The Eunuch is Pregnant: Chapter 225

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This chapter is extremely explicit so please DO NOT read in public. Viewer discretion is advised.

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By the way, I don’t have any more chapters. I need to edit the Chinese raws before I can translate more and that will take a long longggggggggg time.

P.S. My mom thinks the novel is a lot dirtier now that she has read my translations. I told her it’s the author’s writing but she just sucks at it (addictive plot though). She thinks I am the one adding all the sexual parts. -_- I’m not that creative, ok!?!

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Note: I said I am not going to be taking any novel requests and on that same post, a reader asked me to translate something else. Omg…aaaiiiii. You guys should learn how to read Chinese instead.

你 = you
要 = need/want (depends on context)
学 = learn
中文 = Chinese

In Chinese, we don’t have the word “to”. So, it’s literally, “You need learn Chinese.”

You should know how to type 你 by now. You can type 要 by typing “yao”. 学 is “xue”. 中文 is “zhong wen”.

I can’t teach you guys the tones but make sure you get the tones correct if you are speaking. If your tone is off, you may be saying something entirely different.

Practice makes perfect. It will probably take you guys a few years if you are determined to learn. Don’t give up so easily. Chinese may seem really hard at first, but if you actually followed my lessons and everything I’ve taught you, you should already know 10-15 Chinese characters. If you learn a few characters a day, eventually, you’ll be able to read. Don’t underestimate the power of compounding effect.

By the way, the Chinese I’ve been teaching you guys is Simplified Chinese. Most of the world use Simplified and the raws are usually in Simplified, so it’s more useful for me to teach you this rather than Traditional Chinese.

In addition, the pinyin I’m teaching you is based on Mandarin pronunciation. It’s extremely useful because it allows you to type on the desktop/laptop/phone. If you’re from an older generation, you might find it easier to write out the words instead of typing. However, for our generation, pinyin should be a more effective method.

If you want to be privately taught by me and you’re in the Toronto area, you can hire me to be your tutor. I will create personalized lessons for you to fit your needs. I only teach what you can apply, so it’s much better than attending Chinese school. 😛

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Here you go Chapter 225




The Eunuch is Pregnant: Chapter 224

To my dear readers,

This chapter is going to get a bit more descriptive. Umm.. don’t read if you’re innocent (you’re probably already corrupted if you’re reading this novel but still…)

The next chapter is even more intense and I do feel a bit concerned since some of you seem very underage. Umm.. viewer discretion is advised. It is extremely explicit. You have been warned.

Next, I’ve spoken to Peter over discord and found out that the reason why no one has stolen from his group’s site is because they got off Novelupdates. Unfortunately, I need novelupdates for the traffic so I can’t get off right now. Their site is completely non-profit so traffic doesn’t matter to them since they’re not earning anything regardless.

Peter said he tried installing the google captcha (I don’t know how to spell it) but it only worked for 48 hours. Basically, if the bots send back an error, they will send a human to go on the actual site to see what’s wrong and then they will program the bot to go around it. Hence, the aggregator bots need something to steal or they’ll come back until they figure out a way to steal everything (That is why I’m always writing such long announcement posts now). I’m unwilling to let anyone steal my translations since I’ve spent so much time on it.

I was actually at the verge of quitting back when I was around chapter 154 (I think?). But I decided since I started the project, I was going to finish it. I don’t want to start something and give up in between.

But, please note I am NOT taking any novel requests. If you want me to translate a novel, you’ll have to hire me. I’m not going to spend another 800+ hours translating something else just because you want to read it.

I know it sounds cruel and mean but I’m just being honest. It takes me way too long and the return I get from it is not worth it. I’m the extreme type where I would either go all in or not bother in the first place. If I’m going to translate something, I put in a lot of time and effort. I could google translate the entire thing and just edit it, but that’s not the same.

