Surprise 1

Hours later, Leng Yi Xuan didn’t show up, but his pageboy, Lu Fu did.

Lu Fu appeared to be in distress. Seeing this, Xin’er assumed the worst.

Could there have been an accident?

Could the strange doctor refuse to cure her little brother?  

Xin’er frantically ran to Lu Fu. “Ah Fu, what’s wrong? Could it be that the strange doctor rejected my brother?”

Xin’er was about to burst into tears. Lu Fu figured Xin’er had mistaken. He shook his head. “No, don’t worry. As long as our Master steps in, there’s nothing that can’t be done!” Lu Fu proudly stated.

“Then why do you look so stressed? What’s the matter?”

“My family just came and told me that my wife is about to give birth! I have to rush back!”

“Wow, congratulations! Then, go??!!” Xin’er exclaimed.

But Lu Fu didn’t look happy at all. “I want to go home too. But Master is almost back. I’m responsible for serving Master’s baths on a daily basis. If I leave, who will serve Master?”

“Ah?? Then what are you going to do? Can’t you get someone else to replace you?”

Suddenly, Lu Fu’s eyes lit up and he grabbed both of Xin’er’s hand. He pleaded, “Xin’er, please help me serve Master’s bath!”

“What?! No way!?”

Although she was Leng Yi Xuan’s personal maid, she almost died from nervousness while helping him change this morning. How can she serve him in his bath?

Plus, she’s a woman!!

But actually, it was common in many wealthy households to have maids serve their masters or ladies’ baths. Xin’er had never served anyone before, so she naturally didn’t know.

However, Lu Fu was so desperate that he looked like he was going to cry and get down on his knees. So, Xin’er ended up saying yes in the end.

Lu Fu is a nice guy…aiii.. But now what? Is she really going to serve Leng Yi Xuan’s bath?

Xin’er was conflicted.


After dealing with Xin’er’s younger brother’s issue, Leng Yi Xuan rushed back to his residence. Initially, he wanted to go see Xin’er. But he was exhausted and dirty from his trip. So, he decided to head to the bathhouse.

Several years ago, he discovered a natural hot spring on the mountain. As a result, he ordered people to construct an artificial hot spring in his White Jade Pavilion using the real spring water from the mountain.

Each day after he came back from work, he would soak in it for two hours to get rid of all his stresses. Today was no exception.

Leng Yi Xuan swiftly took off all his clothes and leaped into the steamy hot spring. After swimming a few laps, he slowly returned to the edge and rested his back with his arms straighten across the ledge.

Leng Yi Xuan closed his eyes. A few moments later, he heard rustling footsteps heading his way. He kept his eyes closed and patted his sore shoulder. “Ah Fu, help me massage my shoulders.”   

Ah Fu never responded. Leng Yi Xuan crinkled his brows. But before he could say another word, he felt a pair of hands lightly massaging his shoulders.

Leng Yi Xuan could feel the rough calluses on his servant’s palms. It was obvious that he had done a lot of hard labour. But for some reason, Leng Yi Xuan thought Lu Fu was acting quite odd today.

He couldn’t explain what it was. It just felt different. But his shoulders felt good. The amount was pressure was just right.

So, Leng Yi Xuan praised his servant with his eyes closed. “Ah Fu, your massaging skills have been getting better and better.”

Leng Yi Xuan received a light, “Mm..” response. Hearing this, his brows frowned.

After all, Lu Fu had served him for years. He knew what type of person he was. If this was the normal Lu Fu, he would’ve bootlick like no tomorrow. How could he be so silent?

So, Leng Yi Xuan opened his eyes and turned to his side. When he saw Xin’er’s face, he was stunned. “Why are you here?”

“Umm….” Xin’er was so shocked that she fell down on her bottom. She was worried Leng Yi Xuan had mistaken her intentions so she hurriedly explained herself. “Brother Ah Fu’s wife is about to give birth so Brother Ah Fu rushed back home. But Brother Ah Fu was worried no one would serve Master s-so he got me as a replacement…”

By the end of her sentence, Xin’er’s voice was barely audible. In addition, she could see Leng Yi Xuan’s broad chest and shoulder in the hot spring. Xin’er quickly lowered her eyes.

Oh God! So embarrassing! She was a woman! How could she serve a man’s bath?!

Xin’er’s face began to burn up. Her mind was a mess.

Earlier, Leng Yi Xuan failed to detect it was her because he had his eyes closed the whole time. So, at the time, she didn’t even dare to breathe a bit louder.

Now that she had finished her explanation, Xin’er swiftly stood up and uttered, “I will leave first.”

However, due to nervousness, she tripped over her long skirt and a tragedy occurred.

“Ahhhh!” Xin’er screamed as she lost her balance and fell forward.

In front of her was the bubbling hot spring. There was a huge “plop” and water splattered everywhere.

Xin’er could not swim. So, when she fell into the hot spring, she was flapping her arms up and down.

The water was too deep, and her feet couldn’t feel the ground.

So, Xin’er began to panic. When she was a child, she had fallen into a lake and nearly drowned. That frightening experience was still fresh on her mind.

As a result, Xin’er was desperately trying to stay afloat. Suddenly, a strong force pulled her up.  

