New Novel Alert! Physician, Not A Consort

Dear Readers,

Do you guys miss my translation? If so, you can head over to volare and check out PHYSICIAN, NOT A CONSORT. I was originally going to translate this after UPX, but because I got too busy, I didn’t have time. ANYHOW, here’s the synopsis! I think you guys will like it. Over 20 chapters have been released!

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Technical Difficulities

Dear Readers,

I have been told my link to the steamy content is not working at the moment. I had to transfer all the inappropriate chapters to my original blog ( because adsense keeps banning me.

Please be patient while I get this problem fixed as soon as I can (by an amazing friend of mine). Thank you for reading on my site and I’ll provide an update as soon as possible (hopefully within the next 24 hours)!

It may be due to an update or because I had to renew my site. WordPress also asked to update the different templates as well. I thought everything was still working normally until a reader commented on the eunuch fanpage on facebook!!!

Update: It should be fixed now! If you guys have any issues, please let me know! Thanks, everyone!

Court Lady + Update

Dear readers,

Do you guys still remember me? How many of you have been around since years ago, but are reading this again because you love the novel so much? 😛 😛

Hope you’ve all been well. I’m so busy nowadays, so I don’t have time to work on another project. However, I personally edited and translation checked COURT LADY. This is a novel that has been adapted to a drama too! I hope you guys will check it out. It’s a very touching novel. It has romance, comedy, tragedy, action, and palace politics!

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