Everyone immediately turned around towards the source of the voice. A figure dressed in yellow was heading their direction.

Instantly, all got down on their knees.

*bang* Le Yao Yao felt as if her mind had turned blank.

“Daddy? Daddy!?! I-is it really you?!?!”


Le Yao Yao ran and flung herself on the middle-aged man. Fortunately, the Emperor was rather big and sturdy. Or else, he would’ve fallen over from the impact.

The Emperor smiled kindly. “Silly girl, you’ve finally return. Did you want your Father Emperor and Mother Empress to miss you to death?”

Oh God! Is this real? Or is she dreaming? 

Le Yao Yao thought she would never see her parents ever again. But God was so kind to return her parents to her. Although they weren’t her biological parents in this era, Le Yao Yao felt like it was meant to be. She felt like the luckiest person on Earth.

Not only did she have her beloved parents by her side, she was going to marry the man that she loved. What more could she ask for?


After spending all afternoon reminiscing with the Empress, Le Yao Yao finally felt a sense of relief. Because, based on the Empress’s facial reactions, Le Yao Yao could tell Lulu’s personality was rather similar to hers. The Empress didn’t seem to question her identity at all.

So, Le Yao Yao was ecstatic!



The clear moonlight was gently spilling onto the rooftops, creating a pale silvery glow. It made the entire atmosphere look very dream-like.

If Le Yao Yao wasn’t pregnant right now, she would climb onto the rooftop to experience the view.

Lying on top, watching the night sky must be an awesome feeling! Ideally, her lover would be next to her and she would have several dishes plus a bottle of wine accompanying them. 

Thinking of this, the corners of Le Yao Yao’s mouth curved into a smile. She truly wished Leng Jun Yu was by her side.

Could he be staring out his window, looking at the moon while thinking of her at this very moment? 

Suddenly, Le Yao Yao heard someone pushing the door and entering the room. Then, the Empress’s tender voice echoed.

“I knew you wouldn’t be asleep.”

“Mother Empress, it’s so late. Why are you still awake?”

The Empress seized Le Yao Yao’s hand and slowly sat down on a seat next to her. “Mother Empress is too happy because you’re back. Mother Empress cannot sleep, so she decided to come see you.” (tl: I know this is very confusing but they always speak in third person. She is talking about herself.)

“Mother Empress…” Le Yao Yao was so touched that she lightly placed her head against the Empress’s shoulder and wrapped her hands around her. This was how she hugged her mother in the 21st century.

“Mother Empress’s hugs are the warmest.” Le Yao Yao sighed.

“Haha…” The Empress reached her elegant white hand and softly stroked Le Yao Yao’s long hair. She smiled. “In a few months, you’ll be a mother too, Lulu! Mother Empress can’t believe it. When Mother Empress first saw you, you were still learning how to walk. In a blink of an eye, you’ve grown so much…”

Le Yao Yao couldn’t help but pat her bulging tummy. Inside was her child with Yu!!

Thinking of this, Le Yao Yao couldn’t help but grin.

Seeing this, the Empress sighed. “Seeing how happy you are, Mother Empress feels relieved. In the past, you were determined to marry no one else but Xi’er (Nangong Jun Xi). It was also my wish to see you two together. After all, you’ve been by my side ever since you were a toddler. Mother Empress was afraid if you were to marry another man, you would be bullied. In addition, Mother Empress was selfish. I wanted to keep you by my side. Who would’ve thought that life will take such an unpredictable turn. Perhaps you and Xi’er were not meant to be. It’s fine. As long as you’re happy, Mother Empress is satisfied…”

Le Yao Yao was very touched and began to weep happily. The Empress’s eyes also redden as she wiped Le Yao Yao’s tears off her face. “Look at you! Don’t cry. If you cry, you’ll ruin your pretty face.”

“Mother Empress, I love you so much!” Le Yao Yao cried.

“Haha, Mother Empress loves you too. It’s time for you to go to bed. You are pregnant now. You need to rest more!”

“But Mother Empress, I want to sleep with you tonight.”

“Alright then. Mother Empress will sleep with Lu’er tonight.”

“Will Father Emperor be ok with that?” Le Yao Yao knew that the Emperor was sleeping over at the Empress’s residence tonight.

Although her dad had multiple wives in this era, Le Yao Yao could tell her dad really loved her mom.

“How can he compete with Mother Empress’s darling?”


That night, Le Yao Yao slept exceptionally well. She also had a wonderful dream. She dreamt that she was next to a luscious field. On the field was a lovely white house. In the house were her beloved parents and lover. A pair of fraternal twins were hugging her legs as they beamed and called her name.


The next day, Le Yao Yao was very well rested. Her face was pink even without makeup. She looked stunning.

With the help of Xue Li and Xue Ping, Le Yao Yao got ready and then went to have breakfast with the Empress.

By the time she had arrived at the Hall, the Empress was already there waiting for her.

“Mmmm! It smells so good! What’s for breakfast!?” Le Yao Yao was practically drooling.

“Haha. You’re such a gluttonous kitten. If you’re hungry, hurry and start to eat!”

The moment Le Yao Yao entered, she began to sniff very forcefully. With one hand on her tummy and her nose in the air, she looked extremely adorable. The servants on shift couldn’t help but giggle secretly.

Since Le Yao Yao was pregnant, her appetite was very big. The Empress finished far sooner than Le Yao Yao and began to place a lot of items in Le Yao Yao’s bowl.

“Here! These are all your favourite dishes!”

“Mm. Thank you, Mother Empress!”

Eventually, Le Yao Yao finally satisfied her stomach and placed down the chopsticks. Seeing this, the servants removed all the dishes and brought in the fruits and desserts.

After all the eating was done, Le Yao Yao went to take a stroll with the Empress. But since the Empress was the boss of the Emperor’s harem, she had a lot of work to do. So, soon, she returned back to her Feng Chao Gong.

Le Yao Yao wasn’t tired yet, and decided to explore the area with Xue Ping and Xue Li. After all, she had no memories of the past!

Also, she will be getting married in a few days. The Palace had already prepared all the outfits. Since the Empress thought Le Yao Yao was going to marry her son, she had prepared everything years ago. As a result, Le Yao Yao didn’t have to rush to try on any outfits. All she had to do was wait until the day she gets married.

It had already been eleven days since she last saw Yu. She really missed him!

“Yu, hurry and come get me. I miss you so much!” Le Yao Yao sighed to the sky. Behind her, the twins looked at each other and smiled.

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