The Eunuch is Pregnant: Chapter 295

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The Eunuch is Pregnant: Chapter 294

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The Eunuch is Pregnant: Chapter 293

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Chapter 293

The Eunuch is Pregnant: Chapter 292

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Will the Royal Wedding go smoothly this time? Find out in this chapter!

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The Eunuch is Pregnant: Chapter 291

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The Eunuch is Pregnant: Chapter 290

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The Eunuch is Pregnant: Chapter 289

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Last but not least, here’s the chapter:

Chapter 289: Leng Jun Yu is one h0rny guy 

Leng Jun Yu’s kiss was wild like a tornado. Le Yao Yao tried to fight back, but obviously failed. In the end, she got lost in desire.

Suddenly, Le Yao Yao felt coolness on her shoulders. She realized Leng Jun Yu had somehow taken off her clothes and she only had her thin pink undergarment left on her.

Le Yao Yao instantly snapped out of her lust and tried to conceal her body with her arms. Her cheeks were red and she looked bashful.


“Yao Yao, please don’t hide your body. I really want to see it.”

Hearing Leng Jun Yu’s words, Le Yao Yao wanted to dig a hole and hide herself in it. During the past five years, she had never allowed anyone else see her naked body.

Because, her body only belonged to Yu. Her heart died with him when he “died”.

She had many pursuers, and her Mother Empress tried very hard to be her matchmaker. She had many “accidental encounters” with other princes and sons of government officials. But none of them were able to touch her heart except for this man.

However, it has been five years since she had any intimacy with him. So, Le Yao Yao felt incredibly shy.

She knew she kind of liked it but…. (tl: ok, stop acting like you don’t like it when you do! -_-!)

“It has been five years. Yao Yao, do you know how much I have missed you? Initially, I thought we would never meet again this lifetime. Who would’ve thought that…” Leng Jun Yu teared up.

Seeing this, Le Yao Yao felt her nose tingling as well. “Yu, that was the past. It’s over now. From now on, we will be together and never part.”

Le Yao Yao comforted Yu and lightly kissed his forehead. “Yu, I love you.”

“Yao Yao…”

Leng Jun Yu seemed to be choking on his emotions. Ultimately, he decided to use his actions to speak for himself.

So, he deepened his wild kiss until Le Yao Yao began to run out of air. Then, his thin lips went down to Yao Yao’s chin, delicate neck, sexy collarbone, and so on.

Le Yao Yao felt as if she was floating on clouds. Leng Jun Yu’s kiss was like a curse. Every single part of her that had been kissed by him was turning hot. It was as if she was on fire. The lust that had been deeply buried by her was starting to come alive again.

Leng Jun Yu’s naughty hands were all over Le Yao Yao’s smooth jade-like skin.

The softness was causing him to turn super horny. His Adam’s apple rolled and his eyes were filled with desire.

“Yao Yao, let me love you well….” he breathed.

Then, Leng Jun Yu began to suck on one of Le Yao Yao’s jade bunnies. One of his hands began to swim down her body. When it arrived at the forbidden kingdom, he began to thrust his finger in and out.

“Ahhh. No…Yu…” Le Yao Yao weakly protested.

She could feel her body reacting to all these stimulating touches. Le Yao Yao was shy but deep down, she wanted more.

Leng Jun Yu began to turn even hornier when he heard Le Yao Yao’s faint moans. His bird was about to explode. But, he needed to prepare Yao Yao.

So, when his finger was all moist, he decided Yao Yao was ready. He brought his bird close to Le Yao Yao’s holy land. Seeing this, Le Yao Yao felt like she was going to faint.

Oh God! It has been five years….the bird looks even bigger than before!? 

How will she be able to handle this?!?! 

So, Le Yao Yao began to twist and squirm in Leng Jun Yu’s arms. Her mind was shaking from side to side. “No, Yu…I’m afraid…”

“Yao Yao, don’t be scared. I’ll be very gentle…” Leng Jun Yu comforted.

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The Eunuch is Pregnant: Chapter 288

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Currently, I’m still reading the Chinese raws of the novel that I’m most likely going to do. I am extremely picky with what I choose because of the time investment involved. Not only do I have to like the novel, I have to be driven enough to translate the entire thing. The new novel that I will most likely be doing is already licensed by volare. I’ll tell you more about it as we get closer to the end.

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Lin Shan subconsciously took a step back. She was about to run, but Du Hao had already reached out and grabbed onto her wrist. He grimly questioned: “Why are you here?” But his voice was quickly drowned by the sounds of thunder.

Lin Shan was so scared that she couldn’t utter a sound. All she did was looked at him with an alarmed expression. Droplets of water dripped from her wet hair onto her soaked clothes. When the wind blew, she couldn’t stop shivering.

Du Hao crinkled his brows. He was about to speak when suddenly Lin Shan sneezed violently on him without giving any warning. He only heard “Ahh choo!”. Du Hao became as stiff as a rock. The corner of his mouth twitched.

