Could they be twins? 
“Leader, the food is ready.” It was Qing Feng’s voice. 
“Alright, we’re coming!” 
The closed door opened and Qing Feng directed a row of maidservants to enter. 
“Xin’er, you must be hungry. Let’s eat!”
“Mm.” Le Yao Yao nodded. Honestly, she was too hungry to decline. Plus, she had no idea how long she was unconscious for -not to mention she threw up earlier; so, there was practically nothing left in her stomach!
Therefore, Le Yao Yao wanted to get off the bed to eat. But before she could put her shoes on, Si Mu Han crouched down and held onto her little foot. He wanted to help her. 
“Ah!” Le Yao Yao yelped. She instantly shrank back her foot. 
Aside from Yu, she had never allowed any man to touch her foot. She wasn’t comfortable with it. “I-I can do it myself!” Le Yao Yao was flustered. 
“Haha, Xin’er, don’t be shy. In the past, I often helped you put your shoes on.” 
Then, Si Mu Han assisted her as if it was a natural task for him. His movements were very smooth; he must have had a lot of practice. 
To be honest, Le Yao Yao was quite touched for a second. After all, he was the “leader” of the evil cult. Despite his high status, he treated his wife like she was his Queen.
At this moment, Le Yao Yao secretly took a peek to observe those around her. But Qing Feng and the other maidservants did not seem to have a reaction. 
I guess this is nothing new to them? 
Le Yao Yao had a complicated expression on her face. 
“Alright, Xin’er, we can go eat now!”
“Mm.” Le Yao Yao nodded. 
Si Mu Han held onto her hand and led her to the Hall. 
Le Yao Yao took a look around the room. It was huge; at least 200 square foot. The floor was covered with white sheepskins. It was very thick and warm. When people walked on it, no sounds could be heard.
Around the room were many antiques and jade artifacts. It was obvious that each of them were priceless
There were also flaming heating lamps surrounding each corner. It made the entire room very warm. On the walls hung many paintings. All of them were pictures of a woman who looked exactly like her. There was one where Si Mu Han’s wife was sitting by the flowers, one where she was admiring the scenery, one where she was looking down at the fishes, another where she was gazing at the flowers…
The artist who painted the pictures was very skillful and must loved the woman very much. Because, in his pictures, the woman’s every action and expression seemed to come alive. She looked almost life-like. 
Le Yao Yao couldn’t help but turn around to ask Si Mu Han, “Did you draw all these pictures?”
“Yes.” Then, Si Mu Han’s voice cracked, “Three months ago, you said you were going to leave me soon. You wanted me to draw and record you down on paper so that when you’re gone, I could still see you…”
At this moment, Si Mu Han’s eyes were flooded with tears. “Fortunately, you’re back. Xin’er, please don’t ever leave me again. Without you, my life is not worth living.”
Le Yao Yao was touched but she couldn’t promise him anything. After all, she wasn’t his wife. One day, she will leave this place. Actually, she wanted to leave as soon as possible! 
So, Le Yao Yao remained silent. Luckily, Si Mu Han didn’t force her to say anything else. 
At this time, all the dishes were already arranged on the table. The maidservants were standing quietly off to one side. 
There was kung pao chicken, simmer-fried bass, stir-fry spicy shrimp, beef hot pot, and spicy sour fish. They were her favourite dishes!
Wow, not only does this ‘Xin’er’ looks the same as her, she also has the same tastes as her! Could they be twins? 
If only she could meet her and ask…
But what were the chances? Too bad she was dead. Or else, she really would want to meet her in person. 
Anyhow, Le Yao Yao picked up the jade chopsticks and began to fill her stomach. 
“Here, Xin’er, eat this fish. These are all your favourite dishes!” 
Si Mu Han kept putting items in Le Yao Yao’s bowl. On the inside, she felt very bad for him. 
“Don’t just give me food to eat, you need to eat too.” She quietly mumbled. 
“Haha. Alright.” 
After dinner, Si Mu Han suggested taking Le Yao Yao around to get familiar with the area. Le Yao Yao instantly agreed because she wanted to plan her escape. 
After all, this man refused to accept that she wasn’t his dead wife. Obviously, all his subordinates were on his side. Even if they didn’t believe she was the actual wife on the inside, they would go along with what their leader wanted. Thus, Le Yao Yao could only rely on herself if she wanted to escape! 
Right now was the perfect time to get familiar with the area. The longer she stayed here, the more worried Yu would be. He was probably searching for her right at this moment! 