To be honest, even if you were to read both “Your Highness, I know my wrongs” and “Supernatural Girlfriend” from the beginning to the end, I make less than $0.14 per reader. Basically, it means I’m broke unless I have thousands of readers. lol

So, please don’t ask me to translate for you unless you are willing to pay for my time. The Eunuch is Pregnant is a free gift I’m giving you guys 因为我爱你们

因为 = because
我 = I
爱 = love
你们 = you guys

们 = signifies a group of individuals
我们 = us/we
她/他们 = they

You can type 因为 by typing “yin wei”, 我 “wo“, 爱 ”ai”, 你们 “ni men”

By the way, “I/me/myself” is the same word in Chinese. We don’t differentiate it. It’s simply 我

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Chapter 224







The Eunuch is Pregnant: Chapter 223

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I am going to message a reader/editor/someone who has been kind enough to help me with the theft issue. I haven’t messaged him yet because I was away this weekend and I’ve been busy translating today! The chapter will be released in an hour or so.

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Some of my real life friends complain all I care about are my translations and I’ve neglected my blog so much. In the past, I used to blog weekly. Nowadays, I don’t even blog monthly *smiles awkwardly*. I guess it’s because I’ve drained all my brain juice on this and I don’t have any leftover to write more.

The upcoming chapters for this week will get progressively more sexual. So if you’re innocent, I’m sorry. Please don’t blame me for corrupting you. (I noticed a few of you are REALLY REALLYYYYY young. Sometimes, I can see your profile pictures. Don’t worry, I’m not stalking you!)

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Currently, I’m working with a professional editor editing Supernatural Girlfriend so that it can eventually be sold on Amazon. Although we’re just at the beginning stage, I have already gone through thousands of edits just for 10-11 chapters? My brain is rotting. -_-

Anyhow, this should be long enough so I’m going to end my post right now. Come back in an hour or so for the chapter. You’re only getting one today. I will have 4 more translated this week but I can’t tell you exactly when they’ll be finished. It takes forever and dirty scenes will require even more brain cells.

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Chapter 223

The Eunuch is Pregnant: Chapter 222

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I made this chapter longer than usual so we could fit more plot. Don’t kill me for the cliff.

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Here is Chapter 222

Note: Sorry if there are grammatical issues or awkward sentences. Feel free to correct me.

P.S. No more chapters for the next 2 days so don’t ask me. I gave you guys everything I have lol

The Eunuch is Pregnant: Chapter 221

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Originally, I wasn’t going to post this until 24 hours later. However, since I’m done, I might as well. You guys are so demanding!!!!!! There will be a double release today. THAT IS ALL FOR THIS WEEK. Chapter 221 is for my patrons and 222 for Yuuko (I still owe her 2 more after this. She drew the new cover of Supernatural Girlfriend for me.)

Anyhow, the multiple posts did not work so I’m not going to try that again. Instead, I want to announce another contest! (I had one back in February/March!?) Readers submitted their artworks to me and earned bonus chapters! (They can be found on my instagram account @grace7127 <– it’s public so you can see it even if you don’t follow me.)

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Chapter 221

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The Eunuch is Pregnant: Chapter 220

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Chapter 220

Chapter 220

Chapter 220

Chapter 220

I don’t want to make it obvious because the bots are too smart. So, you guys will have to click through all the links. I’ll make it obvious after they have stolen the chapter. So, you can wait or read the chapter now if you have the patience. The bots are too smart. For my fake chapter, I even made a fake title.

Update: This method failed. The bots are too smart. They figured out which one was real. I am actually better off linking one post and then linking the real chapter after. Both novelonlinefree and novelplanet stole my actual chapter 220 despite making the url completely unrelated to the chapter itself (and no title).

In the future, I’ll just link one post and post the chapter a few hours later.

The Eunuch is Pregnant: Chapter 218

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Sorry for the late chapter post. I’ve been sooooo busy! Although SG is completed, we are in the process of editing it with a professional editor. So now, I also have to go through hundreds of edits a day + fix the chapters to the best of my abilities before sending it to the editor! Ahhhhh.

Everything takes forever because each chapter has around 1300-2000 English words. -_-”

Anyhow, the Chinese raw chapters for the eunuch is also getting harder and harder to edit. I am trying to save the novel as much as I can. It makes me happy when some of you still think it’s good (lol you have no idea what I am reading on my side). My brain is so fried these days! But don’t worry, you’ll get your 5 chapters this week (3 regular, 1 I owed for Yuuko and another for my patrons!) This is the first one of this week.

I’ll translate some more tomorrow.

By the way, some of you suggested that I use a different site (perhaps livejournal?) Some people have also asked me to host on wattpad as well. The thing is, I paid for this domain and site. I’m not going to go somewhere else or post somewhere else so less people will come to this site. I need all the traffic I can get!

