Surprise 4

Context: Xin’er was kidnapped by some men and sold to the brothel. The brothel lady paid 1000 silver taels for her (because Xin’er super gorgeous & she thinks Xin’er will be her money tree).

All the rooms in the brothel has a plant that makes people horny if they inhale it. Xiner didn’t know, so she inhaled too much and now she’s high.

She had hallucinations and was almost raped by a man. But Xuan’er showed up just in time and saved her. After Xuan’er and his people beat up all the bad guys, Xuan’er carried Xin’er into the horse carriage.

This is the scene when they were inside the horse carriage.


At this moment, Xin’er’s cheeks were abnormally red. Her eyes were unfocused and her mouth was slightly open. She was making these faint pants as she subconsciously began to tug on her clothes.

Seeing this, Leng Yi Xuan seemed to have figured it out. His eyes were filled with disbelief. “Xin’er, you’ve been drugged?”

Xin’er didn’t know what was happening. Her mind was muddled and she felt as if she was floating on clouds.

In addition, she was so hot right now. The heat seemed to be coming from within her body, making her feel very uncomfortable.

Furthermore, her lower body felt like it was itchy and swelling (tl: that does not sound sexy LOL). It was filled with energy. She needed to release it…

“Xuan, wuwu… I feel so unwell.. What’s wrong with me? Am I about to die?”

Xin’er continued to rip her clothes off. In no time, she felt cool air around her breasts and felt much better.

Xuan’er was just staring. Right now, Xin’er had stripped to the point where her snow white bunnies were popping out. Although her boobs weren’t super massive, they looked like soft steam buns that had just came out of the steamer. Not only that, the two pink raisins were already perky. Xuan’er thought they looked absolutely delicious.

Xuan’er’s eyes lit up with desire and his mouth turned dry. His Adam’s apple rolled.

After all, he was a normal man. He was naturally horny. Plus, the woman in front of him was someone he was very attracted to. If he wasn’t sexually aroused, something must be wrong with him!

But, Xuan’er knew that Xin’er was only acting like this because of the aphrodisiac.

However, he was having difficulties holding back. Xuan’er bent down and kissed Xin’er on the lips.

But at the last moment, he stopped himself.

If Xin’er wakes up later and finds out he forced her into doing something she didn’t give consent to, she would hate him forever!

So, Leng Yi Xuan backed away. But at that moment, Xin’er wrapped her smooth arms around his neck and locked him in position.

Xin’er kissed Xuan’er right in the mouth and pressed her boobs against his chest.

Xuan’er felt as if there was an electric current running through his body. The moment of hesitation he had was completely gone. If he still has any self-control left, he wouldn’t be a man!

So, Xuan’er held Xin’er’s face with his hands and deepened the kiss between them. He stuck out his tongue and began his attack as he pried open her mouth and suck all of her sweet juice.

Xin’er was breathing heavily as Leng Yi Xuan’s hand began to touch all over her body. Xin’er’s skin was comparable to a newborn baby. Xuan’er wanted more and more.

Likewise, Xin’er also felt the same. RIght now, she felt as if she was lying on a burning stove. In front of her was cool spring water. It would save her from this scorching heat.

She really wanted the cool spring water…

So, Xin’er continuously held onto the spring water and wouldn’t let go. But she had no idea that she was playing with fire.

RIght now, her hair was draped over her shoulders and a bit messy; but that didn’t affect her beauty at all. In fact, it made her appear more charming.

Xin’er’s lips were red and puffy from Xuan’er’s kiss. Gradually, Xuan’er moved his kiss down. He went from the chin to the neck. Then the collarbone and below.

With every kiss, Xuan’er added a love mark.

Ultimately, Xuan’er’s lips arrived on one of Xin’er’s jade bunnies and he began to deeply suck on it.

His other hand was molding the other jade bunny. Xuan’er felt as if Xin’er was God’s creation for him.

His tongue caused the raisin to look even perkier than before. At the same time, Xin’er was moaning in a very sensual way. Her reaction was stimulating him even more.

Now, Leng Yi Xuan’s bird was expanding into a big bird.

He wants her so badly!

“Xin’er, I love you!”

Then, Xuan’er kissed Xin’er’s flat tummy. WIth his other hand, he torn off the rest of her clothes.

Xin’er’s snow white legs were revealed. Her skin quality was excellent.

In between her long, slender legs was the forbidden kingdom.

Xuan’er gulped down his saliva and his eyes flickered. Right now, he looked like a starving beast that hadn’t eaten in ten thousand years. His prey was right in front of him…

Xin’er had no idea how much danger she was in. She just felt like she was going to turn insane from the heat.

Her eyes were barely opened and she saw a figure swaying in front of her. Without thinking, she wrapped her legs around the man’s waist.

She weakly moaned, “Xuan, I’m having a hard time… where are you?”

Currently, Xuan’er’s forehead was covered in sweat. He replied in his raspy voice. “I’m here!”

“Xuan, help me. I’m so hot… I need help… please..please…”

Xin’er felt much better when she heard Leng Yi Xuan’s voice. Even during her confused moments, his voice had the ability to calm her soul. On an unconscious level, Xuan’er was already her Heaven and Earth; her everything. As long he was there, she wasn’t afraid of anything.

Xuan’er began to take off his waist belt and clothes. Soon, he was also naked.

The horse carriage had a faint yellow light emitting from a pearl that glowed in the dark. The lighting made the atmosphere feel even more intimate.

Xuan’er got on top of Xin’er and was about to release his swelling bird. But suddenly, he felt the body going limp. Xin’er had fainted.

Seeing this, Leng Yi Xuan yelled. “Xin’er! Are you okay?! Xin’er!?!”

Leng Yi Xuan picked up the unconscious woman and shook her in his arms. But no matter how hard he shook her, she wouldn’t wake up.


So close, yet so far.. Poor Xuan’er. His bird must be burning! LOL

I hope you liked this! <3   

Surprise 5

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