Surprise 3

But Xuan’er knew he couldn’t hold back anymore. So, to prevent any regrets, he released her. “Why don’t you leave first?”

Xin’er quickly stood up and grabbed the rest of her clothes as she ran out the door.  (-_-” He probably could’ve gotten laid. So stupid. –__–”

However, after Xin’er ran ten steps or so, she slowed down. Deep down, she knew she should leave. But for some reason, it was as if her feet were glued to the ground. It wouldn’t budge.

She could tell Xuan’er was trying very hard to suppress himself. Although she wasn’t a man, she could somehow feel his suffering.

Maybe she should help him out?

After a moment of hesitation, Xin’er bit her lips and made up her mind. She turned around and returned back to Xuan’er.

Currently, his back was facing her so he didn’t realize she had returned. Xin’er bent down and grabbed his hand.

When Xuan’er felt her touch, his whole body shook. He didn’t expect her to return. His voice was hoarse. “I thought you didn’t want me to touch you. Why did you return?”

“But, you’re suffering a lot right now, aren’t you?” Xin’er innocently asked.

Before she could react, she felt the sky spinning and Xuan’er was on top of her again.

“Xin’er, I let you go earlier, but you came back. Now….” he growled.

Leng Yi Xuan gazed at her like he wanted to devour her whole. Xin’er was starting to regret coming back. She was scared of his facial expression.

But her fearful expression was so cute to Leng Yi Xuan. He felt as if she was a bunny that had fallen into a hungry wolf’s den.

However, the hungry wolf isn’t going to let her go a second time. Because, the wolf was hungry…..

“I know you’re really scared right now. I know you’re not ready for me yet. I won’t force you. But….” Leng Yi Xuan’s eyes flickered. He seized Xin’er hand and brought it to his xx.

Xin’er felt as if her mind had exploded into mush. She couldn’t think at all.

Oh God! S-s-s-s-she was holding onto…

That hard, huge, burning stick….

Filled with unlimited energy…

It was a monster!!! A monster crying for her!

Xin’er wanted to let go right away. Because, the monster was more scary than she thought!

But it was as if Xuan’er could see through her thoughts. He tightened his grip so that Xin’er could feel every inch of his bird.

At this point, Xin’er wanted to burst into tears. But Leng Yi Xuan’s seductive voice entered her ears.

“I’m really struggling right now. Please help me.” he pleaded in desperation.

Xin’er had never heard Xuan’er sound like this before. Likewise, she had never seen him make a face like this before.

So, she really wanted to help him ease his suffering.

She began to slowly move her hand in the movement that Xuan’er wanted. She was stroking his xx.

Xuan’er was delighted. Honestly, if he could, he wouldn’t ask her to do something she wasn’t comfortable with. Surprisingly, she was actually willing to help him.

Leng Yi Xuan felt continuous waves of desires. He wanted to moan like a beast, but he tried to suppress the sound.

Right now, his hands were clenched into fists as he enjoyed Xin’er’s hand job.

As for Xin’er, her face was red like a ripe tomato. She couldn’t believe what she was doing.

Oh God! This is unbelievable! She should stop, but yet, her hands weren’t obeying her instructions!

Xin’er continued to pluck the radish.

Right now, she couldn’t tell if her hand job was actually helping him or causing him more pain. Xuan’er looked like he was trying to restrain himself.

Eventually, Xin’er’s hands were sore. Suddenly, Xuan’er made a low growl and Xin’er felt something sticky squirting onto her palm.


Xin’er stared at the whitish liquid dripping down her palm and froze…


After that event, Xin’er hid from Xuan’er for five days! She felt like she had lost all face. Every time she recalled what happened that night, her heart beat would accelerate and she couldn’t stop blushing.

Perhaps Leng Yi Xuan knew what she was going through, so he let her be. After all, he was also embarrassed about that night.

Also, he was already 18 this year, yet still a virgin! God!

He had never allowed any women near him. Yet, Xin’er was holding his xx….

In the past, he was the only one who’ve touched it (tl: he forgot his childhood lololol)

Anyhow, Xin’er had begged Lu Fu and they switched jobs again. In order to avoid Leng Yi Xuan, Xin’er would vanish whenever she knew Xuan’er was about to arrive.

Surprise 4


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