and the Empress in the ancient kingdom of Khotan. Everyone treated her with love and respect, especially her parents.

But sometimes, they fretted over everything so much that she felt like she had no room to breathe.

She knew they were afraid she wouldn’t be able to handle the loss of Leng Jun Yu. But she was no longer a child.

Perhaps, leaving this place for a bit would be good for her.

Thinking of this, Le Yao Yao decided to discuss it with the Emperor and the Empress. They both agreed with her decision.

Later on, Tong Ya found out and wanted to follow along. But currently, she was three months pregnant with her second child. The womb wasn’t stable during the early phase of pregnancy. So, Nangong Jun Xi would not permit Tong Ya to leave.

In the end, Tong Ya had to give in because her man was too dominant and forceful.

Who would’ve thought that Nangong Jun Xi would be so devoted to a woman!?

Actually, Tong Ya knew that Nangong Jun Xi used to like Le Yao Yao.

In fact, previously, Tong Ya had asked Le Yao Yao whether she had any regrets about this.

If you had chosen Nangong Jun Xi from the start, perhaps your outcome would have been great. Perhaps, you would be much happier than now. 

But Le Yao Yao shook her head.

Even if she could go back in time, she wouldn’t have change her decision.

Yu is the man she loves and nothing will ever change this. 

Tong Ya felt relieved by Le Yao Yao’s response. After all, Le Yao Yao was a woman that her husband had once liked. She couldn’t help but feel slightly insecure.


Today, Le Yao Yao was going to depart for “the number one manor house”. From here to the number one manor house will take fifteen days.

Each day, Le Yao Yao sat on the horse carriage and admired the scenery around her. If she was bored, her cute son would speak and evaluate things out loud in his child-like mind. It was always hilarious.

Sometimes, she would read the martial arts manuals her Sifu had given her.

Currently, the Tianshan Daoist was already 110 years old. But he was still strong and vigorous. He would never stop to take a rest.

After teaching Le Yao Yao martial arts, he went to travel across the world again.

Le Yao Yao was envious of how her Sifu could be so free and unattached.

When will she be able to let go and freely go through jianghu like her Sifu? 

Sadly, she had way too much she couldn’t let go of.

Half a month passed by. It wasn’t too long, but it wasn’t too short. They were already back in the Heaven Yuan dynasty.

Passing by the familiar land caused Le Yao Yao to feel a surge of emotions.

Although she had only stayed in Heaven Yuan dynasty for a short period of time, she experienced so many unforgettable memories here.

She had some lovely memories and some painful ones as well.

She laughed and cried.

She gained and lost.

But their destination wasn’t the Capital. Their destination was the number one manor house.

The number one manor house was Heaven Yuan’s number one manor house (tl: ok…). In addition, in every generation, they had talented individuals coming out. Since they were so willing to help others, those from the number one manor house were respected no matter where they went.

In this generation, Dongfang Bai was the talented representative!

At such a young age, he was already known as the number one miracle doctor.

However, Dongfang Bai was already 26 years of age. Yet, he was still single.

So, his family was starting to feel anxious. Once in a while, they would send letters to rush Dongfang Bai to get marry.

However, Dongfang Bai would use locating his sister as an excuse to get them off his back.

But now that his sister has been found, the Dongfang family was ecstatic. Before Dongfang Bai’s return, they were already looking for matchmakers from across the land to find and choose suitable, pretty girls that are of age for him.

Not only was Dongfang Bai’s famous name well known in Heaven Yuan, everyone also knew him in the ancient kingdom of Khotan.

So, regardless if the ladies were single or taken, they were delighted to marry him.

Le Yao Yao experienced this first hand when they were close to the number one manor house.

While they were going through the wide street, they weren’t being welcomed by the servants of the manor house. Instead, they were surrounded by ladies that were covered in makeup and dressed to the nines.

The ladies were shrieking continuously.

“Physician Bai! Physician Bai!!!!”

“Physician Bai, this servant is called Yi Chun’er! Please don’t forget me!”

“Physician Bai, you’re so hot! I’m definitely going to tell the matchmaker to hook us up!”

“Physician Baiiiiiii…!!!”

There were cries of enthusiasm coming from outside. The ladies were swarming around like bees, and their scent of rouge was very strong.

Le Yao Yao couldn’t help but recall how people from the 21st century would chase celebrities.

Wow! Regardless of where Dongfang Bai goes, he’s super popular! Just like a popstar!

Thinking of this, suddenly a tall figure climbed into the carriage.

Le Yao Yao chuckled when she saw how worn out Dongfang Bai appeared. She couldn’t help but tease.

“Wow, brother! You’re so popular with the ladies! Look at how gorgeous they are!?! They’re all so fascinated with you! Brother, why did you come in? Go out and choose a sister-in-law for me!”

Dongfang Bai looked traumatized and pressed his palms together. “Yao Yao, spare your brother! The women outside are like wolves and tigers. Your brother cannot handle this!” he pleaded.

Hearing Dongfang Bai’s fearful statement, Le Yao Yao burst into laughter.

Leng Yi Xuan also giggled with his mother. The two of them were so cute. Dongfang Bai touched his nose and felt hopeless.

The love he had craved for will never appear. But he was happy to watch over these two treasures.

After all, loving someone doesn’t mean you must obtain her. 

All that he wants is to see her smile happily for the rest of her life.


From the bottom of the mountain to the entrance of the villa was a two hour ride itself. One can imagine the vast area that the number one manor villa occupied.

No wonder the ladies want to marry her bro so badly! Dongfang Bai is not only hot, he’s also super talented and rich! 

He has so much to offer!! 

Since Dongfang Bai was hiding in the horse carriage, Le Yao Yao teased him for two hours.

Dongfang Bai felt hopeless.

“Bro, you’re not young anymore. I know you’ve been busy all these years, but have you ever liked a girl? How about letting your sister help you? Tell me who you want, and I’ll propose the marriage!”

Le Yao Yao really enjoyed teasing Dongfang Bai. His flushed face was so cute.

How often could she witness an embarrassed Dongfang Bai?

But at this moment, Dongfang Bai’s face turned dim.

It only lasted for a second though, so Le Yao Yao failed to notice.

Dongfang Bai smiled and changed the topic. “Let’s not talk about me anymore. Yao Yao, are you nervous? This is the first time you’re coming home!”

“Hehe. I’m a bit nervous. But I’m pretty sure if my family could raise someone like you, they must be incredible! I’m looking forward to meeting my parents!”


Then, Le Yao Yao looked down at her son. “Xuan’er, later when you see your grandparents, make sure you acknowledge them by addressing their positions, understand?”

“Yes, mommy. Xuan’er understands!” Leng Yi Xuan grinned as he nodded obediently.

Combined together, they looked like the ultimate duo of a goddess and an angel.

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  1. Goddess and angel? For some reason I feel like it should be big imp and little imp! What about that girl that Le Yao Yao saved before from the brothel? Where the woman in red gave Leng Jun Yu the special medicine! XD

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