Du Gu

Since Yu was willing to stay, Le Yao Yao hurriedly ordered some dishes.

“Give us a simmer-fried bass, steamed pork chops and some spicy shrimps.”

“Alright, valued customers. Please wait a moment. The dishes will be out shortly.”

In no time, the hot dishes arrived at the table.

Le Yao Yao smiled at the man across from her. “Plain tea and simple food, I hope this hero doesn’t mind. This is to thank hero for your assistance yesterday.”

“It was nothing. No need to mention it.”

“Haha. By the way, my first name is Le and I go by a single name, Yao. May I ask for your name, hero?”

“Du Gu.” The man stated without thinking.

“Du Gu?”

Du Gu, Gu Du…wow that name suits the man very much. (tl: gudu is the mandarin word for lonely/loneliness)

Has he always been lonely?

For some reason, Le Yao Yao’s heart ached when she imagined a lonely Du Gu.

Is Yu also lonely in Heaven?

Le Yao Yao forced a smile. “Brother Du Gu, please eat. Or else, the dishes will turn cold.”

Then, Le Yao Yao turned to her son. “Xuan’er, you must also eat. You need to eat in order to grow!”

“Mmhmm! Xuan’er will eat like a good child. Then, when Xuan’er gets big, Xuan’er will protect mommy!” beamed Xuan’er.

Under the black veil, Leng Jun Yu’s eyes were turning red. He had longed for this moment for so long.

Every time when he was on the verge of death, he would keep pushing on for his wife and child.

He wanted to give them the best of everything. He wanted to eat with them. He wanted to personally teach his child how to read and fight.

At least, he managed to check off one thing on his list.

In the future, when he is gone, at least he will have some pleasant memories. 

Leng Jun Yu looked at the dishes and his heart stirred.

The dishes are all his favourites

He really wished this moment could pause forever.

If only time could stop

Sadly, the meal ended in a blink of an eye. After they were finished with their food, Le Yao Yao ordered some desserts. Then, she turned to face him.

“Brother Du Gu, where do you plan to go after this?”

“I have no fixed residence. I’m just wandering around.”

“What a coincidence! Xuan’er and I are also wandering around. Would you like to join us?”

“What?” the man was clearly surprised.

Seeing this, Le Yao Yao bit her tongue.

She was too rash. Or perhaps, her subconscious was speaking for her.

She really didn’t want to part from this man. Although he wasn’t Yu, she had been lonely for too long.

In fact, she missed Yu so much that she was practically turning insane.

So, for now, she will be selfish and imagined him as Yu.

However, she knew it was kind of ridiculous to ask a random strange to accompany her. So, she added, “Brother Du Gu, although you defeated the bad guys for us yesterday, my martial arts skills are not that great. If I encounter the bad guys again, I’m a bit….”

Le Yao Yao paused.

“I was wondering if brother Du Gu would join us. Not only will we have each other’s company, I also want your protection. Of course, I don’t expect you to join us for free. I can pay you. Name a price.”

Le Yao Yao was so afraid of rejection that she used money as a lure. But the man in front of her didn’t seem interested at all. He coldly replied, “No need.”

Le Yao Yao felt as if she had been thrown into despair.

Xuan’er could tell his mother really wanted the uncle to stay. So, without thinking, he instantly tugged the man’s sleeves. “Uncle! Xuan’er likes you, uncle! Uncle, can you join us? Please? Pleaseeeeeee???”

First and foremost, he was doing it for his mommy. But deep down, Xuan’er actually liked this uncle. He had never experienced this emotion before. Although he had never seen the uncle’s face, he felt very happy around him.

Xuan’er had no idea the impact his words had on Leng Jun Yu.

What? Xuan’er said….he likes him? Really???!

He had always wondered if his son hated him for not being in his life. Honestly, when he found out he was going to die, he had already decided he would never let his existence be known. After all, separating once was already painful enough. He didn’t want Yao Yao to go through another heartbreak.

So, he only wanted to silently watch over them. Yet, he couldn’t say no to the little guy’s hopeful face.

Leng Jun Yu slowly bent down and touched his son’s cheek. Then, he gazed up at Le Yao Yao and spoke in his raspy voice, “I said no need. Because, there is no need to pay me. I’m willing to join you guys.”

“Really?! That’s amazing!” Le Yao Yao exclaimed.

Le Yao Yao realized she was overreacting and quickly tried to calm down. She rubbed her son’s head. “Xuan’er, thank uncle for staying with us! From now on, we don’t have to be afraid of the bad guys!”

“Okay, daddy!”

Xuan’er was a bit confused why his mommy was lying. Even if uncle doesn’t join them, the bad guys are no matched for mommy! Oh well, I’ll just do what mommy wants. Her happiness is #1! 

So, Xuan’er turned to Leng Jun Yu and sweetly thanked him. “Thank you, uncle!”

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