I’m your younger sister

When the two drops of blood began to merge together, both Dongfang Bai and Le Yao Yao were flabbergasted. Their eyes were nearly popping out of their faces.

Stunned, they made eye contact.

“Oh God! Brother Bai! Could w-we be…” exclaimed Le Yao Yao.

After all these years, she’s Dongfang Bai’s missing sister? No way!?! 

But if she isn’t, why would their blood merge together? 

Dongfang Bai was also very emotional. He was freaking out on the inside.

Is God playing a joke on him? The woman he’s deeply in love with is his missing sister!? 

This can’t be! This can’t be happening!

“No…” Dongfang Bai couldn’t handle the truth and stood up in haste.

But Le Yao Yao was the same age as his sister…and their blood

The truth was blatantly presenting itself in front of him.

At this moment, an elegant voice rang in the air and shattered the tense atmosphere. “Lu’er, Physician Bai, you’re both here!”

Le Yao Yao and Dongfang Bai simultaneously turned around. With a maidservant on each side, the Empress was heading towards them.

Although five years had passed, time had been very considerate of this lady. It did not leave a single trace on her face. When she walked, the Empress gave off a mature woman’s aura.

Le Yao Yao quickly walked up to welcome her mother. “Muhou (Mother Empress), you came at a perfect time. I have some things to ask you. If you know the truth, please tell me!”

“What happened? Why do you appear so anxious?” the Empress was confused.

The Empress noticed Dongfang Bai and Le Yao Yao both seem unusually stressed. So, she furrowed her brows and waved her jade-like hand to excuse the rest of the servants. Then, Le Yao Yao held onto her as they continued to walk to the pavilion.

“Alright, there are only three of us now. Lu’er, what do you want to ask Muhou?”

“Thank you, Muhou. Muhou, when I went to Heaven Yuan dynasty, I had an accident that caused me to lose all my memories. I recalled you’ve mentioned that my father was a General. But why is my blood merging with brother Bai’s blood? I am very certain we are biologically related. Please tell me the truth, Muhou. Am I adopted?”

“Oh my! This…” the Empress was bewildered. But when she saw the blood in the cup, she ultimately sighed.

“I guess God had planned this. You two are truly meant to find each other.” the Empress sighed again. Then, she continued. “Yes, Lu’er, you’re adopted by your father. One day, he found you on the streets. But the love your father had for you is real. That was why the Emperor deliberately decided to take you into the Palace for me to take a look. When my eyes first landed on you, I loved your cute face. Hence, I decided to raise you as my own. Muhou never told you this because we were afraid you would be upset. Lu’er, do you blame Muhou?”

Although Le Yao Yao had mentally prepared herself ahead of time, she was still shocked. But she quickly snapped out of it and turned to look at Dongfang Bai. “So… I’m actually your younger sister!!?!” Le Yao Yao yelped.

Then, the corners of her mouth curved into a brilliant smile and she continued to yell, “Wahhh! This is amazing! You’re actually my real brother! No wonder I felt a sense of familiarity when I first met you! It turns out we’re blood-related! Hoho! Brother, you’re really my brother!”

On the contrary, Dongfang Bai felt like his world had turned upside down. He was kind of numb as he stood there in shock.

Le Yao Yao noticed his strange reaction and stopped smiling. She asked, “What’s wrong, brother? You’re not happy I’m your sister?”

“Eh? N-no. Of course not! I-I’m really happy. Hahaha…I’m really happy!” Dongfang Bai began to laugh very dramatically. His laughter sounded magnetic. In the end, even tears could be seen coming out of his eyes.

Le Yao Yao had never see the elegant Dongfang Bai laugh so freely before. He must be happy! Having a brother feels great! 

But she had no idea that Dongfang Bai’s eyes were dim.

God really played him hard

Dongfang Bai was experiencing a bittersweetness. He actually had crystal tears in his eyes. Yet, Le Yao Yao assumed he was crying from joy.

But, the Empress knew better. After all, she could tell from the way Dongfang Bai gazed at Le Yao Yao. She knew Physician Bai was deeply in love with her daughter.

Actually, the Empress was okay with this. Dongfang Bai was young, capable, and talented. In addition, he had good looks too! So, obviously she wouldn’t have mind if her daughter ended up with Dongfang Bai.

If Le Yao Yao chose Dongfang Bai, it would be much better than becoming a widow for life. 

So, the Empress thought eventually Dongfang Bai will be able to touch Le Yao Yao’s heart. But who would’ve guessed that they were siblings?!

The Empress felt bad and couldn’t help but lightly pat Dongfang Bai’s hand. She murmured, “Perhaps, this is part of God’s plan…”

“Mm.” Dongfang Bai could only acknowledge this statement.

In the past, he assumed as long as he kept giving and waiting, eventually, the love he wanted will be his. 

But now, he realized no matter how long he waits, the love he wants will never be his.

Forget it.

Despite this, Dongfang Bai was willing to stay by Le Yao Yao’s side forever.

Even if they can’t be lovers, they can be siblings

After accepting this, Dongfang Bai felt slightly better. But deep down, his heart was still aching.

Perhaps, only time will be able to extinguish the burning sensation.


Later on, Dongfang Bai asked Le Yao Yao to confirm her identity by locating the red birthmark on her butt. When Le Yao Yao found the red birthmark, she turned red.

Suddenly, she recalled that Yu had mentioned about her birthmark five years ago. At the time, he thought it was an important piece of information but couldn’t remember why.

Today, she no longer had her lover but gained a brother.

After Dongfang Bai confirmed her identity, he quickly wrote a letter and sent it back to his hometown. Since Dongfang Bai’s parents were still alive, they had never given up on finding and reuniting with their daughter. After almost 21 years later, their wish was finally heard.

So, Dongfang Bai suggested bringing Le Yao Yao and Leng Yi Xuan back to meet the family.

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    1. Have to give up on the thought that she’s a modern person. She doesn’t have any of the common sense of our era. Especially that pregnant women should avoid alcohol.

  1. Yeah , but, seeing someone you can’t touch is a bitterness that is not good to have. He’s got to find someone else to place in his heart so he doesn’t go crazy.
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