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Le Yao Yao couldn’t help but recall what had happened in the afternoon. At the time, she thought Nian Sulan was acting strange. She was so adamant on making Leng Jun Yu drink the pickled plum soup. She must have already spiked the soup and purposely prepared it for him. Then, most likely, she would’ve somehow tried to get alone time with the King of Hell and “cooked the raw rice”.

Obviously, if the Dowager Empress was here as witness, she would never allow her niece to suffer. If Leng Jun Yu had taken her virginity, he would have had no choice but to marry Nian Sulan.

Le Yao Yao quickly connected all the dots together. But she wasn’t the only one. Leng Jun Yu also immediately saw through Nian Sulan’s plan. He narrowed his eyes and glared at Nian Sulan.

They were actually in the gardens until they heard the horrified scream. Since the Dowager Empress was old, she needed more time to walk. Hence, Leng Jun Yu went ahead and arrived before the rest of the group.

Now, Nian Sulan held onto the Dowager Empress as they walked into the room.

“Yu’er, what happened? Who screamed?” The Dowager Empress asked. She was confused.

Nian Sulan was trying to act concerned as well. She also asked, “Cousin Yu, is something the matter?”

But Leng Jun Yu moved as fast as lightning and violently twisted her wrist. Nian Sulan cried out in pain. “Ah! Cousin Yu, Sulan is in pain! You’re hurting Sulan!”

“It’s all because of your doing!” He growled.

Nian Sulan had a bad feeling about this. Leng Jun Yu’s expression was too fierce. He looked like he was going to murder her. In addition, her wrist felt like it was going to snap.

Seeing this, the Dowager Empress quickly intervened. “Yu’er, please release Lan’er’s wrist. At this rate, her wrist will break!” The Dowager Empress didn’t want her niece to suffer.

The King of Hell’s face was almost black from anger. Le Yao Yao could tell Nian Sulan was in big trouble.

Leng Jun Yu used his finger and scooped out some powder from Nian Sulan’s nail. Then, he rubbed his powdered fingers together and coldly laughed, “Wow. Ha, you dared to drug this Prince?”

“C-cousin Yu…..” Nian Sulan knew she had been caught. Now, she completely disregarded her wrist pain. In an instant, her face turned all white.

The Dowager Empress noticed this and quickly realized what had happened.

After all, although she may seem like a nice old lady, surviving in the Imperial Palace was no joke. In order to make it to the top, it was survival of the fittest. In her younger years, the Dowager Empress had done and seen all sorts of tricks in order to move up to position of power.

Regardless, she truly loved her niece. Naturally, she would be on her niece’s side. The Dowager Empress tried to calm Leng Jun Yu down, “Yu’er, no matter what, please release Yu’er first. At this rate, Lan’er hand will be destroyed…”

“She has already destroyed someone else’s life! So what if I break her hand?” Leng Jun Yu roared.

Currently, Nian Sulan was very scared. She had grown up with Leng Jun Yu and clearly knew his temperament. He hated being tricked. But if she had any other choice, she wouldn’t have done this.

Ever since she was little, she had invested all her emotions into him. This had never changed.

She thought that as long as she tried her best, Leng Jun Yu would eventually fall for her and marry her. She had been patiently waiting all this time.

But five years had gone by, and their distance was wider than it had ever been. No matter what she did, he wouldn’t care.

Her female intuition told her that not only did Leng Jun Yu not like her, he already had feelings for someone else. So out of desperation, she made this move.

Nian Sulan never thought she would be caught. Her goal was to cook the raw rice (tl: this is a very common saying in Chinese). Once he slept with her, her aunt would force Leng Jun Yu to marry her.

But her plan didn’t go the way she wanted to. Nangong Jun Xi ended up drinking the soup instead.

“Cousin Yu, do you think I wanted to do this? If you treated me better, I wouldn’t have to make this move….”

Nian Sulan knew there was no point in denying it. Instead, she sobbed and tried to act like the victim.

But Leng Jun Yu did not feel sorry for her at all. “So are you saying this Prince’s fault?!” Leng Jun Yu was smiling but it was so cold that it could freeze a person.

“Cousin Yu, why won’t you like me? Why am I not good enough for you? Tell me and I’ll change until you like me!” Nian Sulan blurted. She was crying like a flood. Tears were streaming down her face.

If any one were to see such a beauty cry, their stone heart would melt. But sadly, although Leng Jun Yu’s heart wasn’t made of stone, only one person could move him. And that person was not Nian Sulan.

“No matter how much you change for me, this Prince will never like you.”

Nian Sulan collapsed onto the ground from the harsh words. Leng Jun Yu heartlessly flung her hand away and turned to the traumatized Nangong Jun Xi. “Jun Xi, put on your clothes first.”

It was only then that Nangong Jun XI realized both him and Tong Ya were still naked. He was a man, so it didn’t matter. But Tong Ya was a woman. If this news spread, her life was over.

So, Nangong Jun Xi scrambled up to get dressed. He could see that Tong Ya was still in tears. Earlier, he couldn’t control himself. But what’s done is done. He was a man and he would definitely take responsibility.

Although he had always treated Tong Ya as his sister, things have gotten to this point….

