Red faced Chinese Opera

Le Yao Yao’s hair was comparable to the finest silk. She wore a simple hairstyle with only one pearl tassel inserted in her hair. Every movement she made only accentuated her beauty.

Le Yao Yao’s hair probably looked something like this.

Le Yao Yao was wearing a white dress that highlighted her figure. Her reflection in the mirror could captivate even birds and beasts (tl: LOL no puns intended). Her beauty exceeded even that of the natural world. She looked like an immortal who had descended on Earth.

Le Yao Yao wasn’t the only one who was mesmerized by her beauty. Xue Ping and Xue Li were both blown away as well.

“Oh God! Miss, you’re so beautiful!”

“Yes! Xue Ping has never seen such a gorgeous woman in her life! No wonder Prince Rui is so attracted to Miss!”

“Hehehe!” Le Yao Yao felt like she was floating from the praises. She also agreed with her maids. Now, she was a beauty that could devastate a country!

Oh God! She’d won big time from transmigrating! Would Yu like her appearance? She really wants to show her best side to her lover! 

So, without waiting for Xue Ping and Xue Li, Le Yao Yao dashed out of her room.

However, a few seconds later, Le Yao Yao’s smile was replaced by fear. She was about to trip over her skirt.

After all, she was too used to dressing as a eunuch. Clothes for male and female were very different. Although dresses look beautiful, they were awfully long. Imagine wearing ball gown. Hence, Le Yao Yao was about to trip and fall flat on her face.

“Miss, be careful!”

Xue Li and Xue Ping both shouted in unison. Unfortunately, they were much too far from Le Yao Yao. They wouldn’t be able to save her even if they tried.

Le Yao Yao instinctively held onto her tummy. She closed her eyes and expected to feel the hard impact of the solid ground.

Instead, she landed on a warm chest.

“Even if you are in a rush to see this Prince, there is no need to be so clumsy. You’re going to be the child’s mother! This is embarrassing.” Leng Jun Yu teased.

Hearing the King of Hell’s familiar voice, Le Yao Yao felt relieved. “W-who is in a rush to see you? You’re so shameless!” she denied and stuttered.

Le Yao Yao was all flustered as she looked down. At this moment, Leng Jun Yu tilted her chin up to face him.

“Oh God! Yao Yao, you’re so beautiful!”

Le Yao Yao looked so stunning that Yu’s heart was trembling. He became emotional the moment he realized that the woman in front of him was his, and the mother of his child.

Leng Jun Yu didn’t care that others were watching and passionately kissed Le Yao Yao. However, Le Yao Yao was very well aware of the fact that they were in public. But, how could she compete with Leng Jun Yu?

In no time, she was dizzy from the kiss and her mind turned blank. Leng Jun Yu wouldn’t release her until he was panting.

By now, Le Yao Yao’s face was red like a ripe peach. Leng Jun Yu couldn’t help but melt on the inside. He began to lick his lips.

His gesture caused Le Yao Yao to feel even more flustered. She looked around her surroundings.

Le Yao Yao could see the guards staring into the distance. They had clearly saw what happened but their facial expressions were ‘we saw nothing’.

As for Xue Ping and Xue Li, they were blushing like mad even though they weren’t the victims.

Now that they saw Le Yao Yao looking them, they both stared into a distant place like they were bird-watching.

Oh God! She has no more face to go out!!! 

Thinking of this, Le Yao Yao glared at the main culprit. Unexpectedly, Leng Jun Yu snickered. Le Yao Yao was furious.

“How dare you laugh? Because of you, I have no more face!”

“Why are so embarrassed? You are this Prince’s woman. This Prince may show affection for you anywhere.”

Leng Jun Yu sounded so proud and natural that Le Yao Yao’s anger turned to bashfulness. “But you can’t be like this in front of s-so many people!!!”

“Alright, next time, this Prince promises not to kiss you until there’s no one else around. That way, no one can disturb us!” Leng Jun Yu leaned over to Le Yao Yao and breathe into her ear. His voice was extremely raspy and seductive.

Le Yao Yao’s cheeks were burning. She knew her face must be red enough to sing Chinese Opera.

LOL THIS IS SO FUNNY. HAHAHA. I found this pic in case you guys don’t know how Chinese Opera people look like.

She finally experienced what it was like to date someone who was cold on the outside but passionate on the inside.

Although she was embarrassed by Yu’s shamelessness, she also liked it.

However, Le Yao Yao made a humph sound and walked back inside Ya Feng Ge. She couldn’t guarantee how low Leng Jun Yu would stoop.

Who knew love could change someone into a rascal?


Since Prince Rui’s residence was located at the best part of the Capital, they didn’t have to take the carriage to go out. The moment they walked out, they were already on the main street.

Today, the weather was very good. There was a light breeze and lots of clouds to block the scorching Sun. It looked like it might rain in the next few days.

However, since it was rather cool, there were a lot more people out than usual.

On both sides were countless of stalls and stands selling all sorts of items.

This wasn’t Le Yao Yao’s first time shopping. However, it was the first time she went out with only Yu.

In the past, they were always with a bunch of people. Aside from other eunuchs, they had Xing and Yue. Sometimes, Nangong Jun Xi and Dongfang Bai would be with them as well.

But today, it was just the two of them. They were holding hands and walking like a normal couple.

However, since Le Yao Yao and Leng Jun Yu were very attractive people, both their outfits and appearances caught everyone’s attention. The head turning rate was 100%.

Mostly, people were blown away and jealous.

But Le Yao Yao didn’t care what others think. She confidently held onto Leng Jun Yu’s hand and walked down the main street. From time to time, she would stop and look or touch a few items.

“Do you like it?”

“I’m just looking.” Le Yao Yao smiled in response.

Leng Jun Yu didn’t say anything else. His eyes lingered on the item for a second and then he bought it.

Soon, Le Yao Yao and Leng Jun Yu had walked for an entire afternoon. They were tired.

Of course, since Le Yao Yao was pregnant, Leng Jun Yu wouldn’t let her hold anything. For the first time ever, Leng Jun Yu served someone else and held everything for Le Yao Yao. He had one huge bag in his left hand, while he held onto her with his right. Everyone on the streets were chuckling.

“Old man, look at how that young master is treating his lady. He is so considerate to hold her stuff!”

“Hmmm? You think I don’t treat you well enough? Back then, I carried you home!”

“Old man, you have no shame!”

It was the conversation between an old couple in their 80s.

Seeing this, Le Yao Yao was envious. “Yu, look at the relationship of the granny and grandpa! I hope one day we’ll be like them too….”

“Alright! In the future, this Prince will definitely carry you home!”


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  1. Leng Jun Yu always seems to be there when she is about to trip… maybe these “stumbles” are not an accident! LJY is acting so sweet and shameless at the same time! Keeps me laughing through the whole chapter! XD

  2. This chapter was so sweet. i feel a sugar rush orz.

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  3. “Aright! IN the future, this Prince will definitely carry you home!” Lol, was an unexpected surprise. Happy to see them be so happy and content.

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