Yu, you must wait for me! I will leave this place and return to your side! 
Currently, the moon was hanging high above the sky. The bright moonlight spilled onto the snowy ground. The reflection was bright enough that lanterns weren’t needed. 
Along the way, they came across many subordinates. However, none of them made any sounds when they walked past them. It was clear that they were extremely strong martial artists. 
Le Yao Yao couldn’t help but frown. 
If only this is a normal place! Everyone here is so powerful! It makes escaping so much harder. Catching her is as easy as a hawk picking up a little chick. 
Thinking of this, Le Yao Yao felt depressed. 
Next to her, Si Mu Han had no idea these thoughts were running through Le Yao Yao’s mind. He was acting like a tour guide. He pointed to places and enthusiastically explained to Le Yao Yao what or where they were. “This is Ning Xiang Ge. Inside is filled with all the wintersweet that you love. This is your favourite place. In the past, we would often come here to admire the flowers. Do you remember?” 
From the start, Le Yao Yao didn’t say anything. She was listening silently as she followed Si Mu Han. 
Although it was cold, the scent of the wintersweet was very sweet. She couldn’t help but inhale deeply. “Wow, it smells wonderful….” 
According to google, this is what wintersweet looks like.
“Haha, I know. Last year, we came here and picked out the flowers ourselves to make wine with it. Right now, it’s actually the ideal time to drink wintersweet wine.” 
Le Yao Yao had closed her eyes to enhance the scent of the wintersweet. She had a smile on her face. “Wintersweet wine?” her eyes suddenly opened. 
“Yes, would you like some now?” 
Honestly, Le Yao Yao was tempted. She wasn’t an alcoholic but seeing all the wintersweet around her, she really wanted to try some. But, if she drank alcohol, she might do something ridiculous. After all, she had done some insane things in the past. In order to prevent anything from happening, Le Yao Yao firmly refused. “No.” 
“Oh.” Si Mu Han seemed a bit disappointed, but he smiled and replied, “Oh yeah, Xin’er is pregnant now. Drinking would be harmful for the body. Sorry for being inconsiderate. Since it’s getting late, why don’t we head to bed?”
“What? Head to bed?” 
Where will she sleep then? With him? No way!!
Thinking of this, Le Yao Yao’s scalp turned numb and her body became rigid. 
Si Mu Han noticed this and asked, “Xin’er, what’s wrong? Are you feeling unwell?”
“Uh….” Yes. But it’s her heart that’s feeling unwell. 
“Um.. could I sleep by myself?” Le Yao Yao had her face lowered and didn’t dare to make eye contact with the man. 
Could she say she’s not his wife so she doesn’t want to sleep with him? But that’s just a waste of breath. After all, this guy has selective hearing. He cuts out all the parts he doesn’t want to hear.  
So, Le Yao Yao pursed her red lips and didn’t say anything. All she did was awkwardly kick the snow with one of her foot. 
Now, neither of them said a word. The atmosphere began to turn very awkward. Le Yao Yao knew she was hurting him, but it wasn’t her fault. She wasn’t his wife! 
But for some reason, she felt really terrible on the inside. She really did pity the poor guy. 
While Le Yao Yao was thinking, Si Mu Han’s hoarse voice entered her ears. “I understand.” 
It was filled with grief and Le Yao Yao couldn’t help but crinkle her brows. Si Mu Han had an eager expression on his face; perhaps, he was hoping she would change her mind. 
Ultimately, Le Yao Yao lightly whispered, “Let’s head back.” 

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  1. “She wasn’t an alcoholic…” hmmm…. i disagree with this sentence so much! XD
    Even Si Mu Han knows she shouldn’t be drinking alcohol! Take better care of your baby Le Yao Yao!

    1. Yes.. even someone from ancient world knows that… she comes from modern world for God sake…
      Yao yao… do you really want your child or not?

    1. Now you know that Prince Rui is “out like a scout trying to find her route”.? If the man here is insane what do you think is happening to Prince Rui.,especially because she is pregnant. And if he was aware of the situation she is in he would really be close to losing control.

        1. Si Mu Han’s wife is dead. Le Yao Yao is not her. I have no idea why they look the same. I thought they could be sisters but Dongfang Bai only has one sister (Le Yao Yao), so it doesn’t make sense.

  2. There are too many similarities. Could it be that after leaving the kingdom, she ventured into this place? And left 3 months ago? Or is that inviting too much complexity to a simple story?

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