After Dongfang Bai’s words, Le Yao Yao was determined not to give up on herself. She practically came back from the dead.

She must live well for her parents and child.

Everyone was relieved to see this change.

Due to Leng Jun Yu’s death, Nangong Jun Xi returned to his hometown with Tong Ya right away. Each day, Tong Ya would stay by Le Yao Yao’s side to accompany her.

Currently, both Le Yao Yao and Tong Ya were pregnant. Naturally, they shared some of their motherhood experiences. They could both feel their child growing inside of them.

Since Tong Ya’s personality was very cheerful by nature, Le Yao Yao would temporarily forget her sorrows whenever she was with her.

But when Yao Yao was by herself in the middle of the night, there was only one man who occupied her mind…

Today was a sunny day. There was not a single cloud in sight. Everyday at a specific hour, Tong Ya would come spend time with Le Yao Yao.

Since the weather was great, Tong Ya suggested going for a walk.

Thanks to Dongfang Bai’s godly expertise, Le Yao Yao had regained her eyesight after a few weeks of treatment. As a result, she naturally agreed to Tong Ya’s suggestion.

Aside from Xue Ping and Xue Li, the two of them got rid of all the other maidservants. Then, the group headed to the direction of the garden.

After a brief walk, Le Yao Yao felt tired. Since the two of them were pregnant, they were easily worn out.

Fortunately, there was a pond nearby. There was a pavillion surrounding the lotus pond.

Since it was still Summer, the lotuses were in full bloom. Hence, there was a strong scent of lotus flowers coming to welcome them.

Le Yao Yao was excited and couldn’t help but walked a bit faster.

At this moment, a water snake appeared on their path!

This was too sudden. Le Yao Yao had always been afraid of snakes. So, she screamed and fell forward.

But in front of her were a flight of steps.

She already lost Yu. She can’t lose Yu’s heir too! So, Le Yao Yao instinctively wrapped her arms around her stomach.

Even if she gets hurt, she must protect the child!

Just as Le Yao Yao was prepared to roll down the steps, she felt a strong breeze of wind passing by her. Then, her waist tightened and she regained her balance. She was standing steadily on the ground.

Slowly, her pounding heart calmed down. Le Yao Yao raised her pale white face and gazed at her savior.

Currently, standing next to her was an old man that had a youthful complexion but white hair.

This is probably what the Tianshan Daoist looks like. Hehe. Isn’t this guy hot? HEHEHE.

He was dressed in white and around his waist was a wine jug.

Despite his casual outfit, there was a faint immortal aura coming out of him.

Le Yao Yao could sense that the old man was no ordinary being.

Plus, he managed to get through all the guards and enter the Palace! He must be extraordinary! 

“Sifu, you’re finally back!” Tong Ya beamed.

“Haha, Ya’er, did you miss your Sifu?” the old man smiled.

Sources say that the Tianshan Daoist is incredibly powerful and righteous. Regardless of jianghu or the Imperial Court, he has very strong backing. 

In addition, since he is the sifu (master) of Prince Rui and the 7th Prince, he receives a lot of respect no matter where he goes. 

After figuring out who the old man was, Le Yao Yao quickly stepped forward and politely acknowledged him.

“I wish Sifu well.”

“Are you Yu’er’s wife?”


Le Yao Yao’s heart tightened when she heard Leng Jun Yu’s name. She was really sad but tried very hard to hide her sorrows.

Perhaps, the Tianshan Daoist could sense her pain. He sighed and said, “Yu’er didn’t have the good fortune to grow old with you, but please don’t be overly sad. Make sure you take good care of yourself. Or else, he will be worried in Heaven.”

Leng Jun Yu was his student for many years. The Tianshan Daoist had no children of his own. Hence, he treated his three disciples as his own blood.

Now that Leng Jun Yu had died, it actually broke his heart. However, since he was at an old age, he could see things under a different light. But since he was concerned for his disciple’s wife, he wanted to comfort her.

Then, the Tianshan Daoist continued talking to Tong Ya. Suddenly, Le Yao Yao thought of something and her eyes lit up. She turned hopefully at the Tianshan Daoist.

“Sifu, could you please accept me as your disciple? I want to learn martial arts!”

“What? You want to learn martial arts?!” Both Tong Ya and the Tianshan Daoist were stunned.

But he quickly snapped out of it as he stroked his beard. “Don’t you already have a lot of strong guards protecting you? Plus, you seem very weak. Aren’t you afraid of pain?”

“No, Sifu, the guards can’t always protect me. I will be a mother soon. I want to learn how to protect my child. What if my child gets into danger? I don’t want to always rely on others.”

At this point, Le Yao Yao lowered her head and patted her bulging tummy. A determined glint exited her eyes.

“So, please accept me as your disciple, Sifu! I am not afraid of pain!”

Le Yao Yao was scared that the Tianshan Daoist will reject her. So, she got down on her knees and began to continuously bow at him.

The Tianshan Daoist was flabbergasted. After all, Le Yao Yao was a pregnant woman right now. He was worried for her child!

So after a period of silence, the Tianshan Daoist agreed. “Alright, I’ll take you in as one of my disciples. I can see the fire within you. As long as you are determined and not afraid of pain, I will pass down all my martial arts to you!”

Le Yao Yao beamed. She gave one final sincere bow and exclaimed, “Thank you, Sifu! Please accept your student’s bow!”

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