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I used to use the free wordpress but I got banned from ads (at the time, I used wordads. They thought the eunuch is pregnant was inappropriate and banned me despite NO BIRDS AT THE TIME). Free wordpress does not allow users to use other ad platforms. It simply won’t work.

Technically, if I stop linking my content to novelupdates, the bots might steal less. But I need the traffic from novelupdates since most of you guys come from there.

So, in the end, only posting on patreon stops the bots since they won’t pay to steal. If you know of any other method, please comment and let me know.

I’ve tried:
1. changing the url of my chapter to make it unpredictable
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8. not linking the chapter but posting the chapter on another page

So far, they all failed. But sometimes, I can trick some sites by using #4. That is why I’m still writing such long announcement posts. Some of you guys realized you were reading on an aggregator site after seeing all my rants. Thank you so much for reading on my site.

Anyway, if you can think of another method, please feel free to comment. I also need step by step instructions because I’m very bad with technology. (To give you an idea, I had to google how to turn off an iphone)

Lastly, I’ll try to finish this novel by chapter 300. I hope I’ll be able to but some chapters have 13000 words. I do try to get rid of unnecessary stuff but I also worry if I remove too much. I could summarize each chapter in 3 sentences *sigh*

Expect more drama!!! Come back in an hour for the actual chapter. Chapter 218

The Eunuch is Pregnant: Chapter 217

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Next, I’m too tired to type a long announcement post. Here’s a post on communication (I wrote this a few years ago).

I hope the bots will steal that. lol

I’ll post 217 soon. Readlightnovel still stole 216. So I guess the not linking method doesn’t work either.

Ohhhh by the way, if you’re confused as to why/how Le Yao Yao is pregnant, please read the FAQ. FAQ stands for “frequently asked questions”.

Chapter 217 (You guys are hardcore. I haven’t even linked it yet and some readers are refreshing like mad. I can see the stats ahahahaha) Don’t kill me for the cliff. :p

The Eunuch is Pregnant: Chapter 216

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Secondly, I actually managed to mess readlightnovel up a little. They ended up stealing my Chinese lesson and the chapter (since it was on the same post). I think they do delayed theft. This means that I won’t be linking the chapter in this post later. I’m going to post it on another page (but you’ll be able to access it by clicking next from 215 laterrrrrrrr *not now so don’t do it yet. Try in an hour or something). I want to make sure novelplanet and the other sites steal this first.

It’s actually a lot of work trying to trick the bots. But that’s what I have to do if I don’t want my translations to be stolen. Sigh.

Thirdly, I’m going to release another chapter later for my patrons. So, you guys will have 2 chapters today. I still owe Yuuko 3 chapters. This means, for the next little while, you’ll be getting 5 chapters a week (or more if I can handle it). But right now, the editing is melting my brain (so don’t expect more than 5 chapters).

Fourthly, it is too time consuming to teach you guys Chinese every post. But from time to time, I’ll teach you guys something. Today, I’ll teach you a few more words.

他 = he

她 = she

的 = possession/’s (there are exceptions but for now I’m teaching you guys the simple stuff)

You can type 她 and 他 by typing “ta” on the pinyin keyboard. 她她她她她 他他他他他

我的 = my

你的 = your

他的 = his

她的 = her

So, whenever you see ______的_______. It means “something’s something.”

Mary 的 house = Mary’s house

我的 readers = my readers

You can type 的 by typing “de” on the pinyin keyboard. 的的的的的 (Sometimes, you’ll see 的 at the end of a sentence/phrase. That’s something else.)

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Your Highness has 95 chapters and Supernatural Girlfriend has 153 chapters in total.

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A lot of readers didn’t want to read SG at first because they think it’ll be bad. But then they tried it and found out it was actually good. Hehe. You have to trust me! KEEP READINGGGGGGGG. It gets better and better! The story is very unpredictable and there’s a lot of DEEP DEEP stuff.

Okay, that’s all. I won’t be linking the chapter here so you’ll have to click next from chapter 215 in an hour or something. I wanna see if this can mess up readlightnovel

I swear, I won’t give up until all the bots are screwed over by me. I’m going to confuse them and make them crazy.

Chapter 216