Surprise 2

After Surprise 1, Xin’er basically ran away (a bit traumatized). Here’s another steamy scene. The second part will be continued in the next post (Surprise 3). These are just random sexy moments they have together.


The afternoon went by in a blink of an eye. Currently, Xin’er was freaking out like mad. Because, tonight, she had to serve Leng Yi Xuan with his bath.

This was a huge challenge for her, ok?

After all, she had always been taught that women and men should keep a proper distance from each other…

Also, she was a girl. How could she serve a man in his bath

Xin’er was feeling unstable as she paced back and forth outside of the bathroom. She couldn’t gather enough courage to enter.

After an hour later, a voice came out from within. “Why are you still outside? Come in.”

Xin’er finally snapped back to reality and slowly pushed the door open with both her hands.

The door squeaked and she was instantly welcomed by the hot moist air. There was a strong fragrance of yulan magnolia.

Xin’er sniffed the air and thought the scent was refreshing.

Then, she gazed around her surroundings. Although she had been here previously, she didn’t look around this extravagant man-made pool last time.

The area was around 200 square metres. The floor was covered with jade stones. There was a fake mountain and a pavilion with light muslin lightly swaying on the side. Furthermore, there were bead curtains and a hot spring.

The smoky atmosphere made everything looked like paradise or fantasy land.

Xin’er’s mouth was wide opened.

As expected, only the richest of the rich could afford a lifestyle like this.

Wait a second. Where’s Yi Xuan? Didn’t he tell her to come in?

Xin’er scanned her eyes around the room. But there wasn’t a person in sight.

Suddenly, there was a *wa la* sound in front of her, and water splashed everywhere.

Xin’er was so stunned that she took a step back and fell down on her bum.

However, she was mesmerized by the scene in front of her.

Leng Yi Xuan’s shiny long black hair splashed out of the water in a very graceful manner. It spun in mid air and revealed his sexy sword-like brows. His eyelashes were glistening with droplets and enhanced his black pupils.

Furthermore, his nose was straight and smooth. Below were his pink, moisturized lips. Underneath the candlelight, it was like a captivating oriental cherry.

As her eyes continued downwards, there was a sensual looking Adam’s apple and a defined looking collarbone.

Xin’er’s eyes scanned across his broad shoulders and manly chest.

His definition is on point. He’s comparable to an African cheetah!

When her eyes went lower, she noticed the fit abdominal muscles…the rest was covered by the misty hot spring.

However, Xin’er’s face still turned pink. Because last time, she had seen Yi Xuan’s xx.

So now, even though she couldn’t see it, she could picture it in her mind.

Xin’er hated how her memory was so good. She could remember every part of Yi Xuan’s body. Ahhhhhh!

So now, she used her hands to cover her burning cheeks. She looked down and didn’t dare to make eye contact with Xuan’er.

Seeing this, Leng Yi Xuan laughed out loud. “Come over and help me massage my back.”

Leng Yi Xuan was already resting his arms on the ledge. To be honest, Xin’er really didn’t want to go over. Nonetheless, after a few seconds of hesitation, she stood up and slowly walked over. Then, she bent down.

Currently, Leng Yi Xuan had a mischievous smirk on his face. Xin’er couldn’t take it and tried to cover his eyes with her hand. “Can you please not stare at me like that?” she whispered.

After all, they were alone and he was naked. It was wrong of him to be so…so inappropriate!

It was as if Leng Yi Xuan could read her mind. He pulled down her hand and kissed the middle of Xin’er’s palm. “Alright.” he murmured.

But, the kiss felt like fire to Xin’er. She instantly retracted her hand.

By now, Xuan’er had closed his eyes again. But the cunning grin remained on his face. Xin’er was both flustered and mad.

Ultimately, she decided to be obedient and started to massage his shoulders. Xuan’er’s shoulders were very stiff. So, Xin’er was very focused on loosening them.

She could see that her boss’s facial features were starting to relax. He looked very satisfied. For some reason, Xin’er felt proud of herself. After all, she’s the one who could make him feel so good!

An hour later, Xin’er was starting to feel tired and sore. She stopped her movements and realized Xuan’er had fallen asleep.

Xin’er was surprised, but took the opportunity to observe her boss.