“Ya’er, don’t worry. I….I will take responsibility for what happened today.”

Tong Ya did not acknowledge Nangong Jun Xi’s statement at all. She wouldn’t even look at him.

Everyone left the room for Tong Ya to change. After they were gone, Tong Ya slowly got up and dressed. She felt a throbbing pain around the lower region of her body. She gazed at the carved wooden door and whispered, “Goodbye, second senior brother.”

She had her own pride and dignity. Although she liked second senior brother, she wouldn’t want to force him to take responsibility for her like this.

Tong Ya wiped away her tears with one hand and leaped out the window and silently disappeared into the night…


Leng Jun Yu decided to harshly punish Nian Sulan for her actions. But the Dowager Empress was so concerned that she fainted from the news.

Leng Jun Yu quickly sent someone to get Dongfang Bai to cure the Dowager Empress. He decided to not do anything to Nian Sulan for the time being; in fears that the Dowager Empress would get overly emotional and negatively affect her health.

Once Dongfang Bai received the news, he came right away and did acupuncture on the Dowager Empress.

Eventually, the Dowager Empress slowly opened her eyes again. Nian Sulan was crying next to her bed. “Aunt…”

“Silly child. You’re so foolish. So foolish….”

The Dowager Empress assumed Nian Sulan knew she was at fault. She also knew that it was because her niece’s feelings for her grandson were too strong.

“Yu’er, Lan’er was wrong this time. But she did it because she loved you too much. Loving someone isn’t wrong. It’s a pity she loved the wrong person… this time, could you please forgive Lan’er for my sake?” The Dowager Empress pleaded.

“Grandma Empress, loving someone isn’t wrong. But her method was wrong. This time, I’m not the only victim. There are others involved.”

The Dowager Empress remained silent.

True, this was a big problem. Nangong Jun Xi was the 7th Prince of the ancient kingdom of Khotan! 

Thinking of this, the Dowager Empress didn’t know what to do.

At this moment, someone shouted, “Oh no! Oh no! Prince Rui, Miss Tong Ya is missing!”

A middle-aged woman exclaimed. She was responsible for the kitchen. Originally, Leng Jun Yu ordered her to carry a bucket of hot water for Tong Ya to bathe. He thought that the bath would calm her down.

But when the middle-aged woman went inside the room, she realized it was empty.

“What!?! Tong Ya is missing?!” Nangong Jun Xi yelled. His reaction was the biggest out of everyone present.

“Senior brother, I’m going to go find and bring her back!” He was afraid that Tong Ya would do something foolish. So, Nangong Jun Xi flew out like an arrow and disappeared.

Leng Jun Yu ordered his subordinates to help with the search as well. They must find Tong Ya.

“You better pray that Tong Ya is fine. Or else, this Prince will crush you!” Leng Jun Yu flung his sleeves and left the residence to help with the search.

Nian Sulan fell down weakly onto the ground. Seeing this, the Dowager Empress shook her head hopelessly, “Lan’er, you were too rash. How could you do something like this? Aiii….” Then, the Dowager Empress’s personal maidservant held onto her and they walked out.

Currently, Nian Sulan was the only one left in the room. She was talking to herself, “Am I wrong? Am I really wrong?”

She was acting like a lost child. But suddenly, her face changed and her eyes narrowed. Her pupils became cruel and deadly. She gritted her teeth and declared, “No! I’m not wrong! It’s all “his” fault! He’s the one who’s meddling with cousin Yu’s mind! It’s his fault! I need him to die!” She shrieked.

At this moment, Le Yao Yao suddenly shivered. She was walking right behind Leng Jun Yu and felt very uneasy…

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  1. I loved today’s title. Is that a quote from somewhere? It is a very strong statement, so much so that you can almost miss the meaning behind it. Which is that even in a world of shit, Readlightnovel is the biggest shit of them all! XD
    Poor Tong Ya! I hope that this will kick Nangong Jun Xi’s but into gear. Give up on Le Yao Yao, she is not for you! Nian Sulan though… It has also happened to Leng Jun Xi once before, so he would hate that method even more! XD

  2. I hope Le Yao Yao will always be near Leng Jun Yu, so he can protect her from the evil witch….
    Love can really make you blind….
    Thank you for the the chapter~!! XD

  3. THanks for the chapter and everything you do for us Grace!

    couldn’t help but recalled => recall
    Dowager Empress quickly intervene => intervened
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    Leng Jun Yu not liked her => not like
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    1. Sorry sometimes my brain doesn’t work properly. In Chinese, they only use present tense so I have trouble converting sometimes. 🙁 Thanks for correcting me! <3 !!!

    1. I’m around 169 or so right now. I don’t really know but probably 300?! It really depends on how long the raw chapters are. Lately, they are around 5000-10000 Chinese characters. If it goes back down to 3000, I can finish in 50 chapters or so. But most likely, there are at least 80-100 something translated chapters left. It’s very long.

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  4. Why am I laughing like a villian and like “YESS!!! Destroy her wrist!!!!! She MUST BE PUNISHED SINCE SHE’S EVIL!!!” …. am I being Too Bad?….. Sorry….

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