So, their group of two became a group of three. But it wasn’t odd at all. In fact, the transition was very natural.

Du Gu rarely spoke. Most of the time, he would just listen to her conversation with Xuan’er.

Although he was very quiet, Le Yao Yao felt a sense of security around him. She had only ever experienced this with Yu…

In addition, although it was only a few minor movements, Le Yao Yao noticed Du Gu’s behaviour also resembled Yu’s.

Is it really possible for someone to be this alike? 

She must investigate this. 


There were way too many stunning sights and attractions in Dali. It took several weeks before they were able to see everything.

At last, they have arrived at Dali’s most famous Daoist Immortal River

The Daoist Immortal River was known for its fishes. In fact, not only was this river famous in Dali, it was Heaven Yuan dynasty’s most spectacular river.

Legend says that a goddess secretly slipped down onto the mortal world. But while she was exploring, she happened to encountered some hooligans. The hooligans thought the goddess was gorgeous and wanted to commit a sin. Fortunately, a fighter passed by and witnessed this scene. He taught the bad guys a lesson and the goddess fell in love with him.

The two of them had mutual feelings for each other and created many wonderful memories together. Sadly, nothing beautiful is everlasting. The most powerful God found out about this and forcefully dragged the goddess back to Heaven. The fighter was left on Earth.

The fighter was both stunned and devastated that his lover was a goddess. He continued to wait for her at the place that they first met. He hoped that eventually God would be touched by his sincerity and allow them to be together.

But during the lifespan of the fighter, the goddess never returned. Because, she was locked up in Heaven. However, everyday, she would see her lover’s reflection in a mirror. He cried and cried as he waited.

Eventually, his tears became the river.

That river is now the famous Daoist Immortal River.

Currently, it was noon. The Sun was hanging high above, painting a layer of gold on top of the river.

The water was very clear and clean. From the shore, many could be seen fishing in groups.

On the shore, there were a lot of leftover charcoal and wooden frames to hang the fishes. Clearly, many stayed on the site to eat after fishing.

The aroma of fried fish entered their noses. Although the group had just finished lunch, they could barely hold in their saliva.

Wow! The fishies smell so yummy! It must be delicious! Mmmmm!

As Le Yao Yao’s son, Xuan’er was naturally a foodie!

Leng Yi Xuan’s stomach was rumbling. He instantly went over to Leng Jun Yu and reached out his little, smooth hand to tug on his sleeves. He unleashed his puppy eyes.

“Uncle, could we get some fried fishes too?”

Leng Jun Yu smiled and lightly replied, “Sure.”

As long as it was something within his abilities, he would do it for him.

Leng Jun Yu removed his socks and slowly pulled up his sleeves and pants.

Seeing this, Leng Yi Xuan began to clap and cheer. On the contrary, Le Yao Yao’s brows crinkled.

Du Gu had a lot of scars and injuries all over his arms and legs. They varied in sizes. Some of it seemed like injuries from weapons, but others looked like bites. 

They don’t appear to be fresh wounds, but none of them were healing. 

Le Yao Yao couldn’t help but feel worried and pained for him.

What has he gone through? Why does he have so many scars on his body? 

Under Leng Yi Xuan’s cheers, Leng Jun Yu caught three fishes the size of his arms in no time.

After that, he pulled out a dagger and removed the scales and internal organs on the shore. Leng Yi Xuan stood next to him to watch. He was extremely impressed by uncle’s skills.

“Uncle! You’re so cool! Xuan’er also wants to catch his own fish!” exclaimed Leng Yi Xuan.

Leng Jun Yu chuckled, “When Xuan’er is older, Xuan’er will naturally be able to fish.”

“Will uncle be here to teach Xuan’er how to fish?”

At this moment, Leng Jun Yu paused.

“By then, there will be someone else by your side to teach you…”

That person wouldn’t be him

Although Leng Yi Xuan was innocent, he was very sensitive. He could kind of understand what Leng Jun Yu was implying.

Leng Yi Xuan blinked his big puppy eyes. “At that time, uncle will no longer be with Xuan’er?”

Hearing this, Leng Jun Yu chose to remain silent. Furthermore, he lowered his hat. He didn’t want to see those hopeful eyes. He was afraid to see the disappointment in those eyes.

Who would’ve thought that the once almighty King of Hell would end up like this? He was rich and powerful. There was nothing he couldn’t do.

But now, he couldn’t even stay with his loved ones. 

Leng Yi Xuan was too honest with his feelings. He continuously tugged Leng Jun Yu’s sleeves. “Uncle, Xuan’er and mommy really likes uncle. So, could you please stay? Xuan’er doesn’t want to part with you. Also, in the future, when uncle teaches Xuan’er how to fish, Xuan’er wants to share his first fish with uncle. Also, uncle is so strong and powerful. Xuan’er wants to learn martial arts from uncle too!”

Leng Yi Xuan kept begging in his baby voice. Leng Jun Yu felt like he was suffocating. His eyes were turning hot and misty.

His son was begging him. But he is not going to promise if he can’t keep his promise. He doesn’t want to give anyone false hope. 

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  1. Poor ljy he must have gone through too much.. but seriously lyy would still love him even if he’s got scars & such all over.. this is just ljy being an idiot & making himself and family miserable

  2. Not to be taken personally because this is not the only novel which is so cliché like this.
    I’m really fed up with a plot hiding a terminal illness from the loved ones. That’s not caring but being selfish and stupid.
    The worst and most regretful thing in life is not the separation but rather inability of being able to say good bye nor telling our beloved how much we love her/him for the last time. Not being able to give our beloved happiness for the last time.
    By hiding such an important thing one doesn’t only cut every possibility to find cure but also depriving the right of our beloved to have a beautiful farewell and creating the last beautiful memory.
    That’s more cruel.

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