Mommy and son parasite

Le Yao Yao held in her breath. But Leng Jun Yu failed to notice. He nodded and said, “Yes, I do like her.”

*bang* Le Yao Yao’s mind turned blank. She nearly collapsed.

Yu… likes her? How could she endure this? 

Thinking of this, Le Yao Yao was devastated. She felt like God had played her. She waited five years before she found her man. Yet, he nearly died. Just when she found out he would be fine, he fell in love with someone else?

Le Yao Yao felt as if a stone was squishing her heart. She was sinking.

In addition, it was as if there was cotton stuck in her throat. She couldn’t utter a single word. She looked frail and heartbroken.

Seeing this, Dongfang Bai was very concerned. Qi Ying Ying stood up instantly and yelled.

“Brother Leng, how could you fall for another woman? Don’t you know that sister Yao Yao has only loved you for the past five years? You even have a child with her. She searched far and wide before she found you. How could you like someone else?”

Currently, Qi Ying Ying was like an explosive kitten. She was enraged for Le Yao Yao.

Leng Jun Yu realized they had misunderstood him. He quickly tried to redeem himself.

“I think you guys have misunderstood. I do like Sai Qi, but only as a sister. I have no romantic interest in her.”


Le Yao Yao’s dimmed eyes lit up. She had misunderstood him.

“But, Yu, didn’t you swallow the love parasite? How could you not be in love with Sai Qi?” Le Yao Yao turned questionably at Dongfang Bai.

Dongfang Bai knew what Le Yao Yao was thinking, but he lightly shook his head. “Honestly, I’m not familiar with this area. You would need to ask someone who specializes in love parasites.”

“I guess we have to find Sai Qi! She’s the one who will be able to break the spell.” suggested Le Yao Yao.

Previously, Sai Ya had mentioned that the Miao people could only be in monogamous relationships. Since Yu already has a wife and son, Sai Qi has to give up on his, right? It wouldn’t make sense for her to control a man who is already taken!?

Anyhow, everyone agreed with her suggestion and Dongfang Bai went to get someone to prepare a horse carriage. Then, they headed for the land of the Miao people.


“What? Sai Qi went up the mountain?”

When Le Yao Yao arrived at Sai Ya’s home, she found out that Sai Qi was gone. Sai Qi must be avoiding them.

“Umm, Sai Ya, did your sister say when she’ll be back?”

“Nope. After she came back from the tea shop, she got on a horse and rode up the mountain. She wouldn’t let me follow either. Now, I’m so worried!” Sai Ya’s brows were all scrunched up.

Leng Jun Yu pursed his red lips and stayed silent. Suddenly, Le Yao Yao turned to Sai Ya. “Sai Ya, there’s something I want to ask you.”

“Br-Le… Sister Le, what would you like to ask? If I know the answer to your question, I’ll definitely not hide anything from you.”

After finding out that Le Yao Yao was female, Sai Ya was a bit disappointed. But deep down, she truly liked Le Yao Yao’s personality. She wouldn’t deliberately make things difficult for her.

“Sai Ya, earlier, Yu had heart pains. But, he doesn’t have any visible injuries and neither could we find any issues with his pulse. I want to know if Yu has swallowed the love parasite.”

“You…know about that?” Sai Ya’s eyes were opened wide. Since they have already figured it out, she decided to tell them the truth. “Yes, brother Leng has taken the love parasite. (tl: In Chinese, it says he has GOTTEN/CAUGHT (中了) it. It doesn’t make sense in English but it makes sense in Chinese. Basically, he’s infected. If I said he has gotten the love parasite, you guys would assume he has a pet or something… aiii so confusing)

“Sai Ya, can you give us more details about this love parasite?”

“Um….” Sai Ya hesitated. After all, the witchcraft of the Miao people were not to be spread amongst outsiders. But she could see how worried everyone was. So, ultimately, Sai Ya sighed and elaborated. “Actually, every woman amongst our clan has a love parasite. There is a mother parasite and a son parasite. We raise both of them. When we find a person that we love, we would swallow the mother parasite and infect the other person with the son parasite. If the man falls for another woman (not the owner of the mommy parasite), then his body will be bitten by the son parasite in him. It would feel like he’s being bitten by a thousand ants. He will feel like Hell.”

Hearing this, Le Yao Yao’s brows crinkled. “How do you get rid of it?”

Le Yao Yao didn’t want her man to be bitten by a love parasite.

“I’m not sure how to dissolve the spell. Because, each person uses a different method. Only the owner of the love parasite would know. But what I can tell you is that once you have been infected by it, you’ll be fine as long as you don’t have another woman in your heart.”

“But what if he does? What if he likes me? What happens then?”

“Then, there’s only one outcome. Death! The man who falls in love with another woman will get bitten by the love parasite on a daily basis. After nine times, blood will gush out from his ears, eyes, nose, and mouth. Furthermore, after the owner of the son parasite dies, the owner of the mommy parasite will die too.”

“Oh God! That is too depressing and cruel! Isn’t this the equivalent to mutual destruction?” Qi Ying Ying exclaimed.

Le Yao Yao’s heart was heavy. She didn’t want Yu to die. She didn’t want Sai Qi to die either. Sai Qi saved Yu’s life.

There’s no right and wrong when it comes to love. But it cannot be forced. 

She loved Yu. And she could tell Yu must have feelings for her as well. Or else, he wouldn’t have been bitten by the love parasite.

Yu may have lost his memories, but his subconscious was still loyal.

Thinking of this, Le Yao Yao felt very conflicted. On one hand, she was glad that Yu still loved her. On the other hand, she didn’t want him to suffer physical pains and die because of his feelings for her.


Seriously though, why would you willingly EAT or SWALLOW a parasite someone gives you? That’s messed up. Omg. -_-. Unless you can’t see it?? It’s stuffed in your food or something?

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  1. Reminds of the gu! But that was controlled by a whistler!
    *shaking and getting goosebumps*
    I’m not sure how real gu or love parasite is but if they really existed that’s a horrible way to keep someone close or harm someone!? coz works vice versa!

  2. i always encounter the Gu thing in chinese novel ;;

    i think the gu thing is kind of sweet (just turn a blind eye that its actually a worm inside you.) everyone who wants to get married should take it if they got the guts. till death do us part >.<

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