Winter passed and Spring came. A new year had begun.

At this moment, the grass was just starting to sprout. Everywhere was an indication of early Spring.

The golden Sun hung highly in the air, emitting warmth across the land.

Currently, a woman was holding onto a slender soft sword (tl: maybe the type that bends easily?)

In the woman’s hand, the soft sword came alive. It was moving at an astounding speed, like a graceful dragon. Those who witnessed this captivating sight wouldn’t be able to look elsewhere.

That woman is no other than Le Yao Yao!

Leng Jun Yu had already left Le Yao Yao for five years. During this time, Le Yao Yao wasn’t afraid of suffering and pain. Aside from spending time with her son, she spent all her energy on her martial arts. It was as if she was using martial arts to fill the gap of Leng Jun Yu.

Each day, she would wake up early and sleep late.

Each day, she would tire herself out as if she was fighting in war.

Although Leng Jun Yu had been gone for years, the intensity of her love hadn’t lessen one bit. Instead, she actually missed him more as time went by.

During the most silent part of the night was when Le Yao Yao’s heart hurt the most. It was as if her heart was missing a corner. And that corner will never be filled by anyone else.

By refusing to stop until her limit, Le Yao Yao’s martial arts improved at an unbelievable pace; even the Tianshan Daoist was amazed.

After all, at first, the Tianshan Daoist only promised to accept her as a disciple because she was Leng Jun Yu’s beloved woman. At the time, he thought Le Yao Yao would give up after learning a few moves. Her body was weak and wasn’t suitable for fighting.

But Le Yao Yao ended up surpassing all his expectations. So, he decided to pass down all his martial arts to her.

Le Yao Yao didn’t disappoint the Tianshan Daoist. Within four years, she was already at a very respectable level.

At this moment, Le Yao Yao was practicing a new technique that her Sifu had just taught her.

Although it wasn’t hot, Le Yao Yao was soaked with sweat from her early practice. But, Le Yao Yao had no intentions to stop until she heard a crisp voice calling her.

“Mommy!” he squealed.


Hearing her son’s voice, Le Yao Yao immediately pulled back her soft sword and handed it to a eunuch standing off to the side. Then, she turned around.

Her son was running really fast. Just a few steps before he reached Le Yao Yao, he tripped and began to fall forward.

“Ahhh! Mommy…!” the little boy yelped. He was about to fall face down onto the ground. But right before he landed, a pair of snow white arms caught and embraced him.

“Xuan’er, are you alright? Mommy has told you many times not to run so fast! What if you fall down?” Le Yao Yao scolded. She hugged the meaty soft body as she crinkled her brows.

But Leng Yi Xuan pouted his lips and blinked his cute big eyes. He whimpered, “But I miss mommy! Mommy, please don’t be mad.”

Then, Leng Yi Xuan purposely made a cute face. He had inherited Le Yao Yao’s watery pupils and knew how to make the perfect puppy face.

Seeing this, Le Yao Yao’s frustrations all went out the window. “Oh you…”

Le Yao Yao felt hopeless as she lightly pinched Leng Yi Xuan’s cute little nose. Her eyes were filled with love.

Five years were neither short nor long. But the child in front of her had evolved from a baby into a child that could run and hop around.

Although her son was only slightly above her knees, his face was the younger clone of Leng Jun Yu.

The texture of his face was comparable to newly cracked hard boiled eggs. Although his eyebrows were light, it was obvious that they will eventually grow into very attractive looking sword-like brows.

His little nose was high up in the air, and he had cute tiny lips that were the colour of cherry blossoms. The only thing he had inherited from Le Yao Yao was her pair of watery eyes.

So, when Le Yao Yao gazed at her son, she couldn’t help but think of Yu…

Leng Yi Xuan felt neglected.

His mother was his! He won’t let his mommy think of other people! 

Thinking of this, Leng Yi Xuan reached his hand and tugged on Le Yao Yao’s hand. He cutely whined, “Mommy, Xuan’er is hungry.”

“Alright, let’s go over there for a snack.”

“Mm. Mommy is the best!”

Le Yao Yao felt as if she was drowning in sugar whenever she heard her son’s baby cheerful voice. She led him to the pavilion next to the garden.

