(Warning: Graphic and disturbing content ahead)

At this moment, Nian Sulan slowly lifted her confused pupils. When she realized Le Yao Yao was the person sitting in front of her, she couldn’t believe it.

“It’s you? Why are you still alive?” she shouted.

“Uh…why wouldn’t I be alive?” Le Yao Yao was confused.

Ever since Nian Sulan’s failed attempt of drugging Yu, Yu had banned her from the residence. As a result, Le Yao Yao hadn’t seen her since then. Le Yao Yao would’ve never thought they would meet again under this type of circumstance.

Nian Sulan hated looking weak in front of her rival. So, she slowly crawled up from the ground. Although she looked like a pitiful mess, the hatred she felt towards Le Yao Yao was very evident.

“You bit*h! You’re disgusting! Even though you have cousin Yu, you’re hooking up with another man. What a slut!” she hollered.

Le Yao Yao frowned. She knew Nian Sulan must have misunderstood and thought she came here willingly. So, she wanted to explain herself. But before she could say a word, the black figure standing to the left of Nian Sulan ruthlessly slapped her across the face. Following the sharp slap, Nian Sulan’s frail body collapsed on the ground once more.

But since the floor was covered with sheepskin, she wasn’t hurt by the impact.

Although Le Yao Yao disliked Nian Sulan, she didn’t want to see her physically punished. So, she turned to Si Mu Han. “Could you…”

“Xin’er, could it be that you want me to go easy on her?”

“Yes. I’m not sure why you brought her here, but please release her.” Le Yao Yao turned around and pleaded. She didn’t want to see Nian Sulan tortured.

She also had another selfish reason for wanting to save Nian Sulan. If Nian Sulan was freed, perhaps she would tell Leng Jun Yu that she had been captured by the evil cult. Although the chances of that was very slim, it was better than no hope at all.

But Si Mu Han shook his head. “Xin’er, do you have any idea what this bit*h wanted to do to you?” he snarled.

“What could she do to me?”

Currently, there was a fresh palm print against Nian Sulan’s right side of the face. It was swollen. The corner of her mouth was bleeding and there was blood steaming down on one side. Pieced with her hateful stare, she looked almost like a devil.

Le Yao Yao felt very unstable on the inside. Could Nian Sulan

“Yes, she wants you dead!” confirmed Si Mu Han.

Le Yao Yao felt as if her mind was going to explode. She never thought Nian Sulan would kill her over a man.

“This bit*h tried to pay an assassin to assassinate you. But she had no idea that the assassin she hired is one of my subordinates. What a stupid woman!”

“What?! The evil cult?!” Nian Sulan exclaimed. Nian Sulan had no idea she was kidnapped by the evil cult. Now, all her hatred was replaced by fear. But after a few seconds later, she pointed her finger at Le Yao Yao and screeched, “You slut! Not only did you seduce cousin Yu, you linked forces with the evil cult! You know cousin Yu is against them too! Are you trying to harm cousin Yu?”

“T-that’s not true! It’s not what you’re thinking!” Le Yao Yao wanted to explain herself, but obviously, Nian Sulan didn’t give her the opportunity to do so.

“I should’ve personally killed you and chopped your arms and legs off!” she screamed.

“…..” No matter what she says, Nian Sulan isn’t going to believe her.

In addition, Le Yao Yao was quite upset by what Nian Sulan was saying. But Si Mu Han was even more infuriated.

“Haha, chop your arms and legs off? That sounds like a great idea!” Si Mu Han cruelly laughed.

“W-what did you say?” Nian Sulan froze.

Si Mu Han didn’t say anything else but used his eyes to direct his subordinate.

The subordinate understood and turned to Nian Sulan.

Then, Si Mu Han asked Le Yao Yao, “Xin’er, have you ever seen human swine?”

“Human swine?” Le Yao Yao felt goosebumps running down her spine.

Human swine was a cruel punishment that turned a person into a pig. First, the arms and legs are chopped off. Then, the eyes are plucked out. Copper is poured into the ears and the person loses his hearing. Then, the person drinks some type of potion and gets his tongue cut off.

