The Eunuch is Pregnant: Chapter 98

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This chapter was so annoying to translate because I felt like it was totally useless. I didn’t want to include it at all but I can’t just remove a chapter just because I don’t like it *sigh*. The author really likes to waste time. I’ve already edited the Chinese beforehand, yet it’s still so useless. *sigh*

I just want to get to the talent show. But there’s probably at least 10k in between before we get there. -_-” I might cut more from the next chapter so we can move on. The story is so slow…..I want the cute and sexy scenes!

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The Eunuch is Pregnant: Chapter 97

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The Eunuch is Pregnant: Chapter 95+96

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The Eunuch is Pregnant: Chapter 94

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The Eunuch is Pregnant: Chapter 93

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The Eunuch is Pregnant: Chapter 92

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The Eunuch is Pregnant: Chapter 91

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Okay, here is Chapter 91

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The Eunuch is Pregnant: Chapter 90

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The Eunuch is Pregnant: Chapter 89

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The Eunuch is Pregnant: Chapter 88

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