Leng Yi Xuan and Xin’er decided to return home and rest. They will continue their play the next day. But by the time they got back, Leng Yi Xuan’s family was waiting for them.

When Leng Jun Yu and Le Yao Yao saw that their son was well, they couldn’t help but feel relieved. However, they were stunned by his appearance. Xuan’er was covered in mud and his hair was a mess. Furthermore, his teeth were all black and he looked like a child from the wild.

Leng Yi Xuan had no idea his appearance shocked his parents. The moment he saw Le Yao Yao, he hopped into her arms and cuddled with her. “Mommy! You’re finally here! Xuan’er misses you!”

“Xuan’er. My Xuan’er….mommy finally found you! I’m glad you’re alright.” sobbed Le Yao Yao. She was half laughing, half crying.

Leng Yi Xuan knew his mother must have been worried sick. So, he immediately reached his hand to wipe the tears from his mother’s face.

However, his hands were covered in mud. So now, Le Yao Yao’s face was a mess. Leng Yi Xuan felt bad but Le Yao Yao didn’t mind.

She didn’t care about anything else as long as her son was fine.

Leng Jun Yu couldn’t help but take out his handkerchief and lightly wiped his wife’s face. He soothed, “It’s okay. Yao Yao, our son is fine. Don’t cry.”

Her tears always had a way of breaking his heart!

So, Le Yao Yao nodded and stood up. She was still holding onto her child’s hand. It was as if she was afraid he would disappear again.

At this moment, Leng Yi Xuan suddenly released his mommy’s hand and ran to Xin’er. He seized her hand and brought Xin’er to Le Yao Yao.

“Mommy! This is Xin’er. Xin’er knows a lot of stuff! Today, we went frog hunting and ate some roasted frogs!! We also found bird eggs. We had so much fun together!”

Leng Yi Xuan was showing Xin’er off like she was a treasure. He was incredibly proud of her. He told the adults all the adventures and exploration they did.

This was the first time Le Yao Yao had ever seen her son so excited. After all, Leng Yi Xuan wasn’t a normal child. Due to his status, he was constantly surrounded by older maidservants or servants. Even if he had children to play with, there were always a lot of limitations.

Le Yao Yao turned to Xin’er. The little girl looked approximately 3-4 years of age. She was dressed in simple clothing, but her face was adorable. Based on her five delicate facial features, she’ll definitely be a beauty when she grows up!

Xin’er wasn’t used to facing so many adults. She was a bit overwhelmed but still managed to lower her head and politely greet Le Yao Yao. “Hello, Auntie. My name is Xin’er.”

Xin’er’s voice sounded as sweet as marshmallows. Le Yao Yao loved it! She had a good first impression of Xin’er and was glad that Xuan’er found a playmate.

After conversing with Xin’er for a bit, Li Shi stepped forward. She held onto her daughter’s hand and got down on her knees. After all, the people in front of them were from the Royal Family!!

Le Yao Yao instantly pulled her up. If it weren’t for Li Shi, they wouldn’t have been able to find Xuan’er!

Earlier, Li Shi headed downtown and found that the streets were filled with Imperial guards. When she saw the posters the guards had in their hands, she recognized the little boy right away!

The little boy turned out to be the son of the almighty Prince Rui! Prince Rui’s martial arts, intellectual abilities, handsome looks were famous across the country. The common people all thought he died years ago. But who would’ve thought that he would come back alive five years later! After he returned, he married Princess Lulu!

Now, these important figures were standing right in front of her. This was unfathomable to common people like Li Shi. She was so emotional that she could barely speak.

When Li Shi felt Le Yao Yao’s hands, she thought they were soft like the highest quality of silk. As a woman, she couldn’t help but feel a tingling sensation. If she, as a woman, experienced this….what would men feel?

They were both women, yet they were worlds apart.

So, Li Shi instantly retracted her hands. She didn’t think she was worthy of touching a goddess-like person.

Le Yao Yao knew Li Shi was being overly cautious. She tried to loosen the mood by smiling kindly. “Thank you for taking care of Xuan’er, little sister. Yao Yao can’t thank you enough.”

Although Le Yao Yao was part of the Royal Family, she never acted like she was better than anyone else. She didn’t look down on anyone. Back when she was in the 21st century, she was taught that all people should be treated equally.

This was the first time Li Shi felt so respected. After chatting with Le Yao Yao, Le Yao Yao found out the dire situation of her family. Li Shi’s husband was a businessman. However, his business failed and now he was under a lot of debt. Li Shi had no choice but to leave her daughter alone while she took on odd jobs to help her husband with the financial load.

Fortunately, her daughter was understanding and able to take care of herself. Hearing this, Le Yao Yao ordered her servant to hand a thousand silver taels in banknote to Li Shi.

Li Shi was stunned and refused right away. Although they were poor, they had a backbone. They wouldn’t just take money from other people.

Le Yao Yao could read Li Shi’s mind and stated, “This isn’t for you. This is for Xin’er. I am very fond of your daughter. Xuan’er doesn’t have many friends. However, your daughter gets along very well with him. I want Xin’er to grow up happily. This money is for your husband to pay off his debts. With the rest, you can start another business. That way, you don’t always have to leave your daughter home alone. She is so young. I would be quite worried leaving my child at home at this age…”

So, ultimately, Li Shi accepted Le Yao Yao’s generous gesture and Le Yao Yao took her son home.

Honestly, Leng Yi Xuan didn’t want to leave. He had never experienced so much fun in his life. But he knew he had to go or else his mother would worry. So, he obediently got onto the horse carriage.

Before he left, Leng Yi Xuan said goodbye to Xin’er and promised to come play with her again the next day. After Xin’er agreed, Xuan’er reluctantly parted with her.

Le Yao Yao had never seen her son act like this before. He kept looking back until he could no longer see Xin’er.

Poor child. He really needs more friends. 

Leng Yi Xuan leaned against his mommy and acted cute again. But suddenly, he crinkled his brows and looked stressed.

Le Yao Yao was worried. “Xuan’er, what’s wrong?”

“Mommy! I have a weird object growing on my body that other people don’t have. Am I going to die?” cried Leng Yi Xuan.

“What?? What weird object?!” Le Yao Yao exclaimed. She was appalled.

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