Leng Jun Yu and Leng Yi Xuan’s POV

Although he wasn’t Yu, they had so much in common that Le Yao Yao felt as if Yu was by her side. She really wanted to spend more time with this man.

When the man heard her, he halted his steps. But, he didn’t turn around.

Le Yao Yao was anxious. She was afraid he would reject her. She almost had a pleading look on her face.

The man could feel it, but he still cruelly took a step towards the stairs.

At this moment, he felt someone tugging his sleeves. It was a smaller version of him.

“Uncle, could you stay and eat with us?” Leng Yi Xuan asked in his baby voice. Anyone who saw his cute face would want to pick him up and give him a smooch on his cheek. Even a man with a stone heart would melt!

The black veil hid the man’s conflicted expression. His cold aura decreased by several degrees.

This child is his son

For the past five years, he had been trapped under the cliff. His wife and his son were constantly on his mind. He wondered whether Le Yao Yao gave birth to a baby boy or a girl.

If he had a son, perhaps he would look like him. If he had a daughter, she was probably as lovely as her mother. 

So, it didn’t matter how unbearable life was. Although his chances of survival were slim, he had enough willpower within him to keep going.

Because of his determination, he finally managed to escape from that place with no inhabitants.

Ultimately, he found Le Yao Yao and Leng Yi Xuan. They were both doing well.

In fact, they were doing better than he thought.

Le Yao Yao was no longer the weak person that could be crushed with a palm. She had became very strong. She was now able to protect herself and her son.

When he saw them, he really wanted to knock everything aside and rush to embrace them. He wanted to tell them what he had gone through and how much he missed them.

He had so much he wanted to say. But…

Life was a joke. Perhaps, they weren’t destined to be together this lifetime. 

Thinking of this, Leng Jun Yu was filled with hatred. He hated God for treating him like this.

They loved each other so much but couldn’t be together. Was this his karma for all the lives he had slaughtered in the past?

Obviously, no one could give him an answer. He had no choice but to accept his fate.

So, he could only observe and gaze at them from afar.

Seeing her smile was enough

Leng Jun Yu had a bittersweet taste in his mouth.

At this moment, his son tugged his sleeves again. His eyes were filled with hope.

He is so cute. He looks so much like him. But he inherited his mother’s puppy eyes. He has the ability to make people’s heart melt.

Poor child. The moment he was born, his father had never been by his side. Does he ever think of his father? Or perhaps, he doesn’t even know what having a father means? 

When he was a child, he longed to be loved and cherished by his parents. His mother had treated him poorly and his father often neglected him. So ever since he was little, he had decided that he would cherish and love his own children in the future. He would ensure that his children grow up happily. He wanted to compensate his child the childhood he had always wanted.

But now, this could only be a dream.

Thinking of this, Leng Jun Yu felt as if someone was stabbing and tearing him apart with a knife.

Leng Yi Xuan’s voice entered his ears again. “Uncle, I’m begging you! Could you please stay and eat a meal with me and mommy?” (tl: lol he forgot to say daddy)

Actually, Leng Yi Xuan was very unfamiliar with this uncle. But he witnessed how uncle had helped his mommy beat up some bad guys yesterday. This uncle was so strong!

For some reason, ever since mommy saw uncle, she couldn’t stop crying.

Now that mommy saw uncle again, she seemed extra emotional and wanted uncle to stay.

Leng Yi Xuan wasn’t sure why his mommy was acting like this, but if uncle was what his mommy wanted, then he hoped to grant her wish.

In addition, although the uncle gave off an icy vibe and made him want to sneeze, he wasn’t scared or disgusted.

In fact, he could tell that the uncle gazed at him really kindly. It was almost as if there was a tenderness to it. Leng Yi Xuan liked that feeling.

He felt very comfortable with this uncle.

Leng Yi Xuan was confused as to why he liked this uncle. At this moment, the silent Yu finally replied. “Alright.”

To Le Yao Yao, that was one of the most touching words she had ever heard. She felt as if her heart was being drenched with honey.

Leng Yi Xuan began to clap enthusiastically. “Woo hoo! Uncle is willing to stay!”

“Haha.” Even Yu couldn’t help but smile. Their joy was contagious.

You may notice that the chapters have gotten shorter. I’m not doing this on purpose. I spent so long editing this that my brain feels like it’s going to rot. We probably have around 17 raw chapters left, but we still have a lot of drama before we get our happy ending. Please hang in there and continue to support this novel/me! Love you all and don’t read on an aggregator site. My site is theeunuch dot com. (replace the dot with .)

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