Only this Prince may touch your foot

Le Yao Yao felt as if she had lost her face at her granny’s. So, without thinking, she covered her face and ran to escape.

Oh God! Damn Yu! She’s going to ignore him from now on! 

Le Yao Yao ran towards Ya Feng Ge. But suddenly, she lost control and rammed her foot into a pot of plants. Although Le Yao Yao managed to stabilize herself, she felt a sharp pain from her tippy toes. She twisted five facial features and cried, “Ahh. So painful!”

Instantly, a fit figure appeared next to her. Leng Jun Yu grabbed Le Yao Yao and picked her up from the ground.

“What? What happened? Are you hurt? Is it serious?”  Leng Jun Yu blasted.

Le Yao Yao was in too much pain to speak. Leng Jun Yu carried her like a princess and rushed into Ya Feng Ge like a gush of wind.

“Yu, don’t freak out. I only accidentally crashed my toes against a pot of plants.”

Who would’ve thought that an icy man would melt like this? 

Leng Jun Yu felt relieved when he realized it was only Le Yao Yao’s toes. However, his brows quickly crinkled again.

“You’re too clumsy! You have a child in your womb. Why would you run? What if you hurt the child?”

“I-I’m already suffering. My foot is burning and you’re still lecturing me. And it’s not that I wanted to run. You were bullying me! I only ran because of you! Andddd now you only care about the baby. You care more about the baby than me!” Le Yao Yao pouted her little mouth. She looked upset.

Leng Jun Yu swiftly gave her a kiss on the lips. “Oh you! You’re such a child! You’re even jealous of a baby!”

“No, I’m not!”

But Leng Jun Yu didn’t argue back. Instead, he bent down and reached out his hand. He held onto her injured foot.

Le Yao Yao felt a bit awkward. After all, Leng Jun Yu was a respectable noble. In addition, he was a clean freak. Although her foot didn’t stink, she wasn’t comfortable with him helping her. So, she shrank her foot.

“It’s ok. Someone else can do it.”

“What? Are you embarrassed?”

“Eh..? N-no.. it’s just that…..” Le Yao Yao stuttered. She didn’t know how to respond. But Leng Jun Yu already cut her off.

“You’re this Prince’s woman; this Prince’s future consort. Only this Prince may touch your foot!”

What a dominant thing to say! 

So, Leng Jun Yu gently took off Le Yao Yao’s sock. He held onto her foot like it was the most precious treasure he had ever held.

Le Yao Yao was melting on the inside. Her eyes shifted upward as she gazed at the man kneeling with one leg in front of her.

The King of Hell’s expression was very serious. His eyelashes were long and thick. Le Yao Yao had never seen such good looking eyelashes on a man before. It was as if he was wearing false lashes.

Slowly, Le Yao Yao forgot about the pain around her toes. But when she looked down and saw her toes, she shivered.

Oh God! Was her body made of tofu? She only crashed against a pot of plants, but her toes were all swollen now! 

Seeing this, Le Yao Yao’s nose tingled and her eyes instantly turned misty.

Leng Jun Yu’s heart ached and he hurriedly stood up to take an ointment from his drawer.

“Hold on. This is ling lan ointment. It is best known for reducing swelling. Hang in there.” he calmly explained.

“Ok. Please be gentle.” Le Yao Yao whimpered. She tried to hold back her tears as her nose twitched a little.


Then, Leng Jun Yu began to apply the ointment on Le Yao Yao’s toes. He was so gentle that Le Yao Yao felt as if there was a feather tickling her toes. Then, she felt a refreshing sensation. It was like having an ice pack numbing her toes.

In no time, the pain drastically decreased. Her tears also shrank back inside.

“How do you feel now?” Leng Jun Yu asked lightly.

“I feel much better. Thanks, Yu!”

Leng Jun Yu stood up and sat down next to Le Yao Yao. Then, he pulled her into his arms.

Le Yao Yao was already used to his. So, she found a comfortable spot and began to snuggle up against him. She used his chest as a pillow.

“From now on, you must not do any dangerous things that will cause this Prince to worry. Every time you get hurt, this Prince wishes the pain was inflicted on him instead.”

“Mm. Alright. I’m sorry for worrying you, Yu.”

Le Yao Yao reminded herself that she must protect herself. After all, she will get married and have her own family soon. She had a husband who loved her and she will also have her child!

They will live a happily ever after.

The more Le Yao Yao visualized the image, the more vivid it felt. In her imagination, it was a sunny afternoon and they were underneath a cherry blossom tree. The three of them admired the flowers and the fishes. Their child would be sitting in between the two of them, looking like an angel.

Le Yao Yao subconsciously began to pat her tummy. A few days ago, her stomach was still flat. But there were noticeable changes this past week. Now, there was a slight bump.

Although it wasn’t too obvious yet, Le Yao Yao can feel her child growing inside her womb.

She really couldn’t wait to meet her child. Since it was her creation with Yu, she would be ecstatic regardless if it was a boy or a girl.

All of a sudden, Leng Jun Yu felt emotional. When he was little, he had never received the love he’d wanted from his mother. So, Leng Jun Yu will definitely give his future child all the love he had longed for!

The baby was truly lucky. He had a mother and a father who loved him unconditionally.

Leng Jun Yu placed his large palm over Le Yao Yao’s hand and she lifted her head. “Yu, do you think our child is a boy or a girl?”

“This Prince has no idea. But this Prince is happy with either-or.”

“Hehehe!” Le Yao Yao felt relieved. She was worried that Leng Jun Yu would favour a boy over a girl. Now, she had less pressure.

“Yu, why don’t we pick a name for our child? Right now, our child is still nameless!”

There were still several months before the child’s birth, but Le Yao Yao wanted to be prepare.

“If it’s a girl, we’ll name her ‘Ao Xue’!”

“Ohhh! I like that name!  It means she is unafraid of the bitter cold, frost and snow. She has a tough spirit! What a great name!”

“Of course! If she is our daughter, she mustn’t be afraid of any challenges!”

“What if it’s a boy?”

“If it’s a boy, we’ll name him Yi Xuan. He’ll be virtuous and impressive.”

Le Yao Yao repeated, “Yi Xuan. Yi Xuan. Leng Yi Xuan. What a great name!” Le Yao Yao touched her tummy and beamed.

“Baby, did you hear what your daddy named you? Are you going to be our little Au Xue or little Yi Xuan? Hehe. Hurry and come out! Mommy wants to hold you!”

“Haha. You haven’t married this Prince yet, yet you already want to carry your child?”

“Of course! I’ll get my baby to help me get revenge from all your bullying!”

“Oh? Getting a helper already? When did this Prince bully you?” Leng Jun Yu teased as his eyes twinkled. He leaned towards Le Yao Yao’s face.

Le Yao Yao blushed and quickly shoved his face away. “See? You’re bullying me right now!”

“Oh? So kissing is bullying? Then I will bully you for the rest of your life!”

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