I thought of an amazing plan

After Leng Jun Yu wiped Le Yao Yao’s face with his handkerchief, he loudly clapped his hands in midair. Then, a row of ladies entered the room.

They stood in a row in front of Le Yao Yao, each holding a tray of items.

All of them were wearing clothes that had a plum blossom sewn on it. They were clearly from Mei Lan Ge. Mei Lan Ge was the Capital’s biggest silk and jewellry store. Everything from Mei Lan Ge were customized to meet their clients’ needs. An outfit of theirs could cost a thousand to two thousand teals!

Sources say that most of the concubines in the Imperial Palace buy their clothes and jewellry from Mei Lan Ge. Nowadays, Mei Lan Ge could be compared to a famous luxury brand in the modern world.

Currently, in front of Le Yao Yao were all sorts of silk patterns, designs, jewellry, cosmetics to choose from. They were all the hottest and newest styles of the current year.

Seeing this, Le Yao Yao’s eyes were turning vertical. Her little mouth opened and she nearly drooled.

In the past, she often envied the ladies that could dress up so beautifully. She would wish she had the opportunity to do the same. She knew she would look lovely if she could dress up.

Who would’ve thought that her dream would come true so soon? 

Now that Leng Jun Yu had asked these ladies to come from Mei Lan Ge, he was obviously giving her the opportunity!

“Do you like it?” Leng Jun Yu asked in his low and raspy voice.

Le Yao Yao smiled, “I do like it, but….” Then, Le Yao Yao paused and crinkled her brows. She whispered in Leng Jun Yu’s ears, “These items are really expensive!”

“Haha!!!” Leng Jun Yu burst into laughter. He was so loud that his voice could probably pierce through the clouds.

Everyone present were stunned. After all, there were many rumours about Leng Jun Yu. Sources say that Prince Rui never smile and was ruthless. He killed without blinking. Hence, everyone was very anxious when they arrived at the residence. Every step they took was filled with dread.

So, the workers were very astonished by Leng Jun Yu’s behaviour. He didn’t seem as frightening as the rumours say he was.

Le Yao Yao knew Leng Jun Yu was laughing at her. So, she lowered her head and angrily ignored him.

At this moment, she felt her waist tightened and was wrapped in a warm embrace.

Everyone gasped in shock. After all, she was currently still wearing a eunuch outfit. Aside from the King of Hell, everyone else probably thought she was a real eunuch.

The almighty Prince Rui was hugging a little eunuch in public? What rumours will be spread after today? 

So, Le Yao Yao pushed Leng Jun Yu away and glared at him to behave himself. She didn’t want other people to give her odd looks!

“Don’t worry, this Prince can afford to raise you. Furthermore, this Prince has already paid for all of this. You may choose whatever you want.”

Leng Jun Yu was extremely generous. In fact, he was afraid it wasn’t enough for Le Yao Yao. He wanted the workers to bring more items from Mei Lan Ge.

“No, it’s fine! This is already enough for my own lifetime! Don’t be wasteful!”

Everything cost money! Not to mention that these items were so pricey! If it was an ordinary family, an outfit would already be enough for them to survive a generation! 

Right now, Le Yao Yao was wondering if she could refund half of it.

While she was thinking, Leng Jun Yu read through her mind. He interrupted her thought process, “You dare to refund this Prince’s gifts?!” He growled.

Le Yao Yao knew Leng Jun Yu care a lot about face. So, she smiled and said, “Alright, I’ll accept this. But this is an exception! No more!!!”

Le Yao Yao was still in Leng Jun Yu’s arms. Leng Jun Yu began to chuckle.

“Yu, why are you laughing?”

“This Prince is laughing at you.”


“This Prince is laughing because you haven’t even married me yet, but you’re already trying to help me save money. This Prince is so lucky to marry such a great wife!”

“Ehh….! Who says I’m going to marry you! You’re so shameless!” Le Yao Yao lowered her voice and muttered. However, everyone else still heard her.

Ohhh, so Prince Rui isn’t gay after all! The little eunuch is actually a woman!

Now, everyone else breathed a sigh of relief.

Leng Jun Yu ordered the workers to bring all the items into Le Yao Yao’s room.

Le Yao Yao thought that was the end. Unexpectedly, Leng Jun Yu clapped his hands again. Then, two figures entered the room.

Standing in front of them were two girls around twelve years of age. They were identical twins. They looked exactly the same.

They were both wearing a light blue dress and their hair was combed in a maidservant design. They had very nice facial features and smooth skin.

Le Yao Yao couldn’t tell them apart at all. On the inside, she was wondering whether their parents could tell them apart.

The two girls stood two metres away from Le Yao Yao and got on their knees as they bowed. “Servant Xue Li, servant Xue Ping, greets this Prince.”

“Mm. You may rise.”

Initially, Le Yao Yao thought the two girls would be frightened by Leng Jun Yu, but they stood there in smiles.

Le Yao Yao was confused. Why did Leng Jun Yu allow them to enter the residence? Wasn’t there a rule that no women were allowed here?

“From now on, these two girls will be your personal maidservants.”

“What? They’re here to serve me?” yelped Le Yao Yao.

Ever since Le Yao Yao had arrived in this era, she had been a eunuch. She was used to serving others. Now that she was going to be served, it felt strange.

Thinking of this, Le Yao Yao shook her head to decline, “My body is fine. I don’t need to be served.” Le Yao Yao told Leng Jun Yu.

Unexpectedly, the two girls quickly got on their knees and began to plead. “Please allow us to stay, Miss! We will take good care of you, Miss! Please!!!”

Then, the two girls began to bow and press their foreheads against the ground repeatedly.

“Stop bowing! I’m going to die young at this rate!” (Note: People usually bow to their dead ancestors to show respect)

Le Yao Yao knew that social status was huge in this era. Servants often had to get on their knees. However, Le Yao Yao didn’t want anyone to bow to her. After all, if these girls were in the 21st century, they were probably only in Grade 7!! This was mistreatment of young children!

Ugggh! F**k this slave owning society! 

Le Yao Yao wanted the girls to stop but they didn’t seem to be willing to stop unless she agreed to let them stay. Since Le Yao Yao didn’t want them to die from pounding their foreheads on the ground, she agreed to it.

“Alright, you two can remain.”  sighed Le Yao Yao.

It was only then that the girls stopped. By now, their foreheads were all red and swollen. Le Yao Yao felt so guilty. She frowned and ordered them to put some medication on it.

Xue Li and Xue Ping stood up and curtsied as they excused themselves. Now, there were only Leng Jun Yu and Le Yao Yao left in the room.

“Why are you giving me two maidservants?”

“Aside from the middle-aged lady in the kitchen, there are no other females in this residence. Now that you’re pregnant, it may be inconvenient even if there are eunuchs to serve you. Maidservants can help you with tasks that eunuchs can’t.”

“Okay.” Le Yao Yao wrapped her arms around Leng Jun Yu and leaned against his chest.

“Yu, how come you treat me so well?”

“Haha, would you rather this Prince treat other women well?” Leng Jun Yu raised his brows and teased.

Le Yao Yao frowned and threatened, ‘You dare?!”

“Hahaha….!” Seeing how Le Yao Yao was acting like a tigress, Leng Jun Yu burst into laughter.

He reached out his big hand and tucked Le Yao Yao’s loose hair behind her ear. Then, he stated with certainty, “This Prince only needs you in his life.”

“Hohohoho!” Now, Le Yao Yao beamed like a flower.

She loved it when Leng Jun Yu drowned her with honeyed words.

“Yu, let’s go out for a walk!”

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