Chapter 300: Ao Xue

Seconds ticked by, but it felt more like a decade. In reality, it was only a minute.

The closed wooden carved doors opened and a sweaty Xue Li came out with a baby in her arms.

“Congratulations, Prince Rui! The Princess Consort has given birth to a princess!” she beamed.

Leng Jun Yu felt as if he had been struck by lightning. His eyes were bulging. “What? Is it true? I-it’s a girl?”

“Yes! Congratulations, Prince Rui! Your wish has finally been fulfilled! The Princess Consort and the little princess are both doing well!”

“Hoho! Daughter!! This Prince finally has a daughter!” Leng Jun Yu laughed like a fool.

This wasn’t the first time he was a dad, but it was the first time he got a daughter!

“Yao Yao! We have a daughter! We finally have a daughter!!!” Leng Jun Yu took huge strides into the room.

Since Le Yao Yao had just given birth, she looked like she was in a disarray. Her hair was sticking onto her pale face.

“Haha. Yes, we finally have a daughter.” Le Yao Yao weakly smiled and felt relieved.

Leng Jun Yu was holding onto their daughter like she was the world’s most prized possession.

She wanted a daughter so badly. Finally, after four sons later, her wish came true!

“Yu, let me take a look at our daughter.”


Leng Jun Yu carefully placed the baby in front of Le Yao Yao. In the swaddling clothes was a tiny infant. Le Yao Yao’s eyes softened and were filled with motherly love.

Although she was in labour for nearly a day, it was worth it. The infant’s eyes were closed, but her tiny mouth moved a little. She looked incredibly cute!

Leng Jun Yu noticed Le Yao Yao’s dreamy expression on her face and chuckled in his low voice. “Take a look, Ao Xue looks so much like you.”

Ao Xue was a name that they had waited so many years to use. Finally, they could use it!

“This is a newborn. How could you tell she looks like me already?”

“People say sons look like their fathers, and daughters look like their mothers.”

“Hehe. That’s true.”

Leng Jun Yu’s eyes flickered and he tenderly gazed at his daughter and wife. “Yao Yao, thank you for being the mother of my children. Thank you for bringing so much joy into my life. Thank you for staying by my side. Thank you for loving me.”

Leng Jun Yu’s voice sounded really sexy and touching. In addition, his voice was like opening an excellent wine. Le Yao Yao felt intoxicated.

The two of them gazed at each other, drowning in each other’s love.

They had met ten years ago. From strangers, they eventually became lovers.

Ten years have gone by, Leng Jun Yu looked even more manly than he used to. Although he was still icy cold to most people, Le Yao Yao could feel the love he had for her incessantly.

At one point, she had hated God for sending her to this strange era. But now, she was very thankful. Because of this transmigration, she had met her true love!

Le Yao Yao’s cheeks turned pink, and gave her pale face some colour. Leng Jun Yu loved it.

They have been together for so many years, but Le Yao Yao was still shy whenever they made love. It totally turned him on.

So, Le Yao Yao’s current expression was causing Leng Jun Yu to have ants in his pants. His eyes landed on her soft lips.

It had been a while since he had a taste. So, Leng Jun Yu gradually lowered his body.

Naturally, Le Yao Yao knew what her husband wanted to do. Her face turned pinker.

They could feel each other’s breaths. Just as their lips were about to touch, the children’s voices entered the room.

The three demons were of different age, but they were all astonishingly cute. They ran inside the room with jolting buttocks.

Behind them was the mature Leng Yi Xuan.

Leng Jun Yu’s face turned black because his sons had ruined a sweet moment between him and Le Yao Yao again. But the little demons did not pay attention to their father’s expression. Their target was the baby in his arms.

Number 2 exclaimed, “Wowwwww! I finally have a younger sister!” He clapped and kissed number 5 on her left cheek. It feels as soft as marshmallow!

Just as he wanted to give another kiss, number 3 shoved him lightly. “Second brother, you’ve already kissed little sister. It’s my turn now!” Number 3 stated righteously. Then, he gave her little sister a brilliant smile and kissed her right cheek. He was definitely the gentle type!

After number 3 was done, he moved aside for number 4. Number 4 was still young. He was only a year and a half. He couldn’t even walk properly. When he walked, he swayed like a drunk man.

But despite his young age, he knew his mommy had given birth to a little sister. He was so happy that he had two rows of nasal mucus running down his nose.

Just as number 4 was about to kiss number 5, big brother Leng Yi Xuan kindly picked him up and wiped his nose first. If not, number 5’s face would be covered in snot! If that’s the case, his father’s face would turn blacker than the pan.

Leng Yi Xuan was correct. Leng Jun Yu was already super annoyed when his sons came in. He would throw his kid out of the room if his son got his runny nose on his newborn daughter.

Luckily, Leng Yi Xuan was attentive enough. Or else, poor number 4 wouldn’t even get to kiss his sister!

In the end, number 4 kissed number 5’s forehead. Then, he sat down on the ground with satisfaction. His nose continued to run on one side.

Now that all three demons have had their time with their sister, Leng Jun Yu ordered them to leave. Le Yao Yao had been in labour all day. She must be exhausted.

Currently, Le Yao Yao’s eyelids were heavy. In no time, she had fallen into a deep slumber.

Leng Jun Yu remained by his wife’s side and watched her. He handed his daughter to Leng Yi Xuan.

Being the mature older brother, Leng Yi Xuan directed his three younger brothers out of the room and carried his sister out. He also closed the door on his way.

Now that the children were gone, the room was very silent. The sunlight had spilled into the entire room and the curtains were gently swaying with the breeze.

Outside, Leng Yi Xuan looked up at the bright sky and reminisced. He could hear his siblings’ laughter and remember the sunny day from five years ago.

That day, he played in the field, caught frogs and eggs…

There was a cute face that accompanied that memory…



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