Lin Shan felt bad and tried to wipe his face using her sleeves. Yet, the moment she advanced forward, her nose tingled again and, “Ahh choo!” It was another sneeze. This time, it was even more explosive. Now, her drool was on Du Hao’s face as well.

Du Hao’s face turned as dark as the sky. Lin Shan could barely see his face from the faint lighting now. She was panicking and decided to lightly laugh to warm the atmosphere. But her nose was truly not helping. The moment she opened her mouth, it led to another three or four sneezes.

Somehow, they all landed on Du Hao.

Now, Du Hao’s mouth couldn’t even twitch anymore.

Lin Shan was freaking out. Ahhh! It’s over! It’s over! The Crown Prince is angry! It’s not like I can control my sneezes. If you don’t want it to land on you, then let go of my wrist…

“Ahhhhh choo! Ahh choo!!!”

Finally, after sneezing more than ten sneezes in a row, Du Hao released her hand and turned to walk up the stairs.

“Follow me.” He icily ordered. His voice sounded like he was about to kill someone.

You can read this hilarious novel here! There are only 95 chapters!

The Eunuch is Pregnant: Chapter 287

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The Eunuch is Pregnant: Chapter 286

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Here’s a snippet of Supernatural Girlfriend! 😉 *TRANSLATED BY ME* It has some snu snu too!

Alcohol is a scary thing.

It wears a sparkling translucent mask. On the outside, it may seem pure. But deep down, it evilly grins as it watches its victims devour cup after cup. Gradually, it will steal their consciousness just when they least expect of it.

I hadn’t touched so much alcohol since Xialing’s birthday. Usually, I would control myself. After all, I was a workaholic. However, yesterday, the young hirees were very good drinkers. I ended up drinking far more than I had initially anticipated.

“Ah… my head hurts!” I grumbled. I drank way too much last night. The moment I woke up, I could barely turn around. All my body parts ached.

I gazed around my surroundings. This….doesn’t look like my hotel room. Yet, it was so familiar…. abnormally familiar

I tried very hard to recall the sequence of events from last night. But my memories were only filled with loud noises and cheering glasses.

This is bad. I couldn’t remember anything after the alcohol. Where am I? Who brought me here?

When I attempted to dig through my memories again, someone suddenly tugged the blanket.

Instantly, my body stiffen.

Who was behind me? What the heck? Wait a sec…why am I naked?

Oh God! Oh Heavens! F**k my life! Don’t tell me last night I ended up in bed with someone after I was drunk!?!??!

I began to have a mental breakdown as I gripped my hair with both hands. I looked like I was going to pull all my hair out. Then, I gulped down my saliva and anxiously turned my head to stare. I wanted to confirm there was actually a person next to me.

I reached out my shaky hands and gently lifted the corner of the blanket. It was a man with an angelic face. Su..yang?

Could we have…the two of us….last night….AH!?!?!?! What?! HOW!?!??!?!?!

“Are you alright?” Suddenly, Suyang’s hazy voice appeared in my mind. It seemed to be part of last night’s missing snippets.

I wanted to scream, but luckily, I covered my mouth just in time to drown out the sound. Suyang was still deep asleep, but I couldn’t think anymore. The only solution was to leave the scene as soon as possible!!!

I sat up but my bones wouldn’t stop crackling each time I moved. I was so afraid to wake Suyang that I held in my breath.

Where are my clothes?! Clothes!!?!?!?! I looked all around the bed. Eventually, I found a pile of clothes all piled up on the messy floor. Then, I stared at the walls around me. The walls were covered with anime posters and the cabinets were stuffed with action figures. My intuition was correct. This is Suyang’s bedroom!

I got out of the bed and considered my current state. I had no idea when Suyang was going to wake up. So, I snatched the pile of clothes and bolted into the bathroom.

Then, I wrapped a towel around my body and sat on the toilet as I began to pick out my clothes from the mess. All of them reeked of alcohol.

I finally found my cell phone in my pocket and checked the time. It was only 6 am or so. I still had enough time to return to the hotel and shower.

After I put my clothes back on, I secretly poked my head out of the bathroom door. I walked quietly on tiptoes towards the entrance. Just before I left, I glanced at Suyang’s bedroom. He was still in a deep slumber.

I leaned against the door frame and had a blissful smile on my face. But a second later, I snapped out of it. What am I doing? This is not the time to daydream!

On my way back to the hotel, I was in a zoned-out state the whole duration. I leaned my back against the taxi seat and stared outside the window. Based on the throbbing pain from my lower region and how sore I was, we must have done something very intensive last night.

But how did I end up in his bed after the party? It made no sense!

Before I could solve this riddle, the taxi had already arrived back at the hotel. I hurriedly paid and got off. I didn’t want to see the subtle smile that the taxi driver kept throwing at me.

You can read this novel here (It is already completed! So you should just read it if you’re waiting in the meantime for my releases :P)

And here’s the chapter

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