Leng Jun Yu’s lips accurately covered Le Yao Yao’s cherry lips. His moist tongue began to skillfully pry open her mouth and teeth. Now, his tongue was swimming in Le Yao Yao’s mouth. He continuously sucked all her sweetness. It was a successful attack.

The kiss lasted for a very long time. By now, Le Yao Yao’s mind was spinning and her body was heating up.

Leng Jun Yu removed his lips from Le Yao Yao’s and pressed his forehead against hers. They could feel each other’s breath on their faces.

“My brother Emperor has already chosen a date for our wedding. It’ll be next month, the first day of the upcoming lunar month. Today, your father, the Emperor of the ancient kingdom of Khotan, also sent someone over to accept our wedding proposal. Jun Xi must have already told his parents about us.”

Wow. They were finally going to get married. There was less than half a month left!

Suddenly, Le Yao Yao’s expression froze. “Does this mean I have to return back to the ancient kingdom of Khotan soon?”

As a Princess, she had to return back to her home country to prepare for the wedding. After all, Leng Jun Yu would have to follow customs and head to her country to pick her up from the door. It meant they were going to be separated for half a month. Le Yao Yao was depressed.

Ever since they’ve met, they had never been apart from each other for such a long time!

There was a saying, ‘one day equals three seasons’. So, how many seasons would it be if they were separated for half a month?

“It’s only half a month. Be patient and wait for this Prince to take you in as my wife. This Prince will ensure the whole world knows that you’re my consort!”

“Alright. I’ll wait for you. You must take me in as your wife!”

“Haha. Of course! What? You want to marry this Prince that badly? You’re afraid this Prince won’t want you?” Leng Jun Yu teased.

“Humph! You think I’m scared? I’m very desirable, ok!? Look at me. I have a nice body and nice face! Plus, those who marry me can buy one get one free! Everyone would be after such a great deal!” Le Yao Yao raised her brow and giggled.

“How could you say such a thing? Buy one get one free?! You dare to sell this Prince’s child?” Leng Jun Yu deliberately pretended to look mad. But Le Yao Yao wasn’t afraid.

Instead, she stuck out her tummy and bragged, “Haha. You think I don’t have the guts?”

“That’s it. This Prince will ‘bully’ you to punish you!”

“Ahhhh. No!!”

Soon, the laughter in the room subsided. Instead, it was replaced by hot moans and racy pants.

Outside, the moon hung high above with countless of stars. They all twinkled like they were secretly winking.


Three days later, Le Yao Yao was arranged to return to her home country with a bunch of guards.

Normally, it would take three or four days on horse to get from the Capital to the ancient kingdom of Khotan. However, at the pace they were going, it would take approximately ten days.

Since Le Yao Yao was pregnant, they must take it slow.

Just before they departed, Le Yao Yao poked her head out of the carriage window and cried. “You must pick me up in half a month! I’ll be waiting!”

“This Prince will definitely come. Wait for me.”

Both Le Yao Yao and Leng Jun Yu were reluctant to part.

While they were exchanging their final words, they didn’t notice a woman standing nearby at a corner.

The woman’s eyes were filled with hatred. Her evil smile made her look almost insane.

“Haha, you want to marry cousin Yu? Go to Hell!”


Le Yao Yao’s group was taking a common route. Along the way, they saw running water flowing down the mountains. It was a stunning sight.

Although Prince Rui’s residence was comparable to the Imperial Palace, the scenery that Mother Nature provided was a refreshing change. Le Yao Yao’s mood gradually improved.

In addition, she wasn’t the only one in the horse carriage. Xue Li and Xue Ping were also next to her.

At first, Leng Jun Yu had wanted the chief manager to send more maidservants to take care of Le Yao Yao, but she refused. After all, she was an independent woman. Two maidservants were already more than enough.

Ultimately, Leng Jun Yu didn’t push it but warned the two girls to take very good care of her.

Aside from the girls, there were special guards outside to protect and accompany them.

Currently, it was noon. Le Yao Yao had been on the horse carriage for the entire morning. The horse carriage was very spacious. There was enough space for the three of them to sleep and lay down. Also, it was equipped with everything they need. Leng Jun Yu made sure they weren’t lacking anything.

Soon, the group came to a stop for break. Xing was the person in charge of their group.

Right now, everyone was going to have lunch and rest before continuing on their journey.

Xue Li and Xue Ping carefully held onto Le Yao Yao and helped her off the carriage.

“You two are exaggerating so much! It’s not like I have a big stomach. You don’t have to be so careful!”

The two girls faced each other and spoke in unison, “Taking care of Miss is our duty. We must be careful!”

They’re truly twins. They even speak in unison! 

At this moment, Xing came over and asked out of curiosity, “Heyyyy, three pretty ladies. What’s so funny?”

“Haha. Nothing. Xing, are you guys ready for us?”

Xing nodded. “Yes, come! I know you’re all hungry. We have barbecue pork! It’s almost ready. Go have a seat first!”

“Haha. Thanks, Xing!”

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