Thinking of this, Le Yao Yao couldn’t stop shivering. She didn’t want Si Mu Han to do that to Nian Sulan.

Based on Nian Sulan’s expression, she knew what  ‘human swine’ was too.

“N-no, you can’t do that!” She stuttered. Then, she began to back away.

The man beside her pulled out his sword. His eyes lacked emotions.

Le Yao Yao couldn’t let this happen so she began to tug on Si Mu Han’s arm. She pleaded, “Please, let her go!”

“Xin’er, why are you so kind? This woman wants you dead. Why are you trying to save her?”

Le Yao Yao knew Nian Sulan wanted her dead. Logically, she shouldn’t be saving her. But she really didn’t want Nian Sulan to die like this.

Or maybe, it was because they were both around the same age. Perhaps Nian Sulan was just lost right now. Le Yao Yao wanted to give her another chance.


“Aii…..” Seeing this, Si Mu Han decided to let Le Yao Yao have her way. “Fine, I’ll do what you want.” he sighed.

But Nian Sulan didn’t learn her lesson. She shrieked, “You bit*h! Stop acting fake! I hate your disgusting face! You think I will forgive you for taking cousin Yu from me just because you saved my life? You stole cousin Yu from me! I hope you die!”

This time, Nian Sulan had truly lost her mind. After all, ever since she was young, her only dream and goal was to marry her cousin. After waiting for so many years, her cousin wouldn’t even look at her because of Le Yao Yao. How could she not hate?

Hearing this, Si Mu Han narrowed his eyes and no longer decided to release Nian Sulan. “You deserve this. Subordinate!” he coldly commanded.

The man beside Nian Sulan drew his sword and was about to stab Nian Sulan. Seeing this, Nian Sulan decided to run for it. But the moment she stepped out the door, a figure in red appeared in front of her.

“Haha, you want to run? What makes you think you can escape?” the woman in red smirked.

Le Yao Yao was sitting inside so she couldn’t exactly see what was happening. But she rushed out the moment she heard a blood-curdling scream.

All of Nian Sulan’s limbs were lying in a pool of blood.

Standing next to Nian Sulan’s body was a woman in red. Her sword was dripping with blood.

“Leader, Luo Chang did well, right?”  she asked sweetly.

The woman was definitely a beauty, but she looked so evil.

Si Mu Han smiled and praised. “Good job.”

However, Le Yao Yao felt as if she had been thrown in an icy cave. Instantly, her face turned white.

Si Mu Han could sense something was wrong with Le Yao Yao, so he wanted to hold her to give her support. But before he could touch her, Le Yao Yao screamed.

“Don’t touch me!”


Le Yao Yao was backing away like she was facing a demon. “Don’t touch me! You’re a monster! You’re a monster!” she shrieked.

“No, Xin’er, I’m not…”

Si Mu Han wanted to explain more but Le Yao Yao was so traumatized that she fell into a pool of darkness.


At the same time, there were a group of soldiers heading towards Sheng Nu Mountain. The man leading was dressed in all black. His black cape made him look very domineering.

However, his facial expression was filled with concern. Next to him, Mei and Xing reassured him.

“Prince Rui, since we have found out the headquarters of the evil cult, we will definitely be able to save our future Princess Consort.”

Xing added, “Yes, please don’t worry, Prince Rui.”

Leng Jun Yu didn’t say a word. He lifted his cold pupils and stared at the peak of the snowy white mountain.

The wind was so strong that his cape was fluttering in mid air. Behind him, his long black hair made him appear even more cold.

(end of 186 raws)


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  1. Yay! LJY to the rescue! At least Xing is still alive, I hope that her two maidservants are as well!
    I wonder if there were any issues with Xin’ers death? This Luo Chang obviously wants the leaders affections 😛

    1. only because he is nice to hia own wife (LYY is presumed to be his wife) is enough to make him not bad person even if he kills tons of innocent people without even blinking eyes?
      That’s an interesting logic.
      So you mean it is OK for the family of those innocent people to suffer the lost of their loved ones since the murderer is a good husband?
      The stronger wins and if one is too weak then it’s one’s own uselessness, eh?

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