Sai Qi is heartbroken

Chapter 290: Sai Qi is heartbroken

Leng Jun Yu could see the love in Le Yao Yao’s eyes. His eyes landed on his woman’s lush lips again. Yu’s eyes flickered and he wanted to have another taste.

So, he slowly bent down and aimed for the mouth.

Le Yao Yao could see through Yu’s intentions. She shyly lowered her eyes, but she didn’t reject the offer. Just as their lips were about to touch, a voice rang –

“Last night, the secret signal came from this direction. Brother Leng must be somewhere nearby. Father, there’s a cave over there! We should go take a look!”

The crisp voice of a female brought the love birds back to reality. Leng Jun Yu was the first to snap out of it. He swiftly grabbed Le Yao Yao’s clothes and tried to cover her up. Then, he quickly put his pants on.

But, they weren’t fast enough.

“Brother Leng, you two…!” Sai Qi exclaimed in shock.

Leng Jun Yu didn’t bother giving an explanation. Instead, he coolly said, “Sai Qi, please exit first. Don’t let the others come in.”

The old Leng Jun Yu and the new Leng Jun Yu only had one woman in his heart. He was cold and icy towards everyone else. Although Sai Qi had saved him and taken care of him for an entire month, he didn’t have any space left in his heart for her. So instead of giving her false hope, it was better he hurt her now.

Short pain is better than long pain! 

Originally, Sai Qi came to search for them with lots of hope. But she saw what they did and Leng Jun Yu’s cold message, she felt as if her heart had fallen into ice water. Her beautiful eyes instantly became misty. “Brother Leng, how could you treat me like this? I hate you!”

Then, Sai Qi covered her face and ran out of the cave.

Now, there was only silence surrounding them. Le Yao Yao and Leng Jun Yu quickly dressed.

Le Yao Yao was actually very concerned by Sai Qi’s departure. After all, Sai Qi was the only one who could break the parasite spell. She didn’t want Yu to die from torture and pain…

Perhaps Leng Jun Yu could sense Le Yao Yao’s unstable heart, he wrapped his arms tightly around her and placed his chin near her neck. Leng Jun Yu inhaled her scent and felt satisfied. He closed his eyes. “Don’t worry, Sai Qi is not a bad girl. She won’t go overboard.”

“Mm. I trust you.” Leng Jun Yu’s raspy voice calmed Le Yao Yao down.

“Good girl!” Leng Jun Yu lightly kissed Le Yao Yao’s forehead and fixed her messy hair. Then, he grabbed her hand and they walked out of the cave together.

When they came out, they realized there were a lot of people waiting for them. Dongfang Bai, Qi Ying Ying, Sai Ya, and Sai Ya’s parents were all outside. They were clearly searching for them.

When Dongfang Bai saw that Le Yao Yao was fine, he felt relieved. But then, he noticed Yao Yao had an injured leg. Dongfang Bai couldn’t help but panicked again. “Yao Yao, you’re hurt?!”

“Yes, last night, a poisonous snake bit me. Fortunately, Yu showed up on time and sucked out all the poison for me. So, don’t worry, brother!”

“Alright.” Dongfang Bai sighed.

“Brother, please take a look at Yu. Last night, he rolled down the slope with me and knocked his head. Because of the impact, he regained all his past memories. But I’m afraid he will have some repercussions.”

What if Yu forgets her again? That would be terrible!! 

Leng Jun Yu patted Le Yao Yao’s shoulder. “Don’t worry, I’m fine.”

“You might be fine now, but who knows whether you’ll be fine later? Since brother is here, let him check! He is a skilled physician!”

Leng Jun Yu knew he couldn’t win against Le Yao Yao. So, he decided to listen to her.

Dongfang Bai was a bit sad and jealous by the amount of love Le Yao Yao had for Yu, but he concealed the emotions and turned to face Leng Jun Yu. “Let me take your pulse.”


Dongfang Bai confirmed that Yu was fine and healthy. At this moment, Le Yao Yao noticed that Sai Qi wasn’t around. She frantically asked, “Sai Ya, where’s your sister?”

“Sister ran out in tears and told us we weren’t allowed to go in the cave or follow her. What were you two doing in the cave? I have never seen my sister so sad before.”

Le Yao Yao didn’t know how to explain. Plus, there was no time to explain. Right now, the biggest priority was to get rid of Leng Jun Yu’s love parasite. It might activate at any time now.

Le Yao Yao grabbed Leng Jun Yu. “Yu, let’s find Sai Qi!!!”

Sai Qi loved Yu. But she and Yu have already been “One” long ago. So, they must tell her the cruel truth.

When it comes to love, there is no right or wrong. Attraction isn’t a choice. 

Leng Jun Yu could read Le Yao Yao’s mind. So, he nodded and said goodbye to everyone else. Then, the two of them went to search for Sai Qi.

Since it was daytime, the dangerous vibe of the forest was gone. Furthermore, now that Leng Jun Yu had recovered his memories, he also recovered his martial arts. Since the both of them were martial artists, they naturally weren’t be afraid.

The huge trees of the forest helped block the burning Sun from shining on them. Since Le Yao Yao’s leg was still injured, she couldn’t walk too quickly. Leng Jun Yu carefully held onto her as they went through the cool forest. Le Yao Yao felt a sweetness overdose.

However, after an hour later, they still weren’t able to find any signs of Sai Qi. Le Yao Yao couldn’t help but worry again.

What if the love parasite activates soon? What will they do? 

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  1. Sai Qiwill have to release her emotions before she will help get rid of the parasite. How willing she will be once they find her I don’t know,What’s in it for her if she helps them?

    1. I don’t feel for Sai Qi. If it were true love why use something as fierce as a parasite to make him love her. At that time he was not trying to leave so it was a deceitful way to trap him.It had only been 30 days and we have undying love. I can’t remember if she knew that he had a woman and a child before she did this. I think she did.

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