Sai Ya toured Le Yao Yao’s group around her homeland for the entire afternoon. Le Yao Yao found out that the Miao people weren’t most famous for the goat milk and sheep meat. It turned out they were most well known for their intestinal parasite technique.

They were all amazed and were curious to learn more. However, the Miao people did not want to spread their “witchcraft” to outsiders, so Le Yao Yao didn’t probe.

Seeing how Le Yao Yao respected their privacy caused Sai Ya to have even deeper feelings towards this handsome “man”.

After all, she was already at a marriageable age. Traditionally, the Miao people got marry very early. Sometimes, brides were as young as 10 (tl: What the hell?)

She was already 13, so it was time to start looking for a mate. She didn’t want her parents to worry for her too. After all, her sister was still single and she was 15!

Anyhow, Sai Ya decided to help her parents to slaughter the sheep. Le Yao Yao was worried that Leng Yi Xuan would be traumatized, so she took Xuan’er elsewhere. Naturally, Du Gu followed her.

Eventually, it was nighttime. The bonfire was huge and many Miao people and tourists surrounded it. Everyone was eating sheep meat and drinking pitchers of fresh milk. Some Miao people were dancing as well. It was a very jubilant occasion.

Le Yao Yao gazed at Du Gu. He rarely spoke, but she was used to his presence. No matter when and where they were, the moment she turned around, he would be by her side.

Habits are scary. Because, once you’re accustomed to something, you’ll be afraid to lose it. It can lead to a lot of emptiness. 

“Brother Du Gu, do you really have to leave?”

Leng Jun Yu made one acknowledgement sound as a response.

“Haha, I guess brother Du Gu really doesn’t want to stay. I won’t force you. But, could we have a dance together?”

Le Yao Yao unknowingly sent naughty signals through her eyes. Seeing this, Leng Jun Yu felt as if his soul was fluttering away. He smiled and nodded.

The Miao people was a group that danced together with both men and women. There were no discrimination. So, Le Yao Yao and Leng Jun Yu joined in the group and began to imitate the others’ movements.

Leng Yi Xuan also joined in, and now the three of them were dancing together. At that very moment, all their troubles melted away.

By the time Sai Ya returned, all the food were prepared. Le Yao Yao and her group sat down and devoured the delicious sheep meat and milk. Sai Ya also prepared bowls of alcohol for those who were interested.

That night, Le Yao Yao drank a lot. She hadn’t experienced such joy in a very long time. However, as the night went on, Leng Jun Yu began to furrow his brows. Suddenly, he grabbed the alcohol bowl away from Le Yao Yao. “Don’t drink anymore. You’re already drunk.”

“Haha. Brother Du Gu, I’m t-too happy today!” Le Yao Yao pulled back the bowl drank every single drop of alcohol left from it.

A bit of the alcohol dripped down from the corner of her mouth. Combined with her pink cheeks, she looked extra enchanting.

Le Yao Yao had no idea how gorgeous she looked. She was like a meal, ready to be eaten. Leng Jun Yu watched as she continuously devoured bowls after bowls of alcohol. Finally, he couldn’t take it anymore and snatched it from her. “Stop.” Leng Jun Yu spoke in his firm, raspy voice.

“But I want to keep drinking!”

For some reason, hearing Du Gu’s raspy voice caused Le Yao Yao to feel dependent on him. She really wanted to hold onto him and cuddle against his chest. Du Gu really reminded her of…

“Yu….” Le Yao Yao whispered. But her voice was crystal clear to Leng Jun Yu. Hearing this, he couldn’t help but tremble.

She.. was missing him? 

Yao Yao..

His Yao Yao..

Now, Leng Jun Yu was the one who was depressed. He ended up devouring the entire bowl of alcohol.

Le Yao Yao pouted her lips and whined in frustration. “Brother Du Gu, that was my alcohol! How could you drink mine???”

Le Yao Yao’s behaviour was igniting a strong desire within Leng Jun Yu. He tried his best to suppress his urges. He quickly placed down the bowl and pulled the drunk Le Yao Yao up.

“You drank too much. Let’s go for a walk to clear your mind.”

Initially, Le Yao Yao didn’t want to. She still wanted to keep drinking. But when she saw Du Gu holding onto her hand, she obediently nodded and agreed.

Leng Jun Yu said a few words to Sai Ya and told her to look after Xuan’er for the time being. Then, he took Le Yao Yao towards the cliff.

Underneath the cliff was a rushing stream of river. From where they were, they could hear the powerful force of water beneath them.

The night breeze made Le Yao Yao feel cool, and she became slightly less intoxicated. At least, she was able to stand up straight without assistance.

Le Yao Yao gazed at the figure next to her. His sleeves were blowing in the air, and the long black veil of his hat was also drifting with the breeze.

At this moment, Le Yao Yao had a strong urge to tear off his hat. She was still trying to figure out whether Du Gu was Yu.

After all, they were just too similar. Perhaps he hadn’t realized, but she did.

Yu liked to add a bit of spice to his dumplings. He didn’t like vinegar. Du Gu was the same. Last time while they were eating dumplings, the waiter brought vinegar over but Du Gu requested for spice.

Yu didn’t like chopped onions. Last time, the waiter gave Du Gu onion soup, but he sent it back.

While Yu was deep in thought, he had a tendency to touch his index finger. Du Gu was the same.

So now, Le Yao Yao truly believed Du Gu could really be Yu. But if Du Gu is Yu, then why is he trying to hide his identity from her? Does he have an unspeakable illness? 

She could share the burden with him, so he wouldn’t have to face it alone.

Now, her hands were opening and closing underneath her sleeves. She was very curious.

Lift it up and she’ll find the answer

Le Yao Yao began to take deep breaths to cheer herself on. But at that moment, Du Gu suddenly spoke.

“Let’s… separate here.”

“What?!?!” Le Yao Yao’s eyes were wide, mouth opened. She looked stunned.

Separate? Here? 

“Yes, brother Le. In this world, there are no feasts that will last forever. Let’s part here.” Then, Du Gu turned around and walked away without any hesitation.

Only God knows how much pain he’s going through… but he’s running out of time. He could tell Yao Yao was already suspicious. If he doesn’t leave now, he’ll only hurt her more.

He didn’t want her to watch him die again.

Le Yao Yao stared as Du Gu’s figure moved further and further away from her. With every step he took, her heart felt like it was ripping a bit more. She still hadn’t figured out whether he was Yu or not!

Thinking of this, Le Yao Yao snapped back to reality.

Yes, even if he has to leave, she must first take a look at his face. Or else, she’ll regret it for life. 

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