Leng Jun Yu and his troop completely wiped out the entire evil cult. The once feared cult finally became history.

In the future, this would be a popular topic amongst the citizens over a cup of tea. Everyone praised Prince Rui for his courage and bravery. His martial arts was matchless and he helped the people get rid of evil. He was a huge hero of the Heaven Yuan dynasty!

Hence, ever since the battle, Prince Rui was no longer the King of Hell that everyone agonized. Instead, he was almost a God-like figure that all the common people respected.

Men admired him and women dreamt of being with him. Countless political figures attempted to send their daughters or nieces to Prince Rui’s residence in hopes that he might select them to be a concubine.

But obviously, all the women were sent back.

Of course, this will happen much later in the future!

Currently, Leng Jun Yu was still resting from his injury. Based on Dongfang Bai’s medical expertise, he concluded that Leng Jun Yu had to rest for a month before he could recover completely.

So, Leng Jun Yu and Le Yao Yao’s wedding plans were delayed until further notice.

Despite this news, Le Yao Yao wasn’t the slightest bit upset. After all, marriage was merely a ceremony. As long as she could be with the person she loved, she was already satisfied.

Due to Leng Jun Yu’s injury, he wasn’t expected to attend the Imperial Court for the whole month. Each day, Le Yao Yao and Leng Jun Yu slept and woke up in each other’s arms.

The moment they opened their eyes, the first thing they saw was each other.

After the whole evil cult experience, Le Yao Yao realized she was very useless whenever danger struck. She felt pathetic because she wasn’t able to protect herself. So, she decided that she had to learn martial arts!

But when she brought it up to Leng Jun Yu, he rejected her request immediately.

“You have this Prince. You do not need to learn martial arts.” Leng Jun Yu’s tone was firm and stern, but Le Yao Yao protested.

“No! I have to learn martial arts! Yu, after going through so much, I feel very useless. I can’t even protect myself and I become your burden! Soon, I will be our child’s mother. How could I protect my child when I can’t even protect myself?”

“It’s not that this Prince won’t let you learn martial arts, but your body is not suited for it. Not to mention, you’re pregnant right now. How could you learn?”

“Then, how about you teach me after I give birth? Pleaseeee?”

Le Yao Yao knew she had to act coquettishly in order to get her way. She knew if she flirted and acted cute, Yu would give in. So now, Le Yao Yao wrapped her arms around Yu’s narrow waist and lifted her little head to gaze at his face. She pouted her red lips and began to attempt her strategy.

Her voice was the honey type that would melt people’s bones. Leng Jun Yu could not handle this type of sweet attack and revealed a hopeless smile. “Oh, you!”

Le Yao Yao knew she had won and began to giggle. “Hehe! I know Yu loves me the most!”

“Haha! This Prince promises to teach you martial arts, but first you must take good care of your body and our child. Understand?”

“Yes, Yu! I promise to take good care of my body and give birth to a chubby, round baby!”

Le Yao Yao placed her hands on her bulging tummy. Nowadays, it was a habit. Lately, she had been eating a lot and her stomach was quite obvious now.

In a few months, she will be able to meet her baby! Would her child be a boy or a girl? Would he/she look like her or Yu? 

The more Le Yao Yao thought about it, the brighter she blossomed. She couldn’t wait!

Le Yao Yao had no idea the radiance she was giving off. Leng Jun Yu’s pupils narrowed and desired seeped in.

Gradually, Le Yao Yao noticed that Yu was transforming. The moment she made eye contact with his scorching pupils, her cheeks flushed. Le Yao Yao began to awkwardly laugh and mumbled, “Haha..uh..Yu… I have something to do, so I’m going to…”

“You want to leave? What makes you think you can leave so easily?”

Leng Jun Yu reached out his arm and wrapped it around Le Yao Yao. The corners of his mouth curved into a crafty smile. Le Yao Yao was trapped.

“Uh…” Le Yao Yao knew she could no longer escape and her face turned another shade redder. She whispered, “Yu, it’s broad daylight right now…!”

And they were in a pavilion! What if someone saw them? 