Xue Ping and Xue Li were already there waiting for them. They had prepared a lot of pastries and fruits.

“Come, Xuan’er. Eat this cake! Auntie Xue Ping made this cake! Xuan’er, you love to eat cake, right?”

“No! Xuan’er, eat Auntie Xue Li’s osmanthus flakey pastries! It’s very crunchy and delicious!”

The moment Leng Yi Xuan sat down, both Xue Ping and Xue Li were striving for favour. They were fighting to feed Leng Yi Xuan their creations.

This was actually very common. Le Yao Yao wasn’t surprised. Because, Leng Yi Xuan was super adorable. He looked like a pure little angel. The moment he smiled, regardless of the old or young, women or men, they would be completely charmed by him.

If he were to crinkle his brows, everyone would fight to cheer him up.

Naturally, as his mother, Le Yao Yao was very happy that her son was so well-liked by everyone.

At this moment, Leng Yi Xuan took a bite of the cake and then another bite of the osmanthus flakey pastries. He was working hard as he munched on the desserts. Anyone witnessing this sight would love him to death.

“Wah! Xuan’er is soOOooOOoo cute! I can’t handle this anymore! I love you to death, Xuan’er! What am I going to do??!” Xue Li exclaimed. She looked like a love struck fool.

Hearing this, Le Yao Yao giggled. “Don’t let Xing hear you! Or else, he will get jealous!”

“Psssh. If he wants to eat vinegar, then go ahead! He can drown in it!” Xue Li declared with an unsatisfied expression. But everyone present knew Xue Li cared a lot about face.

After all, both Le Yao Yao and Xue Ping still recalled how Xue Li managed to chase Xing.

At the time, Xue Li tried to win Xing over with her cooking. She even gave him an embroidered pouch. But Xing remained unmoved.

It wasn’t until Xing got sick and Xue Li unconditionally took care of him that won him over.

After he healed, Xue Li had gotten ill. Naturally, Xing felt responsible and ended up taking care of her in return.

Just like that, sparks finally ignited between the two of them.

In the end, Le Yao Yao decided to match them together. Since Xing and Xue Li were both orphans that were saved by Leng Jun Yu, after their marriage, both remained by Le Yao Yao’s side.

Seeing how stubborn Xue Li was, Le Yao Yao and Xue Ping smiled at each other. “Oh? Do you really mean what you say? If Xing heard you, he’ll be so sad. You don’t care about him?” Le Yao Yao pretended to be in shock.

Xue Li’s lips remained stiff. “Pssh. Who cares about him? I don’t care!”

“Haha. Really?” Xue Ping asked from the side.

“Of course!”

Le Yao Yao acted like she saw something and opened her mouth. “Oh? Xing? You’re here?”

“What? X-Xing is here?!” Xue Li quickly turned around like a chicken that was getting its feather plucked. She looked anxious.

But when she saw no one behind her, Xue Li realized she had fallen into a trap. She was grumpy and furious.

“Haha. If you didn’t care, why would you be so nervous?” teased Le Yao Yao.

“Humph! I’m ignoring you guys! You two only know how to bully me!”

Xue Li’s cheeks turned pink and she stormed off.

Seeing this, Le Yao Yao and Xue Ping smiled at each other. Xue Ping commented, “I think the two of them must have had a fight.”

Xue Ping was the observant one. So, usually, she could detect many issues right away.

Le Yao Yao’s eyes flickered. She sighed. “It is common for couples to bicker once in a while. That’s what makes you appreciate each other.”

Sadly, she’ll never be able to bicker with Yu again. 

There was nothing more tragic than being separated from your loved ones. 

Thinking of this, Le Yao Yao’s heart ached.

But, she didn’t want others to see her weakness. So, whenever she was in public, Le Yao Yao always had a smile on her face.

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    1. The Favor war between the son and father will be intense… Hahahahaa poor LJY he will be a battered (due to Lying to LYY) and unfavored (due to his son, drink a barrel of vinegar first LJY) husband once he comes back

  1. Life moved on for everyone around Yao Yao. But her heart is still with Yu. Luckily she does have Xuan’er and her martial arts to fill some of hr loneliness.

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