Xin’er was relieved to breathe again. Due to her unstable state, she grabbed onto whatever she could. It was a tall “thing”. Xin’er wrapped her arms and legs around Leng Yi Xuan like a monkey climbing onto a tree.

“Are you alright?”

A constraint but caring voice entered her ears. Xin’er stuttered, “I’m f-fine….” Suddenly, she lifted her small face and her big eyes grew wide. When she saw the handsome face gazing back at her, she immediately let go like a reflex.

But, her body couldn’t handle the fear of drowning. So, Xin’er quickly went back to her original position. She looked so ridiculous.

Leng Yi Xuan should’ve held it in, but he couldn’t help but laughed out loud. Xin’er’s face turned another shade redder, but she didn’t dare to let go. After all, the water was too deep! She couldn’t swim. She didn’t want to drown!

However, Leng Yi Xuan’s laughter made her want to duck her head into the water and not come out.

Why is she so unlucky? She’s probably the only person who has fallen into the water while serving someone? What a failure!

While Xin’er was having a mental breakdown, she could feel something hard poking her abdomen. It was a bit uncomfortable.

Initially, she thought it was Leng Yi Xuan’s hand. But thinking about it, it couldn’t be. So, Xin’er began to squirm around, trying to shift the object.

But she had no idea that her action was causing someone to burn up with desire.

“Don’t move, woman! Are you trying to play with fire?” Leng Yi Xuan growled.


Fire? What’s he talking about?

Xin’er had no idea how alluring she looked right now. Since she was drenched, her long flowing hair was plastered against her body. In addition, the glistening beads of water dripped down from her wet bangs and smoothly rolled down her cheeks. It was as if she was a lotus flower breaking the surface.

How could Leng Yi Xuan not be turned on by this?

After all, he was a normal, healthy young man. Right now, the woman he had feelings for was in his arms. If he had no reaction, he wouldn’t be a man!

So, while Xin’er was confused by her own innocence, Leng Yi Xuan seized the back of her head and gave her a fiery, moisturized kiss.

His kiss was so dominant and manly. Xin’er was stunned. She tried to break away, but Xuan’er’s hand had secured the position of her head. She had no way out.

Leng Yi Xuan attacked her mouth and tongue like a tornado. Slowly, Xin’er felt like all her strength had been sucked out of her. She was like a puddle of water.

Luckily, Leng Yi Xuan had one hand around her waist, or else she would’ve drowned already.

As for Leng Yi Xuan, he was thrilled.

Oh God! These lips are sweeter than he had ever imagined! He wanted more…

So, Leng Yi Xuan deepened the kiss until he had complete control over the situation.

Eventually, he carried Xin’er out of the water and gently placed her on shore.

The hot spring made the whole atmosphere appear very misty and romantic. Xin’er’s clothes were tightly glued onto her, revealing her ravishing body. Her b00bs were round and perky. Not to mention, she had a tiny waist and slender legs.

The more Leng Yi Xuan admired, the hornier he became.   

A kiss was not enough to satisfy his desires!! Right now, his lower body was telling him he needed her!

The desire in his eyes was undeniable. Xin’er had no idea that she was like an innocent bunny that had been caught by a big bad wolf.

She could feel Xuaner’s hands swimming all over her body. Xin’er could feel her body burning up from his touches, but she was afraid and nervous. She also wanted more…

Xin’er didn’t know what was wrong with her. She felt like she wasn’t acting like herself. She was just following Xuan’er’s lead, as she experienced a desire she had never known.

Suddenly, the sound of ripped clothing could be heard. Xin’er felt coolness around her chest.

If the kiss had caused her to lose her mind, now, the coolness had brought her back to reality.

Xin’er felt as if she had been shocked by lightning.

Oh Heavens! Oh Earth! This can’t be real!? Right now, s-s-s-she….!!!!?!

Leng Yi Xuan was lying on top of her…with no clothes on!

His body was so perfect, it was unreal!!!!

His long black hair made him look even sexier!

But, he looked like he was about to eat her. He wasn’t human! He was a beast!

A beast that had been trapped for 10000 years!!

And now, he was about to devour a bunny to the bones!

Thinking of this, Xin’er couldn’t help but tremble from fear.

Then, Xin’er saw the almighty erected device and turned white. She yelped out loud.

She had never experienced this, but she had seen many male dogs mating with female dogs under broad daylight!

When she was younger, she had no idea what was going on. She would crouch down and watch.

Back then, she was confused and didn’t understand why the dogs were humping each other. She wasn’t taught until a random auntie felt sorry for her and told her when she was 14.

After she learnt about this, Xin’er always avoided it whenever the dogs were mating. Thinking back, she was so foolish.

But seeing Leng Yi Xuan’s huge bulge was causing her to gasp.

Oh God! The male dogs can’t compete at all! The device is as thick as her arm! (tl: ok…LOL)

And it looks sooooo ugly! So freaky!

It looks so long too! Ahhhhh!!

Thinking of this, Xin’er gulped down her saliva. Her face was filled with terror.

Since I have just hit over 4 million views on my site, I am going to celebrate but releasing some steamy scenes for you guys! It will be random. I am not going to translate the sequel because the writing is sooooo bad. But I’m willing to translate a few steamy scenes! If you like the eunuch is pregnant, please tell others about it!

Surprise 2

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