Le Yao Yao wasn’t sure if she was dead or what. When she opened her eyes, she thought she had fallen into an ice cave. She felt frozen.

Is she dead? Is this Hell? Why else would it be so cold? 

Le Yao Yao slowly fluttered her eyes open and looked around her.

No wonder she was freezing. She was literally in an ice cave!

She was lying on a bed made of ice. In fact, everything around her was made of ice.

But what shocked her the most was the person lying by her side. He appeared to be asleep.

His face was flawless. He had brows similar to bamboos, nose from a china doll, lips as red as cherry. In addition, his closed eyelashes were thick and dark like a black fan. The shadow underneath his eyes made his five features appear even more stunning!

This was a face that could devastate a country!

Le Yao Yao observed again and noticed the man’s hair was very long. His hair went all the way down to the floor.

To be honest, if Le Yao Yao did not see the Adam’s apple on his throat, she might have assumed the person was a woman!

The man was wearing a long red robe. The red was so bright that it looked like the colour of fresh blood. It was very eye catching but freaky as well.

He was like an enchanting poppy. Eventually, the man seemed to have sensed her gaze and opened his eyes.

Le Yao Yao could see astonishment, disbelief, and then excitement flashing through his eyes. She felt overwhelmed.

But by the time she came to her senses, the man had already wrapped her into his embrace. He exclaimed, “Xin’er. You’re alive! Oh God! I knew you wouldn’t bear to leave me all by myself!”


Xin’er? Who’s that? 

Could she be dead and transmigrated into someone else’s body? 

Le Yao Yao was guessing. After all, she had transmigrated once. Perhaps it happened again.

Thinking of this, Le Yao Yao was too stunned to speak.

“Oh God! Thank God! Xin’er, is this real? You’ve awoken!?! I’ve missed you so much! Everyday, I would watch you lay here with no signs of life. I really thought you have cruelly abandoned me. I was going to join you. But luckily, you’re here… you’re back…”

The man was very hysterical. Le Yao Yao could feel him shaking as he held onto her. However, she was numb and confused on the inside.

“Xin’er, what’s wrong? Why are you not saying anything?”

Le Yao Yao looked up and realized the man was crying. His eyelashes were filled with tears that glistened like crystals. They hung on his eyelashes and then rolled down his cheeks.

“Who are you? And who am I?” Le Yao Yao asked.

“What?!” The man froze and stared at Le Yao Yao. He even forgot to cry.

“Xin’er. Y-you’ve lost your memory? How could this be?”


Memory loss? Well, if she really transmigrated into someone else’s body, then she wouldn’t have any memory of the previous owner. So, it wouldn’t be surprising if she had forgotten this man in front of her.

Based on how distraught he appeared to be, their relationship must be quite deep. Were they a couple?

Le Yao Yao was uncertain. So, she asked, “Could you hand me a mirror?”


The reflection from the mirror was the face she had transmigrated into. The little black mole on her ear was still there as well. So why was this man calling her Xin’er?

Le Yao Yao slowly lowered the mirror and gazed at the man. He looked approximately 25 years of age. He was very attractive and seemed around 190cm.

Perhaps, the man noticed the doubt in Le Yao Yao’s eyes. All of a sudden, he grabbed both of her hands. “Xin’er, it’s fine if you’ve forgotten the past. You being alive is good enough.”

The man sounded very sincere. It was obvious he had strong feelings towards her.

“Sorry, you have the wrong person. I don’t know you.”

Le Yao Yao knew it was cruel but she didn’t want to lie to the guy. His lover must have died and he had mistaken her as her.

But she had never seen him before, so how could she be his lover? This was the body she had transmigrated into. 

How did she get here in the first place? 

Le Yao Yao looked around. Everything was icy. It was cold enough for a person to freeze to death.

The man turned even more emotional. He tightened his grip on Le Yao Yao. “No, I didn’t recognize the wrong person. How could I mistaken you as someone else? You’re Xin’er, my wife. Even if you were to turn into dust, I would recognize you!”

“Ahh, you’re hurting me. Let go!”

“I’m s-sorry. Xin’er. I didn’t mean to hurt you. Are you hurt anywhere? Let me see?”

The man began to attempt to take off Le Yao Yao’s clothes. Le Yao Yao’s eyes widened and she shrieked. “No! I’m not hurt anywhere. Don’t get close to me!”

Le Yao Yao had her hands crossed over her chest. Her eyes were filled with distrust as she stared at the man.

Her reaction definitely hurt him. “Xin’er, you’re my wife. I’m your husband…” his voice cracked.

“No! I’m not your wife. You have the wrong person! I don’t know how I got here but trust me, I’m not your wife!”

Oh God! What’s wrong with him? Why’s he crying again? Is he made of water? Now he looks like a puppy that has been abandoned by his owner. 

Le Yao Yao felt bad and softened her approach. “Don’t cry.”

She really didn’t know how to deal with people who cry.

But the man began to sob even louder.

“Xin’er, how could you be like this? How could you forget me…? We’ve been married for three years. We shared so many wonderful memories together. You can forget the past, but you can’t say I recognize the wrong person. You’re my wife and I’m your husband. That’s a fact. Please stop saying hurtful words to me. It makes me so sad…”

Le Yao Yao could feel his hot tears on her shoulder. She felt hopeless.

But she knew her first priority was to leave this icy place. She couldn’t stop shivering.

“Could we leave here before we chat? It’s too cold in here.”

“Oh I’m sorry for my carelessness, Xin’er.” But he didn’t release her. Instead, he picked her up horizontally.

“W-what are you doing?” she stuttered.

The man’s mouth curved into a smile. “Let me carry you. I haven’t carried you like this in such a long time.” Then, the man choked with emotions once more.

When he carried her out of the icy place, Le Yao Yao’s eyes lit up.

They were actually in a place of ice and snow. The world around them was silver!

She could see the clouds all around her. In fact, she could touch them because they were hovering very low in midair. The sky was all white, but the ground was all white too; it was hard to tell them apart.

She recalled it was a hot summer day. How could she be in a frozen land all of a sudden? Could she have slept for a long period of time? 

No. If it had been months, then her stomach would’ve grown in size. Someone must have brought her here. 

Thinking of this, Le Yao Yao turned to the man, “Where is this place?”

“Xin’er, this is Sheng Nu Mountain. This is where the evil cult resides.”

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