Surprise 5

Context: Xin’er thought someone was injured on the road because she heard a girl moaning. Xuan’er could tell the difference between a pleasure moan and an injured moan, but Xin’er was too innocent. She insisted on getting off the horse carriage to check on the person. Xuan’er had no choice but to follow her. When Xin’er saw a couple having sex in the meadow, she was bewildered. She watched from afar as the couple tried out multiple sex positions. But Xuan’er was turning really hot from this and he couldn’t help but wrap his arms around Xin’er. He pressed his body against hers and she could tell he was having a reaction (his little bro was poking her from behind XD). Xuan’er tried to suppress it though. So, right now, he’s sweating from enduring. But silly Xin’er thought he was crying.


“Xuan, are you suffering a lot? Please don’t cry!”

Aside from having sex with him, she was willing to do anything to make him happy.

Leng Yi Xuan had a blank expression on his face. Cry?? He’s not crying though!?

After a few seconds of confusion, Xuan’er realized Xin’er had mistaken his drops of sweat as drops of tears.

He couldn’t help but burst into laughter. Ever since he had grown up, he had never cried before. Because to him, there was nothing worth his tears in this world. This silly girl actually thought he would cry? Does he seem that weak in her eyes?

Leng Yi Xuan was going to explain to Xin’er, but she spoke again before he could.

This time, Xin’er’s volume was very low. She was mumbling, but Leng Yi Xuan could tell it had taken a lot of courage for her to get to this point.

“Xuan…umm.. Aside from what those two are doing, I-I-I’m willing to do anything….as long as it can decrease your suffering…” she stuttered.

By now, her face was as red as a monkey’s butt. Xin’er wanted to find a hole and hide herself.

Oh God! She’s an unmarried woman! How could she say such words in front of a guy?? What’s the difference between her and a prostitute?

Xin’er suddenly shoved Xuan away. Leng Yi Xuan had assumed she was going to run like always, but instead, she sat on his lap.

“Xin’er, you….”

Leng Yi Xuan was dumbfounded. He didn’t know how to react. Because, he had never seen Xin’er so brave before.

But doesn’t she know she’s playing with fire right now?

“Xin’er, do you know what you’re doing?”

Xuan’er couldn’t hide the excitement from his voice.

“Please don’t misunderstand, I-I won’t actually do that stuff with you…” Xin’er could tell Xuan’er’s mind were filled with dirty thoughts. She was worried he will get too stimulated and pounce on her!

Now, Xuan’er’s face was filled with disappointment. “You don’t want to….with me….but right now…”

“Aside from that, isn’t there anything else that can make you happy?”

Last time, when she was kidnapped, she saw lots of porno posters at the brothel. Also, the two people from the meadow had changed to a lot of different postures too.

There was one that the girl used her mouth to suck the guy’s xx…

She saw how happy the guy was. So, Xin’er wondered if it would have the same effect on Xuan’er?

All of a sudden, Xuan’er eyes lit up with passion again. “Oh Xin’er. My Xin’er.. You’re so sweet…” he murmured.

Xuan’er could no longer hold back as he seized her little hand and wildly kissed her sweet lips again. His hands were swimming all over her silky skin.

Xin’er felt as if Xuan’s hands were filled with magical powers. Every spot that he touched made her feel like she was getting burn.

She couldn’t help but tremble. “Xuan….”

“Xin’er, if you want to make me happy, let me make you happy first. Later, you can follow what I’m about to do to you…” Xuan’s voice began to crack. In this silent night, it sounded very hot.

Deep down, Xin’er was afraid but also looked forward to this new experience. Her body was very stiff and nervous though.

Perhaps Xuan’er could sense this, so he whispered in her ears. “Xin’er, relax. I’m going to let you feel what joy is…”

“Mmhm..” Xin’er gulped down her saliva and nodded. Then, she tried her best to relax.

Xuan’er started to kiss lower and lower. He went down her chin, to her delicate neck, collarbone, and so on.

She didn’t know why, but she felt so dizzy and overwhelmed by the kisses. Before she knew it, she felt cool air all over her body. Xuan’er had taken off all her clothes!

Now, she was all naked on the grassy field.

“Ahhh..Xuan!” Xin’er was trying to cover herself with her hands. Her face was boiling hot. Steam was about to come out.

Seeing this, Leng Yi Xuan was melting. “Xin’er, there’s no need to cover in front of me. Do you know how beautiful you are right now? You’re so beautiful…. Your beauty is staggering!“

Honestly, he was telling the truth. The woman below him had both boobs and ass. Her skin was white as snow, hair flowing down like waterfall, delicate face, and there was a subtle fragrance too…

Any normal man would be turned on! Perhaps, even a saint wouldn’t be able to hold back!

Leng Yi Xuan removed Xin’er’s hands from her breasts and kissed her lips. “Xin’er, you’re mine! You’re mine!”

While Xin’er wasn’t paying attention, Xuan’er spread her legs wide.

Then, he bent down and placed his head in between.

“Ah! No! Xuan! It’s…dirty there!!!” Xin’er could feel something wet, slimy, and soft swimming in her forbidden kingdom. She wanted to crash her head against the wall.

Oh God! Is Xuan insane? How could he put his tongue there??

On the contrary, Xuan’er was extremely delighted. He chuckled, “It’s not dirty at all. It’s sweet….”

Also, all he wanted to do was let her experience pleasure. So, Leng Yi Xuan worked really hard to try to please Xin’er.

Gradually, Xin’er could feel an unfamiliar sensation. Her body was starting to react, and waves of liquid started to come out of her. She couldn’t control it…

It was such a magical feeling. She couldn’t explain it in words.

Suddenly, she felt as if she was flying to the highest peak. She couldn’t think anymore…


LOL I hope you found this satisfying!!! <3   This is the end of the surprise! Perhaps when we hit 5 million, I’ll post more! It’s really tough nowadays because many aggregators steal my views. Now that the novel is finished, very few readers come visit my site. :((((. If you’re reading this, thanks for being a loyal reader! <3   

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