He looks far less intimidating when his eyes are closed.

Actually, they were only two years apart. Yet, he has accomplished so much more than her.

He’s an amazing man.

At this moment, Xin’er noticed how thick Leng Yi Xuan’s eyelashes were. They looked like two black brushes. Also, his nose bridge was so straight. She couldn’t help but reach her finger out to trace his nose.  

But, she was afraid to wake Xuan’er. So, her touch was super light. Suddenly, Xuan’er seized her wrist. It was as if she had been caught like a guilty thief.


Xin’er panicked and fell straight into the hot spring.

But, she was caught by Leng Yi Xuan. Unfortunately, she was completely soaked.

“Ah! What are you doing? My clothes are soaked!”

“Haha. So what? Just pretend you’re taking a bath.”

Xin’er heart began to race.

Especially when she realized Xuan’er was hugging her naked.

At this moment, Xin’er’s thin white dress was glued onto her body. In the water, her body looked transparent. In fact, Xuan’er could see the pink undergarment and the two perky raisins greeting him.

Honestly, as long as he used a bit of strength and thrust, he wouldn’t have to endure so much suffering. But he didn’t want her to hate him.

Instead, Leng Yi Xuan’s eyes flickered. He had one arm around Xin’er and the other one was holding onto her hand.

He kissed her hand. “Don’t be scared. As long as you’re unwilling, I won’t force you.” he murmured.

However, it was as if Xuan’er’s hand had another mind of its own. It began to swim all over Xiner’s body.

Suddenly, he touched her foot.

Wow, what a tiny foot!

Xuan’er could feel Xin’er stiffening. He gazed at her flushed cheeks. Currently, Xin’er was avoiding eye contact and looking everywhere but him.

She looked so pitiful and cute. Seeing this, Xuan’er was even more turned on. His loins were tense and roaring. He really needed to release.

At this time, Xuan’er had placed Xin’er on the ledge of the hot spring. He was closing in on her.

“Why did you return? I thought you weren’t willing to serve me?” he slurred. (tl: You’re the big boss. Pssh, you make it sound as if she could say no?)

Xuan’er lifted Xin’er’s chin in a flirtatious manner. Now, her jade bunnies were fully in his face.

Xin’er was such a gorgeous girl. Her skin was snow white, and she didn’t have a single flaw on her face. Her lips were sweet like honey. Which other man wouldn’t go insane for her?

Although her jade bunnies weren’t as round and voluminous as other women, they looked very delicate and delicious.

Xuan’er had one hand securing Xin’er’s head, while his other hand began to swim all over her body.

By the time Xin’er knew what was happening, all her clothes had been removed. She was afraid, but at the same time, she craved more of this odd sensation.

Xuan’er began to deepen his kiss. Since he was so much taller than Xin’er, they were around the same height even though she was sitting on the ledge.

Xin’er felt as if she was being electrocuted. Suddenly, Xuan’er began to massage one of her foot.

He started to press on a certain spot, and Xin’er felt her entire body reacting. She felt high and couldn’t help but arch up her body as she enjoyed climax for the first time. (tl: I never knew there was such thing as foot orgasm…I had to google it O_O)

“Aaaaaaaahhhh..!” she cried.

Xuan’er’s hand continued being naughty. He went down to her forbidden kingdom and began to finger her.

Xin’er’s entire body began to tremble with desire. She tried to pull away but obviously failed. She couldn’t help but started moaning lightly.

“No…uuuahhhh.. Ahhhh.. Please…” she pleaded weakly.

Xin’er had no idea what was happening to her. She felt as if she was sick.

Xuan’er continued his lustful kiss as he repeatedly thrust his finger in her.

Xuan’er was very pleased by her reaction. He was going wild. It was as if his whole body was on fire.

Although he had never done the deed, it didn’t mean he was clueless. However, Xin’er was really testing his limits by squirming around so much.

“Xin’er…” he whispered in a hoarse voice.

Xin’er didn’t dare to move. Should she help him out? He has treated her so well

Xuan’er could tell Xin’er was starting to accept him. She was responding to his kiss. Her moans were intoxicating. She had opened her mouth and begun tangling her tongue with his.

I will be posting the continuation in SURPRISE 3 in a few days! 😉 Stay tuned!

Surprise 3

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