However, Leng Jun Yu laughed clear and brightly. He pinched Le Yao Yao’s cheeks that were smoother than a baby’s.

“So what if it’s under broad daylight? It’s not like we haven’t done intimate things during the day!”

“Shhh! Don’t be so loud! It’s so embarrassing if other people hear us!” squealed Le Yao Yao. She quickly reached out her hand to cover Leng Jun Yu’s mouth. Currently, she looked like a frustrated and shy bunny. Anyone who saw her would turn into a beast!

Leng Jun Yu aggressively kissed the middle of Le Yao Yao’s palm. Then, he slowly bent down and pressed his face lightly against one of Le Yao Yao’s red ears. He murmured, “Alright, if you’re shy, then…”

At this moment, Yu deliberately paused his raspy low voice.

Le Yao Yao gazed at him out of curiosity. “Then what?”

Leng Jun Yu revealed a twinkle in his eyes and Le Yao Yao knew she had fallen into a trap. Before she could react, Leng Jun Yu had picked her up horizontally.

“Ah, Yu!” she yelped.

“Haha, then we’ll just do it in the bedroom!” he laughed heartily.

Le Yao Yao began to fight back and started to twist her way out. “Yu! You’re so bad! Put me down! I don’t want to return to the bedroom!”

“Oh? You don’t want to return to the bedroom? Does that mean you’d rather be intimate out here?” he teased.

“Ehhhh!? Not even!!!”

Le Yao Yao knew she couldn’t beat Leng Jun Yu in a mouth battle. However, she felt like she lost so much face already. So this time, she decided to fight to the end!

However, her attempt was comparable to an ant fighting against an elephant. It was futile.

Suddenly, a painful groan came out of Yu’s mouth. Le Yao Yao instantly froze and recalled that Yu was still healing from an injury.

Thinking of this, she no longer dared to move. She lifted her little face and anxiously asked, “Yu, have I hurt you? Put me down and let me see!”

Leng Jun Yu frowned and said. “Yes, your movements hurt me. So, be good and don’t move.”

“Alright, then put me down. I’ll…”

“Shhh. Be good and stop talking.”

Then, Leng Jun Yu carried Le Yao Yao and walked straight back to Ya Feng Ge.

His steps are so steady! How’s he injured? 

By the time Le Yao Yao realized she was fooled again, it was too late. She was already placed down on the familiar bed and Leng Jun Yu was on top of her.


Leng Jun Yu accurately placed his lips over hers. His kiss was mostly dominant but there was also a small tender side; just like him.

Leng Jun Yu ate up all the words that Le Yao Yao wanted to say. His kiss was like poison extracted from a poppy. Le Yao Yao was completely intoxicated. In no time, her mind wasn’t able to think anymore. She felt as if she was floating on top of white fluffy clouds.

Suddenly, Le Yao Yao felt a breeze and realized all her clothes had been taken off aside from her pink undergarment that covered her chest and abdomen.

Wow, Yu’s speed has improved substantially

Also, somehow he had managed to take off all his clothes aside from his thin white pants.

The golden sun rays were shining through the window like gold. It was as if the golden rays had life and revealed Leng Jun Yu’s perfect body. Le Yao Yao saw the result of his years of training. Leng Jun Yu’s eight-pack was very evident and he was a buff man. It was as if his chest and everything else possessed boundless energy.

Le Yao Yao kept going and saw those long slender legs and the tent that was growing in the middle. It was a man’s proudest area.

Le Yao Yao’s cheeks turned hot when she saw Yu’s bird expanding underneath his pants. It was as if there was a blast of hot air coming from the bottom of her feet all the way to the tip of her head.

But she had no idea that Leng Jun Yu loved her shy expression. Regardless of how many times they had been intimate with each other, her face was always red. She looked so cute. Leng Jun Yu felt like a big bad wolf and wanted to devour every bit of her!

The desire in his eyes deepened. Leng Jun Yu shifted his hot kiss from Le Yao Yao’s mouth and began to kiss her forehead. Then, he shifted to her nose, chin, sexy collarbone, and snow white jade bunnies. Lastly, he began to suck on one of Le Yao Yao’s raisins.

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